Family Guy saying goodbye

Family Guy saying goodbye

What is unlimited play even mean for this game?

Games like this, are designed to be cash cows, they use a stamina system. When the stamina runs out you can't play anymore, unless you either wait for it to refill, or you pay money to refill it.

we will remember 88 years of this human being and wonderful man with 2 hours of free play in a horrible money-grubbing shitpile. thank you for this greatest gift that has ever been given

Games that have a "you ran out of time" or lives system are instantly deleted after I hit that wall. You can gate my progress, but making me unable to play at all? Goodbye.

This game is garbage and this memorial looks tacky.

They literally prey on people with addictive tendencies.

Yeah, maybe I'm jaded, but that still seems kind of disrespectful to me.

This game is garbage and just another money grab. Been playing it for a little bit now and most of the levels are just luck dependent. Trash game.

Because Fox's television comedy has long been associated with quality and decorum

Adam West must be proud looking down, knowing his life lead up to this moment

Haha good thing I only have suicidal tendencies

I mean at least he doesn't bash it without trying it first, which is fair. If he said it was garbage without ever having played it it would be worse

2 hits of free pay makes them seem cheap and greedy, either do something like a full 24 hours or don't even do a free play thing. I don't play this game though so who knows maybe 2 hours is huge to their player base

Damn you, Beelzeboot!

This game is garbage


Been playing it for a little bit now

Why? Why support shit if it's shit?

Cashing in on a celebrity death, classy

Just because it is free does not mean they have to rely on psychological manipulation to make income. They could use ads or have shit worth paying for.

Tons of free games that you don't have to pay to enjoy, but paying more can get some extras.

I'm sorry, calm down


It means unlimited energy

yeah thats why I surf reddit for 6 hours some days

I don't think he can see past the Bat-Signal lit up in LA

2 hours wow just wow.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

No Doubt, you're just a grill in the world.

The complaint isn't that the 2 hours was cheap. It's that it's tacky. The company attatched monetary price on the sadness of this man's death.

When you die, I hope Raisinbran cereal sends your loved ones a $1 sample box, with the words "sorry for your loss" on it. Because that'll show that company respected you, right?

I'll bet the timer didn't stop when you stop playing either. Oh no this guy died, better binge on our game or lose the "bonus"

Arcades are slightly different though because the amount you had to pay was based on your skill. If you were good enough you could play the entire game on one quarter. Whereas with these games even if you win you still have to pay.

All you wanted was a Pepsi.

How about just don't watch it?

I don't have a problem quitting and going to play something else until my 'timer' refills. It actually keeps the game from getting too stale.

What I don't like are the prices that they do charge. Like $30 to refill my time for the next hour?! er... no thanks, I'll stick to free.

It seems disingenuous, sure, but isn't this, like, the exact opposite of cashing in?

Arcades are a pretty straight forward transaction. You get a number of lives for a certain amount of money. Play until you lose the lives or beat the game. Lose the lives, and you can play again if you buy more lives.

It would be a better analogy if arcades claimed they were free, only to charge you at some random point in the game, or make you come back the next day to keep playing. Also, many arcade can technically be finished with a single payment, if you are a skilled enough player.



This money-grabbing practice infuriates me so much, because these mobile game developers betray the fundamental principles of good game design in order to more easily extract money from players. I view video games as an entertainment art form, and every sleazy "free to play for 15 minutes before you need to buy energy" game that comes out only serves to cheapen that ideal for me. The ironic thing is the older generation seemed to be more critical of games when they were more akin to actual art, but now they can't stop playing them when they're more akin to actual shit. Don't get me wrong, if someone is finding enjoyment in those mobile games, then it's not my business to judge, but I still think that if someone enjoys these kinds of games, then there's nothing other than their unwillingness to try that should stop them from enjoying better designed games, even some on mobile, that dont have any of that nickel-and-diming nonsense. Rant over.

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game

The Quest For Stuff one is way better than this one. They give you a free statue of Mayor West and some trees.

I thought I was going insane. Thank goodness.

Why do people upvote tacky mobile games designed to milk you for cash?

No. Some people who have more money than they need, might form a "habit" of spending a couple of dollars every week on a game. But there are plenty of people out there who spend hundreds, and can't afford to, and these are the people they are thinking about when they design their game.