F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

Is there anyone in the GOP not sweating nervously now?

“The president has some very astute people around him,” he said. “I can’t imagine someone in a position of power in the United States government not fully appreciating the fact that whoever he’s dealing with who’s a foreigner that he doesn’t know is trying to influence him.”

They didn't seem to appreciate the significance of their National Security Advisor pick not disclosing foreign payments, so I honestly don't understand why he couldn't imagine this being a possibility.

Said Rohrabacher, "Oh sweet, really? Thanks for the heads up guys! How much do you think I should ask for?"

At this point, I'm wondering if the list of GOP congress not compromised by Russia might not be shorter than the list of ones that are.

The party's obstructionism of the last decade makes a lot more sense if it is explained by this. Seriously - a government shutdown, for example, seems reasonable if there actually is an effort to just generally gum up the machine.

*EDIT since this seems to have ruffled some feathers, I'll point out: obviously this was half-baked spit-balling while reading the news on the toilet at 7AM. Don't take this remark too seriously... As with most things in life, while we're here with only small snippets of the information, any speculation is basically pointless but a little fun. The reality is probably much more complex, and maybe nowhere near any of the narratives that have formed on reddit.

As for Mr. McCarthy’s remark, even if only a quip, it showed that Republican leaders were aware enough of Mr. Trump’s Russian ties six months before Election Day to joke about them. WikiLeaks had not yet begun to publish hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee or Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman. And many of the revelations about Mr. Trump’s associates and their Russian meetings had not yet been revealed.

Well, that's very telling.

The main thing he's succeeded in doing is not saying anything incredibly stupid, which does put him ahead of most of Trump's staff.

Of course, he's succeeded in this manner by not saying anything at all.

How astute can Kushner be? He was born into a fortune. He hasn't earned anything in life.

How astute can Kushner be?

Apart from marrying Ivanka Trump, Kushner has no credible achievement that ensures he is fit for any of the assignments he has been handed.

Honestly may be Trump presidency has problems, but what has Kushner done on a single issue he was given ? He just shows up in every meeting.

Wasn't he one of the ones that was mentioned being paid other then trump by the russians in that leaked ryan transcript?

Well... Occam's Razor would suggest that, since the party's very ideology is now that government cannot and should not ever do anything, they would be inclined to obstruct and shut down just given their own proclivities. I don't think they needed Russian inspiration to act like that, it's the logical outcome of the Tea Party.

In fact, I suspect that cause-and-effect goes exactly the opposite way - that the Russians would target the GOP for influence precisely because they were already inclined to be a disruptive/destructive force in American government.

Defended Putin's decision to grant Snowden asylum

Slammed "Pussy Riot" for protesting Putin!

"We have to make friends with the Russians"

Defended Russia in Russia/Georgia conflict in 2008

Yes. Kevin McCarthy said he thought Putin paid Rohrabacher and Trump.

Edit:misspelled the dude's name

People keep acting like they hired flynn by mistake. They hired flynn BECAUSE he was a forigen agent

Of course, he's succeeded in this manner by not saying anything at all.

In this campaign/White House, that's a major achievement.

Speaking of being quiet, where the hell is Bannon? He has been MIA for some time, which is worrisome from someone who notoriously operates best in the dark. One wonders what new devilry he is brewing.

"Did they leave a phone number?"

Before this was there any widely public knowledge about a connection to Russia?

Because if not this would basically prove that the GOP tape 'joking' about Trump/Russia was serious, not a joke.

Edit: I read the article, he has been pro-Russia for a while.

It'd be a lot easier to pass it off as a joke if, in the recording, he'd said something like "No, no... I'm just kidding" instead of "I'm really very serious about what I just said" which is effectively what he said.

I'd be more worried about Bannon if it wasn't for the hints that he's on the out. It looks like Trump was trolled into shunning Bannon, even if they share certain insane beliefs it seems like Trump couldn't handle the "President Bannon" jabs.

Of course, I might be wrong and he could be building a cocoon in preparation for his new, eldrich form.

Well that kinda puts their whole joke excuse to be moot then,That is oddly specific to mention rohrebacher.

Intel suggests they've been boning ceaselessly in a vat of human blood mixed with breastmilk in an effort to being a creature of unspeakable horror into the world. Every morning a new mother is brought to them, then milked and bled before they eat her and resume the infernal fucking.

The good news is that the baboon uterus they've implanted in Conway for this task hasn't been behaving itself. That and the fact that Bannon, in spite of a diet consisting of primarily intestines, chyme and human tears, has done so much damage to his system with gin that his testes are having a tough time keeping up. When he climaxes, it's like one of those internalised sneezes: a twitch and a shudder and not much else.

They're still trying though, because that's what patriots do.

Occam's Razor burn.

Occam's Razor would suggest that, since the party's very ideology is now that government cannot and should not ever do anything

If you were being paid to obstruct progress in the US government, wouldn't that be exactly the ideology you'd develop to keep getting paid?

If we survive this, I can't wait to see what US politics looks like without Russian/conservative propaganda clogging everything.

Republicans have never really been about fiscal responsibility. They just spend the money differently. Since 1980 the Republicans have used that term in an effort to slash social spending. You cannot build the largest military in the world by far not can one promote interventionist military policy and claim with a straight face to be fiscally conservative.

Just look at the (failed) effort to defund PBS to save pennies all while trying to increase military spending by double digit percentage.

I largely assume anyone who tells me they are Republican because they are fiscally conservative doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.

I find it fascinating that the party strongest for being openly American, pre-war, and hating outside influences is completely in bed with Russia, whereas the DNC has, so far, no connections.

I'd expect one.

Sort of like the 1950's but without strict race and sex discrimination.


one income sufficient to support a family healthcare for all livable wages free public education general trust in science belief in the separation of church and state

Those are actually pretty centrist desires, and so my guess is they would be realized.

Trump still wants him back.


He's been defending Russia since at least '08.

“Did they try to influence our election? We have tried to influence their elections, and everybody’s elections,” Mr. Rohrabacher told The Los Angeles Times in March. “The American people are being fed information that would lead them to believe that we need to be in a warlike stance when it comes to Russia.”

This is 100% classic Soviet Whataboutism

Kellyanne Conway is a master at it, too.

OF COURSE Trump said and did the almost the exact same thing:

O'Reilly: "Putin is a killer."

Trump: "There are a lot of killers. You got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?"


[Edit: fixed link; added quote]

My guess is they're all compromised whether they know it or not. The Russians seem to have back channels for funneling money throughout the US and they were used to purchase lobbyist and fund politicians who are indebted to those lobbyist. The GOP was the easiest to dupe because they're so pro-whereever-the-money-is they could be bought far easily.

It's as if Big Head from Silicon Valley ran for congress.

Yes, they hired him to setup a back channel to Russia and he got caught doing it. His whole job was to take orders from russia back to the president.

It's very simple:

dictators surround themselves with 1 kind of people: those they can control. This usually comes from 3 things. Their family, those whom they have dirt on, and those who are grovelling for handouts.

Ivanka, Kushner, the boys - family

Ryan, Mcconell, Sessions, Bannon, the other appointments - grovelling for more power/influence

Flynn, Pence, Preibus etc. - they're in the manure pit together

Dictators are always consistently obsessed with loyalty and blind devotion. It's a narcissist trait. The idea that you are the only one who can make any good decisions and therefore you need to fill the room with people willing to do anything you ask.

Mr. Flynn still communicates with Mr. Trump frequently, and his staff has been assembling a version of the Presidential Daily Briefing for Mr. Trump, truncated but comprehensive, to be the president’s main source of national security information. During the campaign, he often had unfettered access to the candidate, who appreciated his brash style and contempt for Hillary Clinton, but during the transition, Mr. Flynn privately complained about having to share face time with others. Source - January 29th

He was rewriting the PDBs for Trump.

A foreign agent was writing the PDBs which means that not only did he have access to some of the most classified intel in the world, but he also got to decide exactly what the president was seeing and how he saw it.

On the leading edge of the GOP's new fanboy obsession with Putin.

We talking signing bonus, or, what's their cap situation?

To be fair, he has a history of being more pro-Russia than most people so it's not like he pulled it out of a hat. But his statements in this article don't sound like a guy who wouldn't take some Russian money.

Irish-Catholic Lawrence O'Donnell, who isn't really an expert in anything but knows a bit about Irish-Catholic culture, pointed out that for Irish-Catholic Kevin McCarthy saying "Swear to God" when people start laughing clearly meant that he wasn't joking. Irish-Catholic Paul Ryan would have understood this, thus prompting his non-joking coverup/conspiracy language.

I'm half Irish and went to Catholic schools, and while I don't speak in that way myself, as soon as O'Donnell pointed that out, it really rang true. McCarthy may have shifted the conversation away from the previous topic with a bit of humor earlier in the conversation, but when he said he thought Trump and Rorbacher were being influence by Russian money, he was saying what he believes.

Yeah the key word there is "now" though. It's only within the past 15 years or so that the overarching GOP ideology has shifted from "small government, fiscal responsibility" to "government cannot and should not ever do anything." I feel like either order of events is possible here.

Russia is a far right ultra conservative pseudo fascist regime.

Many republicans want to turn the US into one as well.

What the fuck did I just read

He's probably in a crypt with Kellyanne.

"What? Russian bribery? That's terrible. Just awful. Who was it though? Who specifically is bribing, so I know to know to never take a bribe from them?"

"Here, give them my cell number"

"Do you think wearing the name of the country that bought you to Congress is like wearing the shirt of the band that you're going to go see?"

Is there anyone in the GOP not sweating nervously now?

Frankly, probably no one in the GOP is sweating at all. They are arrogant by an order of magnitude over what they've accused the Democrats of being for years.

As long as there's a...

Republican president - probably the biggest dipshit I've ever seen in the oval office

Republicans heading the House - Under Paul Ryan, no less...quite possibly the stupidest most craven man to serve as Speaker of the House. Ever.

Republicans heading the Senate - Mitch McConnell is one of the most brazenly cynical and destructive political figures in history and may have irreparably damaged the congress

Conservatives and corporate toadies packing SCOTUS

Relentless and aggressive conservative media constantly shifting the narrative to "Dems did it too" lunacy and simply not reporting the actual issues.

A modern news media completely unable to deal with the current political situation

Partisanship at a ridiculous and absurd level throughout the country.

Republicans heading most state governorships and legislatures.

A Democratic party that is 15 years behind the times in terms of policy and engagement and in no way prepared to deal with someone like Trump - Pelosi is a fool. Schumer is much more savvy but his formidable political style is undercut by his lack of credibility. But none of that means shit as they've utterly failed to groom at least 2 generations of upcoming political leadership.

Trust me...no one in the GOP is sweating a goddam thing.

EDIT: Embarrassingly mixed up House and Senate leadership. Coffee hadn't taken effect yet. All fixed now.

According to the WAPO, Kushner tried to get Trump to come out fight against the special prosecutor.

That was incredibly stupid.

The thing is, it actually might have worked if they'd done it as soon as he came into office. It might have even worked if Trump hadn't blabbed his head off about firing Comey over the Russian investigation. If he hadn't kept having inappropriate conversations with Comey concerning the Russian investigation, there would be no memos.

The advice doesn't matter. Trump is his own worst enemy.

"Mac goes to Congress"

McCarthy has a big mouth. It cost him speakership when he admitted the truth about Benghazi.

Trump is the exact opposite of that statement. He was gushing over Putin praising him during his campaign. He could barely contain himself. He is naive as they come and anyone with half a brain can see that the way to his heart is through his ego. Trump is too impulsive and self absorbed to recognize manipulation as long as it's coated in attention. Any time Trump is in direct contact with Russians it has to be like taking candy from a baby for them. It doesn't matter how "astute" the people around him are and they are clearly not as "astute" as Trump would like us to think they are, and he is also clearly thinking for himself more than he should be based on the way he has completely thrown his administration under the bus repeatedly with his own statements and tweets.

I would caution against a jump to the explanation that Russia forced the GOP to do something that their ideology supports anyway. People are getting a little nuts in this sub over Russia

That's not actually their ideology though. That's just what they say to sell people on their ideology.

Their ideology is "benefit the rich".

A government that doesn't work benefits the rich, so if they can't benefit the rich directly with legislation, the next best thing they can do is to grind the government to a halt.

"The government doesn't work" has been their mantra ever since the New Deal proved it can; they are terrified of the people realizing they can use the government to their benefit so they have convinced half the populace that it just can't work.

They're centrist desires because they're sane.

Because the district he represents only cares about tax cuts. He can do anything else he wants as long as he cuts taxes.

Two 2018 picks and a conditional in 2020

This. Conservative financial policy does not mean less spending. It means don't spend money on poor people, and in stead spend it on rich people.

You mean to say who was part of an innocent joke by McCarthy? No real basis to this. Ryan urging th others to not leak this to prove they are Family is just playing along.

It's funny because it's treason.

Of course, he's succeeded in this manner by not saying anything at all.

That was true 10 days ago. His luck ran out with the Comey firing. He advised Trump that firing Comey is a good idea and Democrats will go along if they make it about his behavior on the Clinton email investigation. That has backfired spectacularly.

" They hired flynn BECAUSE he was a forigen agent"


Oh so like the Russian foreign minister responding to the Comey news. "You're kidding!"

They're business people who are used to running their companies as dictatorships. Turns out you can't just bully everyone in the government into doing whatever you want.

Conservatism is the cult of projection. Everything a conservative says is the complete opposite.

This congressman Rohrabacher needs to be investigated. It sounds like he's a Russian spy.

His credible achievment in relation to Trump is that his future and fortune are intertwined with Trump's. This makes Kushner extremely loyal and forces him to have goals directly in-line with Trump. He doesn't need to have any skills. Ivanka doesn't have relevant skills either.

This is the exclusive reason he has been placed in power. That's what dictator's do. They are nepotists.

The full story is about to come out. Keep a close eye on CNN.

True. The GOP already sucks plenty of balls without any Russian interference.

Also at the meeting were.... [two] senior members of the House Intelligence Committee... “Mike and I reminded [Rohrabacher] that Russia is our adversary,” [one Congressman] said.

A Dem Congressman and a GOP Congressman had to remind this guy at the 2012 meeting with the FBI that the US isn't completely cool with Russia. Unbelievable.

Seriously - a government shutdown, for example, seems reasonable if there actually is an effort to just generally gum up the machine.

Except that's one of their strategies. That they talk about in public. And has roots in Republican ideology since Reagan. They call it "starve the beast", and it's the reason why people say the Republican motto is "government doesn't work, elect us and we'll prove it".

Literally a government shutdown is a best-case scenario for their goals. The only problem is that if they're too blatant about it their constituents might realize that the government isn't actually a "beast", and actually provides some necessary services.

He also said if the majority of people in Alaska wanted to be Russian he would be OK with that. lol.

It will be hilarious if the Trump presidency backfires on the Russian spy op and all their operatives get outed because of his stupidity.

What about Charlie. ''Hello fellow American, this you should vote me. I leave power... Good. Thank you, Thank you... If you vote me I'm hot.. What? Taxes, they'll be lower... Son! The democratic vote for me is the right thing to do Philadelphia, so doo!''

(citizens united) for anyone wondering

The Party of Reagan compromised by the Kremlin.

This. Is. Really. Bad. I like it.

Yeah, me and my friends joke all the time about ties to a foreign government, then immediately proclaim that no one should ever mention what we talked about to the press. Perfectly normal.

He hasn't heard from Papa Putin in days and he's worried!

Rohrabacher is a bit of a special case. I think he should be held accountable, but he can easily be characterized as a lone bad apple because he makes the rest of the Republicans look good by comparison and they have have critiqued him many times in the past.

He has been known to be a Putin stooge for years. But the Russian government does cast a wide net and they tend to target crazies of all political stripes. There Democrats and people on the far left who have been targeted by the Russians as well. For example the Green Party is largely funded by Russia, and the "Calexit" leader was running his movement out of Moscow.

The Democrat equivalent of Rohrabacher is Tulsi Gabbard who gives interviews to Russia Today, met with Assad, and has introduced legislation that would benefit Assad and Russia by withdrawing US support from moderate Syrian rebels.

Unfortunately, yes. I work in his district and it's mostly multi million dollar houses lining the coast. They all live off Fox News in a tiny bubble and never leave it.

Tulsi is particularly loathsome

This is just revolting beyond measure. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who claims to be a member of the Democratic Party, recently took a secret freelance trip to Syria without informing either Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi, as would be customary. And on her return, she tried to keep up the secrecy, refusing to say whether she met with the country’s murderous autocratic president, Bashar al-Assad.


And she's only recently proclaimed to be a progressive, despite years of being anti-gay and basically a Republican from the great state of Hawaii

I think his crime is not being able to lie 100% of the time. His truth filter misfires and something not demonstrably false spews out.

In before gop spinning this as "FBI were just joke warning, you guys"

If you highlight the sentence you want to reply to, and then hit reply, it will automatically be quoted for you, FYI.

Cu decision made it infinitely more easy to do

Irish person here. That "swear to god" after the laughter in the recording was telling to me. Growing up at least, you didn't say that unless you were really trying to emphasize that you're telling the truth. Not too sure how it's interpreted in the US, or how Irish McCarthy really is. Just my two cents.

America moved on from the Cold War. Russia did not. They're like that creepy ex that is still trying to ruin your life...

This taped discussion was also prior to public release of the DNC hacks, and after Paul Ryan had been briefed about Russian active measures for almost a full year.

As for Mr. McCarthy’s remark, even if only a quip, it showed that Republican leaders were aware enough of Mr. Trump’s Russian ties six months before Election Day to joke about them. WikiLeaks had not yet begun to publish hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee or Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman. And many of the revelations about Mr. Trump’s associates and their Russian meetings had not yet been revealed.

This has been my general feeling about this piece of news. "Joking about it" means the information was well enough known among them to make light of it, even if you knew to keep it private.

Studies the faces of the FBI agents curiously

"Are you the other guys Putin was talking about?"

It's like McCarthy was just 60 or so years too early. He'd be a busy guy if he were alive today.

I was wondering what any of this had to do with copper...

I'm imagining that (SPOILER: DAREDEVIL SEASON 1), that like at the end of Daredevil it'll just be a giant list of people tumble and it will be a glorious day of the FBI making arrests of these corrupt people all over the nation.

Or, more likely, just one fall guy gets in trouble and that's the end of it

I think the Wall Street Republicans who make up most of the administration now were happy to use Bannon to get into office and are now even happier to get rid of him again, which shouldn't be hard because Trump's version of reality is just whatever the last person who talked to him said.

Better to remain silent and let people​ think you might be a fool than to speak and remove any all doubt.


Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought.


I have no doubt that Mueller's investigation will lead him to look at Rohrabacher quite closely.

Because the ideology came first.

How would we know? It would only take a few highly placed moles to greatly influence the direction of a political party, especially one that is as top-down as the GOP is. Once the direction was set the party would naturally attract people who actually felt the same way and thus things would roll onward.

I'm really playing devil's advocate here because I don't actually believe the Russians own enough of the GOP to control their entire platform. It is only believable at all because of how anti-American the GOP platform is these days.

God I had forgotten all about that. What an idiot

Man, those guys really loved comey.

It's not funny if it isn't true.

Rohrabacher has infamously towed the Russian line for a long time. I doubt they even had to pay him.

Yes. It's in the fourth paragraph.