Family releases rescued baby squirrel

Family releases rescued baby squirrel

Cats have huge jealousy issues. This one is about to have huge telling off issues, too!

Then I'd be satisfied at knowing how it ended and slightly saddened by the ending itself. I'd probably end up having to zip my pants up too.

That's cat's probably been watching that closely guarded box for weeks thinking "Not long now, as soon as they let their guard down that little fucker is lunch."

sigh I knew that was going to happen but watched anyway, though I was expecting a bird of prey not a cat. I love squirrels.

Cut off too early. Wanted to seen how that ended.

Oooo....scratch scratch.... yes that’s nice keep doing that. I climb high look me go zoom zoom zooFUUUUUUUUCCCCCK.

The video is better/worse depending on your view.

So do cats;)