Father gets emotional after son's first goal

Full clip with Jake's first goal

That's Louie DeBrusk, former professional hockey player in NHL.

His son Jake scores his very first NHL goal in this gif.

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Man. The dad looks young enough to be on the ice playing himself.

But, but that's over an decade ago

He was not too long ago. Retired in 03, or 04 I think.

He looks like the fusion of Channing Tatum and another fkn Channing Tatum.

Can't be, 2004 was just a few years ago and surely I'm not that old yet, right? right?

Ha, neat, I had no idea who he was, I was in northern AB for work and sat next to him on a connection between Edmonton and Calgary last month, super nice guy :)

/sub/happycryingdads for more

Just now when I saw the gif I recognized him, and then as /u/Tr011iv3r said his name, I googled him and it was 100% him, his wiki has stuff about him that he mentioned during the flight, we chatted about how I've been to dozens of places across Canada for work and that I had a map on my phone with pins in each location, and he said he was curious about doing that too because he used to fly all over for work & that his son was a hockey player and would be traveling too.

He downplayed it all too, I honestly thought he was like a business man with how little he talked about his career, he mentioned playing hockey but it came across as a small part of his life I thought he was just being vague because business talk is boring, lol

You're right! 2004 was 3 years ago! I'm not old and stinky

This man is fucking huge! How is no one talking about this?!

Try trying

My brother played football all his life and my father was his biggest supporter. Never missed a game or even a practice. When my brother went to a d1 college to play football my dad was front and center on the 50 yard line. My brother got his first touch down and immediately pointed right to were my dad was sitting. I've never seen my dad cry like he did that day. He was overwhelmed with pride. In tearing up now as I think of it.

Like Kurt Russell fucked Channing Tatum so hard they fused.

He looks like a Disney Pixar dad

Those two woman look exactly alike

Why? Why do I watch those? I don't want to cry. What makes me do this to myself?

That is the most dad looking dad I've ever seen

Wish I were still in that good of shape at that age.

Wait how'd you know who he was?

It's hockey though. You either retire early or you don't retire at all

That dad's name? Albert Einstein

Well they’re sisters so..

Jake never got off the bench, Dad just got pepper sprayed by woman sitting next to him. You can see her pull out her phone near the end of the gif to call 911.

those forearms though

Bulky Brian Regan

I wonder how it feels to make your parents this proud? ...or to have parents that pay enough attention to your successes to be this proud. Lucky son, lucky parents. :)

google maps lets you put down 3 different kinds of pins as for marking places. starred, want to go, and favorites.

Yeah! If it would be 2015 we would already be fighting the machines..

What did you use to make the map?

He's a former NHL player, so you can bet his thighs are the size of tree trunks too.

Edit for context: The legs of Martin St. Louis for anyone interested.

He could play a live action Mr. Incredible

Dude, that was 14 years ago. The kids from stranger things probably didn't even exist back then.

Because those are happy tears! Tears of happy!

They have these things called daughters and sisters to

He was an NHL player too

I remember the last time this was posted someone linked their Instagrams and one of them is actually the players girlfriend.

The man sitting next to his left is 42.

Stay active folks.

They have a normal amount of make-up on and it looks pretty.

Kids born in 2004 are teenagers now

Jagr is seriously skewing averages for age of retirement in the NHL

He doesn't look old enough to have a son in the NHL lol


Big McLargeHuge over here.

Dating someone that looks so much like your sister has got to be confusing on some level.

This is exactly how I imagine every athletes father to look like. If he hasn't invited "Bud" to "Throw some ball" the whole day, he probably can't sleep. Must be great for them both to share the same dreams.

Well tbf he was a pro hockey player

He's 46, but I agree he looks younger than that.

I'm proud of you /u/IdLikeToOptOut

He looks about 45

Yeah I hate pretty girls too

Have you tried bathing?

He could be but he looks 35 max to me

Probably only needs like 4 more to pass his dad's career total

As much as I'd like to, knowing reddit, I'd have my clients and my company figured out by this afternoon. So I'm going to politely decline.

Not if your sister's a babe

That’s so kind of you to say. Thank you for making me smile this morning!

Jesus every thread has to become about Americans for you fucks huh?

First thing tomorrow

That's the real reason dad is crying

Not sure if it's because I'm on mobile but I don't see the goal being scored. Just his dad wiping his eyes and then Jake sitting on the bench.

Cool gif nonetheless but I wish I saw the goal too

How was he even allowed into the stadium with those guns?!

“What’s new Atlas?”


I thought it was Channing Tatum at the start as well and I thought wow he got bigger somehow.

Lots of sleep, stay active, good diet and a healthy dose of HGH

His son is getting a whole snow cone after that performance!

We'll take that as a compliment, thank you. :D

Nah ones a sister and ones a girlfriend of the player who scored.

Holy shirt

Aaaand I just spent one hour watching pregnancy announcements. Fuck I want to be that happy one day

What the..dad looks like he's maybe 5 years older than his son..

Good bot

Good seat right next to the legendary Philadelphia Collins

Channing dadum amirite guys ?

Try effort, gym.

Try finger, but hole.

Hope ahead.

I see mid forties but that's because I'm 30 and he looks older than I feel I look.

Taste the happy, Michael

”Can you believe 1990 was 27 years ago and not 10 years ago?" Yes. That's how years work.

Sure, but our perception of time gets complicated.

which one's which

Yea, but it kind of starts to fail once the pin count goes up, I have some that I know are there, and I need to zoom into nearly a 10km zoom (as per the graph) in order for them to appear. And when the point of the map is basically to just show off, that doesnt jive with me.

A person scoring a touchdown in a football game? Unbelievable!

Decade and a half.

I used to be with it.

NHL rookies are like 18 /19 /20

Are bots like this really necessary?

Bad bot.

Thank you! I shouldn’t have expected anything less from this sub, but thank you for taking time out of your day to be kind to a random person on the internet. I hope both of you have a great day!

Or maybe it's okay to cry and also to not cry. People express emotions in different ways.

Good bot.

Ah fuck me you’re right

Can I skip the first three steps if I take an unhealthy dose of HGH?

It's just a gif of a jacked dude crying between attractive women and an annoyed looking bald guy.

Back when hockey was a slow man's game.

I present you 2010 retiree Keith Tkachuk https://imgur.com/Z7IzZZd

I present you 2010 retiree Keith Tkachuk

Do you have a sister?

Is that the son's gf or the dad's hot gf?

I’m laying in bed hungover and now I’m crying - I’m a pathetic mess right now

His sister Jordyn.

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When dads cry it always gets me WHY