If you eat their treat before they realize you left yours behind, you get both treats

Basic science

And when they both stash their treats, go back to find more treats, find each other's treats, take those treats back to their stash, go back to find more treats again, find each other's treats again and then end up with their own original treats again....

Like the water bottle. if they’re drinking, suddenly you’re thirsty too

One of mine will take his treat, put it in the litter box, then run back like "You didn't give me one yet."

He doesn't realize that I can see him.

Those cute rat bastards.

More like scarf his own treat down and then quickly steal other rat's half eaten yogie 😂

This is too relatable 😥

My fat boy Mac in a nutshell...

My girl Ana is a treat thief. She will take her snack and run to the bottom floor of the cage to hide it. Then she runs back to the top to steal someone else's treat.

So while she's on her way back to pilfer a second treat, I grab the one she's stashed and then I give it to whoever she ends up stealing from. Everyone wins.

Yes is repost ;)