Feels good to see films with don't rely on worn-out stereotypes

Feels good to see films with don't rely on worn-out stereotypes

i really dislike TP movies 😒

I'm proud of you for being brave enough to tell the truth

They’re fucking terrible. Every movie relies on black stereotypes and men dressing up as old ladies stopped being funny in Big Momma’s House. It really wasn’t funny then but now it’s cringeworthy.

Wait, what? Black people didn't see movies before 2017? That's crazy.

As a cracker

What the fuck.

As a cracker

Why do people on this sub constantly feel the need to point out they are white. No one really gives a fuck just give your opinion and move on.

Nahhh I'd compare him to Adam Sandler; dude relies on shitty movie gimmicks, borderline offensive stereotypes, and knows his terrible movies will take in $$$$$$

They are monster pieces of shit. Tyler Perry is the black version of Larry the cable guy.

Soul Plane still makes me chuckle though. It's so fucking ridiculous. The cast was pretty good too. Snoop, Method Man, Sophia Vergara, that white lady who always looks angry.

or “Starring Kevin Hart”

how do* you even keep track of that?

Exactly. Just one black person saw movies before then, Elvis Mitchell.

Best thing to happen to the movie industry. The market for movies and the comedians/ writers are far more creative than before with the better material/screen writing.

Adam Sandler has actually done some quality movies - classics, even, Perry has not.