Fallout Artwork

Fallout Artwork

"Artwork" reposted picture of a cosplayer with an instagram filter

Costume is great, I'll go find his post about it to upvote

Edit: Cosplayer is Ricky Perez, you can see more here www.videogamenostalgia.com/post/56288921757

Also the repost apologists are in full force now that this hit top post

Double edit: the photographer commented below, go support him!


The text: /u/mikerollerson

This is actually a cosplay photo (I'm the photographer)

Cosplayer is hectec.design: https://www.instagram.com/hectec.design/

Be sure to check out all of his other cool Fallout (and other series') cosplay, he does some great stuff.

This gets posted a lot as artwork (without credit, unfortunately)

My page: https://www.instagram.com/mikerollerson/

Hey everyone!

This is actually a cosplay photo (I'm the photographer)

Cosplayer is hectec.design: https://www.instagram.com/hectec.design/

Be sure to check out all of his other cool Fallout (and other series') cosplay, he does some great stuff.

This gets posted a lot as artwork (without credit, unfortunately)

My page: https://www.instagram.com/mikerollerson/

Link would be great if this has been hijacked

I'm jealous he's able to wear the power armor helmet without the frame.

Killer piece regardless!

Ah another repost of it lol

Edit: they also claim it's art ha

Working on it

I think it's time I load this game up and give it another play through

Is an all melee build any fun?


That's one part (among several) of Fallout 4 that I wasn't super keen on. Yeah, the concept of the tank-like power armor was cool, but in practice, it was so foreign to the rest of the armor system and having such early access didn't make it feel special. I would've like the tank style, but very late game, or maybe have to salvage bits and parts early game.

For example, in looting, you find a wrecked suit of power armor, but the right arm is salvageable and you could equip it like normal armor. Maybe a raider found a helmet with special lights or night-vision that would allow for sniping, creating an organic mini-boss in one of the downtown areas. Just a thought.

Yes. Get that fuckin baseball bat and start knocking motherfuckers heads offffffff.

I agree with your points on how easily you got the armor and that it didnt feel special, however I absolutely loved the execution of the almost vehicle like power armor in Fo4, in the previous games the power armor just felt like another outfit, another set of armor to mix and match and it didnt feel like it had any significance. You put power armor on like you would a regular t-shirt or coat, and that feels bad from both a gameplay and immersion point of view. Power armor is supposed to be some form of awesome exoskeleton giving you inhuman strength and durability, not a piece of clothing, but in previous games thats all it was, a piece of clothing with higher numbers.

And to a certain extent you could do what youre mentioning, a lot of raiders and such would spawn in power armor frames with only an arm or two or only the chest and a leg ect.

I installed a mod that just said "weapon enhancement" and was expecting graphics or something like that

My World Series bat had 200000 damage with a 90% chance to dismember

I mean c'mon OP it says cosplay on the sticker ffs

I don't see OP claiming to have made it.

I love seeing this at the top. there is literally no reason to not cite your source, reddit or anywhere else online or IRL. it's easy as fuck. don't try to justify it because you want to pass content off as your own.

I found this online years ago. You did not make this

Especially the World Series bat.

Probably because they're too heavy to wear just on your head and they're designed to mount to a suit.

Why is this so upvoted? It's an uncredited poorly cropped picture of cosplay...

It's a common trend with Bethesda too. They always have the big "wow" toy front loaded in their damn games. For FO3 it was the mini nuke launcher, for Skyrim it was the shout, and for FO4 it was power armor.

I feel like any other developer would only make such weapons available somewhere 50 to 75% into the game.

I added a link to your comment and pages to my top comment here, I hope you get some credit

Yeah it's really good, I'm sure it's done the rounds a few times!

Edit: the cosplay/photography is really good

Title, "fallout artwork"

The power armor you get at the beginning on the game is significantly less powerful than the stuff you get at the end. This way, power armor can be a part of the gameplay from the beginning, but still evolve and grow with the rest of the experience. It's not like they are giving you endgame-level power at the beginning of the game. As long as the rest if the game is balanced to account for the extra capability, there's no problem. I don't see that as any different than giving you weaker guns at the beginning and stronger guns later.

TL;DR I prefer my power armor as a growing, evolving element throughout the whole game rather than a bonus/trophy late game that is obtained and that's pretty much it.

Uhh I think you mean a "swatta"

How is someone supposed to determine that then? If no info at all was given by the poster except the photo and the title "fallout art"

It could still be art, but that's not the point I've been trying to make

Yea if you throw away 20 years of game play and lore

The leather armour in F3 and NV are based on Mad Max's apparel.

/sub/gaming is like 99% reposts.

Costume would be better if he wasn't wearing a Power Armor helmet without the Power Armor. That less like walking around with a helmet than it is walking around with a tank turret on your head.

If you fail this hard at trolling online your life must truly suck

I miss being able to wear the helmets without the suits. Not sure why that couldn't work, even with an unpowered hud or something.

you must also like to repost.

have a look through my post history if you seriously believe that.

I just don't like to assume everything that COULD be malicious, is malicious, without a serious reason to believe so.

The proper name for this is 'Hanlon's razor', but most people just call it 'acting like a fucking adult'

Awesome -- thank you!

This specific shot's made the rounds over the years but was never watermarked (so it usually gets titled as Fallout Artwork). Appreciate the links for both of us!

I suppose it's subjective. If I took a picture of a painting in an Art Gallery, added a filter, and posted it as 'art', would you still classify that as my artwork?

If so, that's fine.

If not, that's fine too.

In the end, it's down to an individual's view of 'art'. In my opinion, art should be original and this isn't. It's also a repost.

That was something Bethesda made up for gameplay reasons, power armor in the original lore doesn't work like it does in Fallout 4.

Hes just sharing something he saw and thought was cool just like the huge majority of posts on reddit. Clearly he didnt event realize it was a cosplay.

For fucks sake, pull your panties out of your ass crack.

If you speak to a purist, fallout should allow you to wear a helmet but no armor. Fallout 4 changed this by there are 5 (?) games before it that support the cosplay. Also this pic is so old I bet it was done before fallout 4

Mad max looking shoulderpads

Like I said, it's subjective. I'm not here to argue about it because it's all fine either way you want to look at it.

But yes, they most definitely should give credit where it's due and they didn't at all.

Lol who cares of it was already posted? Just because you saw it, doesnt mean everyone else did. Isnt not being able to seperate your knowedge from other peoples one of the big signs of autism?

Its better in FO4