Good edit, but damn that body.

The glass effects are too good

Loving the way the taut black fabric stretches over the flesh.

Found source vid and it does not dissapoint.

and it does not dissapoint.

that was my erection as well.

Is that a bong on the counter?

Yes it was the glass affects that caught my attention too....

that was my reaction as well.

This should go on /sub/unbgbbiivchidctiicbg. I hope I got that right.

Edit: Yay! I did do it right!

Yeah you can tell it's cold in the room by the chill on the nipple. I mean glass.

God dammit

Genie lamp


The subreddit is perfectly named

Stop. Get some help, go out side, get some fresh air, and jack ur self off when you come back.


She was wearing socks but all that's left of her is a pair of heels? Other than that it's some good quality editing!

I wish that I could turn back time, cause now the guilt is all mine

I always downvote "would of"

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I almost thought this was real.

Mounting process

Whoever raised you failed miserably


I'm gay for her.

Well, I'm gay in general but...

Alex Mack?!

When you said Mounting Process, I had something else in mind.

Fuck you. How am I supposed to finish now?

I'm up voting you simply because of the link. That is some serious subreddit name gore.

You are an amazing person. Thank you.

Ya if you look closely, you can tell by the way it is.

that used to be my erection as well.

Cause its fuckin amazing. Duh.

No words. Should've sent a poet.

There was a dress that disappeared as well, but you're not wrong about the socks

Because that's literally the reason why we exist?

Upvoted for honesty.

Breathing apparatus.

As we all do? To that link.

He can't, it's still No Nut November.

/sub/unbg works as a click through

Well said gay for her, so im guessing lesbian.

Fatal collapse?

“Begone, THOT”

Gene lamp

Shhhh shhh let him believe. “Why do people always shush horses, THEYRE NOT SPEEAAAAKIINGGG”

I'm at work and saved this comment to open during my lunch break.. something I was looking forward to. Awesome.

I doubt it, but is there a name?

Bobs and vegine

So what do you do with your time now that they banned /sub/incels?

Glass lands. 10/10. Beautiful. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.

She looks weirdly like Michael Cera today.

She looks weirdly like today.

I think she might be more masculine. Not a dig on her. But damn Michael Cera can grow a mustache like a baby's toothbrush.

Some say that Michael Cera never intended to be an actor. He just stumbled into a set and was unassertive to tell the director he wasn't part of the show.

It's pretty great. You should try it some time.



I'll save you a couple seconds: don't.

knows which sub this is

thinks her falling is gonna be the 'unexpected' part

Holy shit I was not expecting that

I struggler to remember peoples names, let alone a long acronym like that.

The liquid effects are waay better.

Sorry but I gotta call fake on this one

And /sub/iamverysmart.

He’s a troll, all of his comments/posts are this outlandish

Show virginia

Right?! So hot

Where did the heels come from? Shes wearing socks.

I hate you.

‘Gay for x’ implies gay only for x, an anomaly.

Most pathetic edit I've seen yet.

Actually it was pretty fucking bad before the edit too.

Ok but who's the lass

Whatever that thing on the counter is, it looks like marge simpson.

Edit: on second look it looks like a bong.

/s ?

Water Pipe


Wait, it's fake? Source?

Pics or it didnt happen.

But i knew a guy who did. And they Got. It. On.

Have you never heard?

All pink on the inside

You could always use this

Are you 14?

Original video?

psssh, I bet he's not even gay. STRAIGHTIE! YOU FUCKIN STRAIGHT, STRAIGHTY? What afuckinghetero. I bet he likes it in the pussy every night.

Why the fucking downvotes? This is poetry at its finest.

to bad at least would of like ot of seen her ass naked before she she go also maybe fuck her sweet little butthole one las time you know for old time sake