Family day at the beach

Family day at the beach

Hey Misfooooooooonever mind.

American History XXXL

The comic sans font and his squishy body make it an almost adorable swastika. Almost.

This horse-cockery should not be right next to the misfits logo.


A swastikaww?

That feels wrong.

nazi punks fuck off!

That swastika looks like it was drawn by the School House Rock animators.

I really want to cut the misfits tattoo out of his skin. They wouldn’t tolerate his Nazi bullshit.

/sub/beholdthemasterrace material


Alright a Swastiooooookayyy.....

Lost his right to take his shirt off in public until he covers it. Fuck your friend. No one should stand for someone advocating genocide around children .

and it doesn't matter much about jews, blacks or gays 🎶

And I doubt most nazis would tolerate the Misfits heheh

Giving misfits fans a bad name.


It’s a swawwstika

This man is NOT allowed in the Fiend Club at all ever.

Its going to be a maze.

So what you're saying is you don't know who the misfits are?

There would be some irony if he had a Dead Kennedy's tattoo instead

No, they're not. Standard 80s punk band.

That’s why this photo is so confusing and enraging! Haha.

Looks like he also has a Dio tattoo. Dio would not approve.

You're just proving his point.

Sweet love, S.S...

Gonna use this when I see neonazis with tiki torches now. Thanks.

Did the same thing

actually you are most likely wrong. Go listen to the misfit's lead singer Glenn Danzig's song white devil rise about white people rising up and fighting the race war.

Sad thing is it started out as a square inch.

A little better than standard. Which is weird because musically they're simple as fuck but they wrote some music that still holds up today. I'd rather listen misfits over most new punk.

Dk though they were awesome. Super talented IMHO and wrote shit that'll hopefully be listened to for generations.

Isn't that the Comcast logo?

If people fail to speak out loudly against this type of awfulness, blatant racism becomes more public and more aggressively contagious to the already isolated and ostracized members of society. These people becoming more confident to spew their venom publicly in increasing numbers of events and participants should be of concern to you.

What started out as a vocal minority became a frenzy that could've potentially wiped out your people not that long ago. Really not funny, guy.

Hitler taking your last breath...

This is what the master race looks like.

Ya aint no better than the bouncers!

I get a boner every time I hear DMX.

Oh oh SS one last heil, yes.

How dare this Nazi bring glass containers to the beach!

youllbethefirsttogobethefirsttogobethefirsttogo UNLESS YOU THINK

Comic sans?


The Internet really ruined 'X' for you huh?


Indeed. And I've known my share of nazi skinheads who were Misfits fans. It's not like they sang kumbaya songs about unity.

Actually he didn't lose any rights.

It’s like a weird fucky paradox

No. They aren't a racist band. They have the misfortune of having some shitty fans though. A lot of the fan base for them can be a little bit methy. At least that's my experience from the three times I have seen them. Once was with the original lineup a little over a year ago in Denver . Awesome show.

My money says he got it in prison

Thanks for the heads up.

X gon' give it to ya

Jerry Only has bills to pay.

My little Brother joined the Aryan Brotherhood in Prison. He now lives in east Oakland California and has been apart of a men's recovery group for almost 3 years. A all African American men's recovery group. He says they saved his life. These are his best friends. Inhave never seen him happier. He had a birthday just a few days ago and one of his friends is a jazz singer. She brought him onstage and sung Happy Birthday in the style of Marilyn Monroe. People change, even if their tattoos do not.