FB local sale groups....always some good bullshit.

FB local sale groups....always some good bullshit.

In a local FB group I was in, a lady was selling some purebred puppies for $1600.00, wanting half for a non-redundable deposit and then you got the dog(s) when they were ready to leave the mother.

Here's the kicker, none of the dogs had paper work to back up the whole purebred bullshit she was posting. I informed her that when people buy purebred dogs, they are essentially buying the paper work, not the dogs.

She insisted the paper work didn't matter and people just had to "trust" her. I told her that's not how that works, that proper documentation shows the medical and breeding history of the dogs, whatever.

I got a private message from her telling me to stop or her husband was going to come over to my house and shoot me. I forwarded the message to the police, who promptly went to her house and took every PC they had as part of the investigation.

This is an amazing story to me. How did you react when you first realized they took your artwork?

If it's dealing with Chinese stuff he probably doesn't have a chance as even with big companies there is nothing that can be done, happens often in video games, blatant stealing, but china.

Maybe ask in /sub/legaladvice ?

No, that's why the police acted so quickly. I wasn't really worried, but anyone who resorts to violent threat as a means deserves to get slapped in the crotch.

Heard from someone else it took them almost six months to get all their computers back.

That's absolutely insane! Did she even try to veil the threat with the way she worded it? Glad to know the police acted quickly and there was a somewhat happy ending to the story.

Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown.

I see these things on fb sales all the time. Most of them are selling for like 40 bucks.

And now his watch is ended.

Oh god I pray this is real

They do indeed sell. Herd stupidity guarantees someone tells their friends and family that it's an Apple watch only cheaper and a whole bunch of them buy it. Same thing happens with garbage tablets, no name Chinese phones, "Kodi boxes".

A box for torturing kids. Kodi was the name of the first kid who was put in it.

People being that ignorant of how dogs are bred/sold and threatening violence and death over a facebook comment?

Fuck yeah it's real

Our local sites never disappoint. I actually ran the first one in our area on Yahoo Groups about a decade ago. It was really nice because it was mainly elderly people. Sadly, when I moved it to Facebook, a lot of them didn't follow.

I made the mistake of buying a phone from someone without checking that I could use it on Straight Talk first. When I messaged her, she said she spent the money already and didn't have it. So I listed the phone again because it was in great condition. The next morning I was browsing Facebook before work and the girl never deleted her listing and was actually trying to sell the phone to someone. I called her out and told the man I actually had the phone, and I was more than glad to sell it to him. The girl freaked out on me. I'm not sure if she was planning on robbing the guy or was just going along with it and standing him up, but I'm glad it worked out.

Some of my favorite interesting ones were the guy that was selling a sex swing, it was located in his shed in the backyard and he was offering to let people try it out before buying. Another person was selling lettuce. Not from their garden, but they bought a bunch from the store because it was Christmas (she posted this the day after, I believe) and needed the money.

The best one lately around here.....

This couple had been buying boxes of candy and candy bars at pallet auctions and selling it for a reasonable price. They'd been doing this since March. None of it was expired, and people were happy to buy from her [they used the wife's account for their postings].

In late July or early August, coincidentally the air conditioning had apparently been out of service at a local Dollar General store.

Fast forward to one of the employees at this store making posts on all the local groups with screenshots of this couple's ads, saying "SHE TOOK THIS FROM OUR DUMPSTER!! OUR A/C WAS OUT AND WE THREW THIS AWAY AND NOW THEY'RE SELLING IT EWW SO DISGUSTING!!"

She shut up pretty quick when the people posted the bill of sale from the auction, but I'm pretty sure the damage was done. All it took was one idiot making assumptions. Out come the pitchforks. Fuck people like that.

I called a pizza place one time because a pizza I had delivered to my house looked like it had been rammed into the one side of the box, likely due to a really hard brake. They then proceeded to threaten me and my family for complaining. Wish I had done the same thing you did here.

Anyway, don't eat at One for One pizza in Ottawa (yes that name is real)

Nice username

One thing to consider is that China don't care about copyright. At all.

Bruh Chinese companies go out of their way to infringe on as many copyrights at once as possible. See: Sense of Right Alliance

I know your pain man. I had my artwork stolen as well. One day when my friends were talking about art theft I decided to do a reverse search on my most popular works and found out some publisher from Belarus had used one as a cover for elementary school math books. Couldn't do a thing about it :/

Half the reason I stay joined to shitty yard sale pages is for stuff like this. The best shit I ever saw was a guy trying to sell an absolute POS beater car (it was like a '98 with no engine or something) for $1500 because "that's the KBB value", which spanned about 300 comments worth of insults.

Copyright Deadlock

This reminds me of the Jim Sterling uses to stop companies from taking his videos down.

Just fill your work with as much copyrighted material as possible. Then stroll along whistling some happy tune, while the big companies fight it out in an endless battle over who gets to claim copyright infringement.

So did everyone with a username.

They actually great if you are a techie and build one yourself.

But yeah, I laugh at all the goons buying premade Kodi boxes that will brick as soon as the repo goes down or something changes.

" I've put over $3k of repairs into this shitty $800 car in the last year so it's worth $5000 to me. Therefore it is worth $5000 to you"

Android TVs that are poorly put together and compiled software wise. They lag, they overheat, they freeze, well they're just bad products.

none of the dogs had paper work to back up the whole purebred bullshit

One of the major differences between a dog breeder and "dog breeder". Anyone can throw two dogs of the opposite sex in the same cage. Takes more work to actually have pure bred and physically / mentally healthy puppies.

Like Amazon

It's still illegal for it to be sold outside china, Amazon can be forced to pay if they want to keep selling them, and since they won't the original thieves will have to choose between loosing amazon and paying a small fee.

What's a kodi box?

In my local towns group, you get banned for calling people out on scams.

That ones also on the locks of my schools Windows 7 computers

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Some kid downloads a CD he can't afford and listens to it, I don't really give a fuck. Some businessman downloads the CD and then starts selling knockoff copies pretending it's legitimate, that guy is a cunt.

There's no word in Chinese for "Intellectual Property".

Not to mention, if he's holding it in his hand, turned on, removed from the packaging...it's hardly brand new anymore.

Exactly, marketplaces have a duty to make sure they aren't selling illicit goods.


IP holders can file their copyrights or trademarks with US customs and get them to start seizing the infringing merchandise when it comes across the border. If a design patent instead then a case can be brought before the international trade commission.

Enforcement within China would be much harder, but that isn't the only way to attack this problem. Instead an IP holder would want to make it difficult for them to import into the US market, with an aim to getting them to either license the IP or switch designs.

(I am not an IP specialist, and this is not legal advice to your situation but instead general commentary on the overall abstract issue)

Well he can go after any assets that are in America

Well isn't that a kick in the dick

It should be pointed out that he does not monetize his videos and uses the deadlock to prevent any one company from claiming infringement and therefore able to run and collect on ads for the video

you're the next one going to gulag

Manufactured goods and exchange of currency

buying boxes of candy and candy bars at pallet auctions

I could do this? I could buy candy bars in pallet form for I assume a discount in bulk buying? I am going to be so fat.

Except he actually lied about what the product is. It's one thing to resell something for me than you bought it for. It's another thing to lie about what you are selling.

Why cant you? Seems like they are monetizing your artwork without your permission.

Reddit is full of bullshitters. AskReddit and tifu threads are full of stories that create a big plot point or dramatic public moment that requires resolution but the op is never clever enough to provide a satisfactory resolution and it becomes obviois they've tied their own hands in their poor narrative planning.


Actually, that's exactly what false advertising is.

Well, that isn't true: 知识产权

I installed Kodi on a Firestick and have had zero issues. Took like an hour to get set up and it outperforms the $200 "Dragonboxes" everyone I know was getting suckered into.

I'm not even particularly technical. It's really not that hard, but people love convenience I guess. A lot of my friends ended up ditching theirs when Fusion tanked awhile ago and they had no idea how to straighten that out.

Amateur breeders are the fucking worst.

And I don't mean amateur as in his starting out and actually trying, I mean amateur as in only in it for the profit. That's how puppy mills get started.

A local couple were selling a 5 year old PC for a gross amount of money. I called them out on it, and I got "We need money for XYZ why do you have to be an asshole?" Well. Because people shouldn't get ripped off because you're poor? You want unearned money start a GoFundMe. Don't try to sell an old computer for the price of a new one.

The plot thickens, /u/perfecthue ...

I would sue for libel

My personal favourites are "samsung ipads"

I've been threatened multiple times via eBay messages. People know my address and they say they will come to my house and assault me.

Normally over cheap items. Always a shitty week after a threat. I set up multiple guns all over the house just in case especially if the messages continue.

It's blocking the usernames and showing who said what- the guy getting called out is in red and the other one is blue

It's a really interesting story, it started with a tradition in certain Chinese families that they would take a lettuce with them to family gatherings to give to the host. The lettuce symbolised prosperity and the fresh new growth of spring.

Chinese immigrants brought the tradition over to the US at the turn of the century, and as we know many of them began to run restaurants in the major cities. Chinese families would bring lettuces to the restaurants to give to the manager as a sign of thanks for them producing food that was just like the 'old country'.

Fast forward to the 1940s when a large immigrant Jewish population came over from Europe, fleeing persecution. At Christmas time, many of these Jewish families would frequent the only restaurants that were open on Christmas Day - the Chinese ones.

These new patrons saw the lettuce being given to the managers, and being unaware of the cultural aspect, they began to bring lettuces to give to the staff too.

As time went by the origins of the tradition were lists in the mists of time, but now many Jewish families bring lettuces to Chinese restaurants at Christmas time, as a thank you to their wait staff. Hence the shortages of lettuce right after Christmas.

There are many other stories of cultural traditions being incorporated into our everyday lives, it's an interesting subject to research.

This particular story though is just the tip of the Iceberg.

All you've gotta do is find one single American entity connected to them, and you can seize all their assets within our borders.

Yeah, I remember reading that they basically just don't really have the concept in their culture. Engineers will often call up those at competing companies to work on building something they both want to make.

Yeah it's either "One for All" or "All for One"

checked, 7 year old account. he legitimately nabbed the name before anyone else could

Lol this reminds me of a recent concert we went to(matchbox 20) that was outdoor at a venue that in the 15 years I've been going to concerts has never sold out because of the size of the place. The tickets were $55 or $60. I went to the venue Facebook page to inquire about what times the bands would be playing and saw a post where someone was Hawking tickets for $90, the same general admission tickets that were $55ish.

So I replied to it pointing that out and they deleted the post in less than 5 minutes. Gave me an idea, decided I'd make a Craigslist post with the title that those tickets were still available at the venue and not to get ripped off and stuck a link to them in the body of it. I realize a lot of people aren't deal hunters like I am or simply think every concert sells out or are just easily taken advantage of.

Went to the concert and had a great time. Forgot about the post til a couple days later when I checked my email. My email was treated to a series of some of the nastiest emails I've ever gotten about this post. My reply was simple, 'looks like someone got stuck sitting at home on some tickets they tried to scalp :) '.

$30? What's the point? I'm sure half of that is overhead, so unless you're literally selling many hundreds of these you're making a pittance.

If you're gonna be a lying con artist at least aim big.

Same. It's like some admins of these groups promote that / this kind of shit for some reason

A local auto dealership (in New England) was giving these away in one of those "you might have won $5,000" gimmicks where you go listen to their spiel and always win the cheapest thing on the list of otherwise fabulous prizes. A customer where I work kept trying to sell his to anyone that would listen... for $200, because they said the watches go for $400. No one could convince him it was junk.

They have no idea that you can make it way more convincing using Inspect Element.

There's at least tens of thousands in legal fees between those two clauses and you'd be hard pressed to find a firm to take a risky and expensive case like that on contingency.

Mustve missed the part where they didnt pay the guy who they stole IP from

Belarus is a shithole that doesn't care about laws. Maybe Apple could roll in there and get infringers taken down but what's an artist going to do

You see this on eBay and other stuff all the time.

"Brand new" but the picture has it out of the box.

Like fuck you. I'm not paying you to take shit out of the box and get your greasy Doritos fingers all over it. Brand new factory sealed doesn't mean taken out of the box to show everything is in there.

I have had something similar happen to me.

I created this James bond poster for an art class years ago. Took my maybe 30 minutes to create.

I see the tux everywhere now.

Totally. I am a professional musician, and have released many albums over the years. I make zero attempts to stop piracy, because having your work accessible to a wider audience is super beneficial. If they like your stuff, then they come to your shows, buy your shirts, et cetera =)

But if someone's goal were to make personal profit off of their piracy, I'd be less than thrilled.

Haha, of course someone called onlymadeforxbox wouldn't know what a PC is!

Chinese companies ignoring international copyright and patent laws is a huge problem. It disensitivises companies from spending money on research, becuase they know Chinese companies will be able to copy them, undercut them becuase they had to spend nothing on R&D, and the Chinese government won't do shit about it.


She should mortgage her house and spend thousands of dollars over a comment on facebook.

Yes, China "recognizes" intellectual property claims, and has a very large body of law dealing with them.

Reddit loves to oversimplify things, but the problem in China is far from some simple failure to recognize IP claims. If you need proof of that, look into the problem of trademark squatters in China, where people abuse the "first-to-file" type system they have to wrongfully register trademarks domestically and enforce them against their rightful holders (for example, Tesla was being sued a few years ago in China by some guy who registered the name).

Ya ain't OP, pal

On one that I'm subscribed to a guy was trying to sell a ti30 for almost a 100 bucks. The ti30 is like 10 bucks. He posted a shitty screenshot of him pulling the price from walmart. Everything was horribly shopped, even the address bar was shopped.

I'm sure that's true sometimes, but it's also true that in real life, things sometimes just don't have a story-book resolution, they just kind of...

Lots of chinese games and websites use a lot of blizzards warcraft characters and artwork. If blizzard isnt doing anything about it then i dont think this guy has a chance

Probably missing something, but PC is for "Personal Computer" usually referring to a non-Macintosh (aka Mac aka apple desktop)

He lowered the price. Last week he wanted $60 but was just calling it "Android watch". Still misleading as it doesn't run Android but some basic OS put on it by whatever company made it.

I'm confused. Reddit users generally support IP theft when it's Scandinavian (Pirate Bay) but oppose it when it's Chinese. What's the difference?

Yeah. IP is anathema to their culture from my understanding.

People are so dumb when it comes to not realizing RoI on aftermarket modifications is incredibly low.

Unless you're modding high end cars professionally, your car has no value for being modded.

If my car was worth what I spent on it in repairs and services over its 20 year lifespan, I could probably trade it in for a brand new car.

this is the kinda shit that makes me glad my art sucks.

/sub/insanepeoplefacebook /sub/delusionalcraigslist

Collaboration rather than competition

They auction of pallets of stuff. When it comes to food, it's usually stuff that is getting close to expiry. Sometimes it is stuff that was in a truck that crashed. The insurance company will typically payout for the whole load, and sell whatever is salvageable.

Usually it is warehouses that have stuff sitting too long and want to get rid of it. Amazon sells off pallets of goods to companies who then auction them off. Some of it can be returns. Walmart does it too. Oh, and home shopping networks usually have surplus they liquidate every couple of weeks.

And of course you can't forget government auctions. You can get things dirt cheap. Whether it is a local police auction, or the federal government, there are some really sweet deals to be had.

I've done at least 10 of those sticks by now. It's astoundingly easy that a bunch of my co workers had me do them. People on Ebay sell them for like nearly double what they're worth. I'm like fuck it, it takes like 20 minutes, just get one off Amazon and lemme take it home.

Amazon are pretty strict with sellers with stuff like IP. If you can demonstrate ownership I'd bet they would tell the seller(s) they had to resolve with you or have the listings removed. It's worth a try.

And so appeareth the manager of One for One.

Exactly. If the title was calling it a "generic bluetooth smartwatch", I wouldn't have a problem with it. There are people out there who would have bought this thinking it was from Samsung, got it home, and been extremely disappointed.

I remember seeing an online ad of a dude selling a magic the gathering promotional deck for beginners for 8 dollars. It's supposed to be free. What a fckng asshat

I don't know where I am, where am I?

I've met some real dim folks

Is there like, a big jump in lettuce demand after Christmas or something?

especially since all the mods on these groups are power tripping and just say, "if you don't want it than don't comment on the post" Even if whatever it is the person is selling is clearly a scam.