[Fallout 4] Thanks, dogmeat

The biggest reason I've never played with a follower, be it in Fallout or Skyrim.

I dunno, nothing like running through a building with sneak lvl 3. Not setting off any trip wires. Then hearing Cait getting fucked up as she tries to catch up.

Because I can make Lydia carry so much extra shit!

Followers are so clunky. In Fallout 3, 4, Skyrim. I don't get the attraction. Especially when you have an awesome perk like Lone Wanderer.

Screw Dogmeat: http://imgur.com/gallery/6Z9PbRq

Screw Dogmeat:

They also pull enemies towards you like asshole creep train makers in MMOs.

Though I don't mind followers in creepy zombie/ghoul infested buildings where I don't mind followers aggroing them

The best was MMOs that had no aggro distance limit, allowing you to pull world bosses into towns.

Seems like highly realistic AI. My dog would definitely do the same.

"What are we looking at here? Throw throw! No take, only throw!"

poor doggo was just trying to shelter the blast to protect you

Who is going to tank damage then?

And then you have people like me, who grab everything that isn't nailed down, just... because. Fuckin messy ass bandits, always have to tidy up their lairs as I slaughter them. Who left these ruined books strewn about? Why are there tankards all over the floor!?

I am at work in my cubicle, and I laughed so freaking hard at this. im very grateful to people that record while they play for moments like this.

That must have been Lydia reincarnated as a dog...

They also pull enemies towards you like asshole creep train makers in MMOs.

Mob trains were one of the best part of classic MMOs.

You and me have different play styles, apparently. My preference is either rogue (stealth), mage (glass cannon), or fighter, so I don't really need a tank.

Yeah. I can see that for hoarders/collectors, especially if you just park her out front of whatever dungeon you're currently raiding. I just don't carry around too much. I don't carry anything that isn't immediately useful or has a low value to weight ratio.

The murder bunny of FFXIV

My favorite style has been ninja-monk. Sword in one hand, restoration in the other, no armor+all alteration perks. It's a fun style. You are super fast, light, deadly and with that perk in restoration that lets you refresh your stamina with your health, you can hit like a truck and sprint forever.

Oh and don't forget the pre- war money. So much damn cloth that you never have to worry about it.

I have a play style called bow mage. I use stealth until I get caught then surprise it’s emperor palpatine.

I sell the pre-war money, seems to get tons of caps in FO 4

the biggest reason you never had a follower in skyrim was because land mines?

"I will protect you with my life, my Thane... while I waltz through this tripwire and stone you to death."

That casual trot down the hallway from hell

you know you can order dogmeat to disarm and pick mines up right like every other companion. at least it could last time i played

kazzak in stormwind lol

You can still use the lone wanderer perks if you run with Dogmeat though. All the benefits of the perk and a few funny situations with a clunky dog ai.

I play as full mage in skyrim, my only health boost come from enchanted objects do i can focuss on mana.

I usually Ask Serana to come with me beacuse she is a good tank when im too weak.

I like to call that the "Mid-level manager" play-style

Oh no! a pipe pistol, havent you seen anything better to use?

They might need more ammo for their other guns and have resorted to using a crappy pipe pistol. (that has happened to me before, earlier on in the game of course)

Agreed. If I squat down my dog runs over. Dogmeat is just looking for pets. Who's a good boy!

If you want a fun moment with dog meat, put a teddy bear in his inventory.

Lol I am like your polar opposite in skyrim. I usually grab a follower from the College of Winterhold that can use destruction magic, I max the "Conjurer" skill to summon 2 Daedra Lords, and for good measure I will also have that talking immortal dog around all while safely shooting arrows and healing myself from the back.

But who will carry all your desk fans?

Yeah, whoever uses pre-war money for cloth is just wrong. Pre-war money is worth 20 caps each, and you can get a shipment of cloth a ton of places for way cheaper.

Yeah, that is why I don't play with Dogmeat. Other followers can be wonky...but at least most of the time follow. Dogmeat likes to lead where you are pointed, and that can lead to some irritating situations. Give 'em a doghouse and a bowl and let sleeping dogs lie.

Can't be real. No one plays Skyrim as anything but a sneaky archer.

I just played through new Vegas this week and holy shit Boone was such a beast at early levels. I'll be plinking no hp off dudes then suddenly Boone blows their fucking skulls apart.

Full mage, you have alteration tree for armor/magic resistance, the Atronach Stone for more resistance/absorption, illusion tree for invisibility/quiet spells, you don't even have to get close to the target. You can always summon something to tank if and when you need it, or to decoy so you can hide/run. So many options unless you invest in no other tree but destruction.

I prefer to blitz-dance through the enemy gunfire while my mobile artillery platform (ADA) flattens everything around me. She is so OP it's kinda busted though.

Invincible doggo, just trying to take one for the team.

I always wanted to adventure with my canine pal, but he's always under foot and in my way. Sort of realistic I guess. :)

Robots, though. I don't go anywhere in the Commonwealth without Robotron:2084, my trusty assaultron. She messes the bad guys' shit up while I hide behind cover and just try to provide a little ranged fire support.

Depends on if the physics wants to fuck you. Visited a cave way past level 10, I had killed Alduin already, the rocks instakilled me.

Because I get lonely, mostly.

Allahu Akbark

EQ trains were the best... "dvinn train to zone!"

It's allegedly a bug, and therefore not intended, but dogmeat being your companion doesn't turn off lone wanderer

Can I get more info on this? I love these kinds of stories but somehow never heard this one yet.

My favorite is full heavy armor, strictly unarmed, no magic in combat. Teach a dragon what five metal fingers said to the face. I call it the Spank Tank.

I just throw all of mine into a bathtub.

In Fallout 3, Fawkes is so fucking OP so i don't even care if he gets stuck every now and then. He literally does all the killing, and i'm at max level.

I'm sure this will be great in VR

I mean runes are basically elemental mines. Also just assorted dungeon traps.

Lydia always blocking the entrance

That gnoll cave between Qeynos and Hallas was a shit show when I first started playing that game. Fun times.

Edit: found this little trip down memory train

Cheap ammo + fast fire rate + explosive/plasma/bleeding effects on the weapon = huge damage.

I love my explosive pipe rifle.

You can take the bonus of the perk and still have Dogmeat

Dont even need to put one in his inventory, itll still do the animation

Once a bitch...

when i first found the dog i took him back to sanctuary and made him a nice little house with his own bed. i told him to stay and he did. he's a good boy.

actually dude i think that’s a .gif dog

Because Curie's accent gives me butterflies.

Yes. That dumb fucking dog stays at the Red Rocket outside of Sanctuary. He's got a nice doghouse, food and water bowls, and a shitpot full of heavy machine gun turrets to keep him company.

His whole fucking job is to protect my collection of power armor and stay the fuck out of my way.

Lone Wanderer perk all the fucking way...

Did you guys forget about legendary weapons?I had a few pipe guns that were incredibly strong.

Look, I don't want to get to the broom dungeon and find I missed out.

You mean you don't carry around an entire set of armor, loads of chems, 4-5 different guns, a handful of explosives, medical supplies, quest items, and food/water? You know, just in case.

Kind of a flea bag, aren't ya?

Don't look a gift dog in the mouth.