FalleN on Twitter: "30 maps in groupstage and once again nuke not being played. You know what to do @csgo_dev"

FalleN on Twitter: "30 maps in groupstage and once again nuke not being played. You know what to ...

He'll get canals for complaining

Karrigan: I think cbble is not balanced it should be replaced

Fallen: Nuke isn't being played it should be replaced

MSL: People just don't understand Cbble it should stay

Shox: Mirage is the oldest map it should be replaced

Meanwhile: FaZe permabans Cbble, SK Nuke, G2 stays away from Mirage. North cries out of happiness every time they get to play a team on Cbble.

Fallen hoping Nuke gets removed so SK can instaban an other map instead of being forced to ban Nuke.

@csgo_dev: Of course we understand!

-Inferno -Train -Mirage -Cbble -Overpass -Cache

XM1014, 2 flashes, a incenderary and a smoke maining will be the driving force on this map

"Remove our perma ban map"

+Canals +Shipped +Austria +Dust +Office +Agency +Insertion

It'd be an upgrade. Seeing something fresh would be quite exciting, it'd be nice to see the pro meta evolve on the map

He obviously has his own agenda, but the statistics don't lie. Nuke is far behind any other map in terms of how much it is played.

Problem is the devs (and many others) don't seem to realize that the problem with nuke isn't yard, it's the ramp area & b bombsite. If you want to fix nuke, you need to start by making ramp be more useful and easier to access. If that isn't enough, then you need to start thinking of moving the b bombsite.

They know what to do... RELEASING A NEW CASE

Tbf G2 have been trying out mirage quite abit more than they were previously(none).

Hiko to make a return with Canals


well at least he has some proofs that nuke is the worst map in the pro scene by far, being personal (we all know it is) or not


Actually it has never been like that. Usually the least played map has 2-3 teams that are God’s on it. Nobody can win nuke all the time.

Once you play the map a lot you'll realise it's quite easy to counter the shotguns, it's a noob meta

However it does add a more interesting force buy element to the map, which makes for really interesting games. It's nice to see a map where more situational weapons are useable

Insertion will receive an insertion into the map pool.


Replace with de_rats

Nuke isn’t fun to watch. I don’t like watching players having to guess where other players are in 3v3. It is way too random in broken rounds and there are a million places for CT’s to hide.

its a meme from here: https://www.reddit.com/sub/GlobalOffensive/comments/4n442o/can_someone_explain_something_about_cs...

One map will always remain the least played and the play ratio will keep on falling because it is nearly pointless to practice a map that is not played.

G2 does

Pros find it less strategical with no real out of meta executes.


It's almost like Fallen has a personal agenda in pushing Nuke out the map pool?????!?!???

Cbble should be the map to go.

And VP too I think

Shipped will be shipped into the map pool.

New case with ultra-rare items only available as souvenir drop in nuke during major.

- nuke -cbble + d2 +season

So once again, it feels like I'm the only one who appreciates Nuke and i think it's a great map. Sure, it's super different, but at least i can use every single weapon there which i love. I'm not bound to deagle, m4, ak, awp or scout



Russians around the world rejoice

And NiP


You're right. Still a little convenient.

Yep, but he got a point. No one wants to play the map...

Shipped through the canals.

Imagine how OP SK would be if their permaban got taken out of active duty

Yea they are actually 4-1 on Mirage on LAN i think

Yes it’s a meme, but he’s also trying to point out how effective shotguns are on Canals.

no fuck +aztec please

They only play it now because apEX I'd IGLing on it. Shox doesn't want anything to do with mirage

Better than Overpass? No way! It’s such a satisfying map tactically on both sides of the map.

Also, the observing is a pain in the ass.

Office will officially be part of the map pool.

I actually really like it as it is. There's something unique about it, yes similar to dust2 such that it's like you are playing that map but at the same time it's an entirely different map.

If it were to be changed though, I'd widen up the exit to palace, make middle a more contested place(dk how), and maybe make aps less clunky like remove some of the pillars at the side.

I hate nuke just because the vertical sounds in this game are completely fucked.

nuke is still better than dust2 from a tactics pov.

And it would be bad to change the map pool so close to a major.


VP? NiP?



-nuke +dust2 after eleague Boston :>

Yea but the map was really good in 1.6.

I actually quite like canals. Yes, the pacing of the entire map is off but with some tweaking to that this could be a seriously fun map. It's got potential for so many different strats

Players are definitely biased, but he does have a point that Nuke is still the least popular map by far. At least at the professional level.

Thats an appeal to motive. Just because FalleN has something to gain, it does not negate the facts he's laid out.

I don't get it. I've always loved nuke since 1.6

nice try fallen

i'd open a champagne bottle

The timings on canals are complete bullshit. Before that map should even come remotely near a tournament it needs a lot of updates.

I got no problem on nuke. Veritcal pinpoint is perfect since last sound update, and was good since HRTF release (1 year ago). But pros don't want to use it "because reason".

cobble is fun to watch, nuke is not

If Nuke gets removed, that'll be the last nail in the coffin for VP :(

oh yeah lets make it easier for SK to win

So the reason why Nuke isn't played at the top level isn't that nobody wants to play it, but that every team that wants to play it are so bad they don't qualify.

T awper stares at b plat for 40-50 seconds and then they randomly decide which site to execute on. HURRAY FOR THE FUN!

Imagine how op sk would have been before their best two maps in old D2 and old inferno would have been...

Shox =/= G2

Also G2 never picks Mirage:







Flair checks out.

I like nuke too and wish that instead of just bitching about it teams would try and learn and play it. Of course nuke isn't gonna be played if teams just permaban it or don't practice on it.

Players lobbying to have their permabans removed from the map pool. Not really that surprising, is it?

More than 50

I made a post on how much it's being played and the results were shockingly low

But they don't ban it anymore either.

haha that would be insane (ly entertaining)

Why does everyone hate on cobble? I think it's a wonderful map. Better than overpass in my opinion.

Dust 2 is also a pretty stale map strategy-wise but people are less vocal about it and instead call it a duel based map.

Personally, I think Cobble has some very enjoyable parts. A-long and water are interesting because they can be successfully challenged and held by CTs and they feel dynamic to play. Drop is also an interesting point to play on the map. If anything is lacking it's probably B site. It plays very similarly every round on both sides.

49 uses left.

tbh nuke and cbble are horrible in a pro level

That's kind of a stupid argument though, isn't it? You don't blame players for not buying an R8, instead you recognize that the weapon is bad. Why would you blame the majority of teams for not wanting to play a map, instead of recognizing that maybe the map is bad?

KMS IF canals gets put into the map pool jesus someone help me if it gets put into the map pool

North still tries to play it don’t they?

dust2 got taken out of the rotation to be reworked and the new inferno got put in

G2 is playing mirage with apeX leading

Sure it is, doesn't mean it's not a good map tho. It doesn't have game breaking bugs, it has a very different style. The newest sound experimentation should help with the maps biggest technical issue.

Mouz does

stop this copy paste nonsense first and final warning

It's not Nuke's fault you have a shit PC

Keep improving the sound?


You're coming in here talking as if nobody knows SK's first ban is Nuke. Sure, they've been the one to instaban Nuke, but it's not just them banning it. We're barely ever seeing Nuke, so why should it be the map to stay? Obviously FalleN wants SK to be able to play on every map from the map pool (a.k.a Nuke's removal is in his interest), but he's bringing stats that don't involve his team alone. I don't see how that's hypocrisy.

We saw an amazing Cbble at Epicenter's finals (SK v VP) so why should that map be removed when it's payed often... same with Mirage. Nuke is the obvious choice no matter how hard valve tries to push it.

Why wouldn't they have remade train? It's one of the staples, and was always great. The initial CSGO version wasn't very good, but that's why they remade it. Now it's one of the better ones (again!)

I love Mirage and all the little things that you can do on the map, but it should be the next map to go.

It's become somewhat stale in terms of meta, and is the oldest version of a map in the current active duty.

I'm not sure what could be changed though. Perhaps opening up palace and short?

I was playing nuke the other day and could not tell which site the bomb was planted on. There was absolutely no vertical separation. I'm pretty sure I have the 3d sound turned on.

Dust2 is the closest you get to a aim/eco map.

Nuke is super reliant on coms, teamwork and less on pure aim.

I would imagine that loads of people simply dislike that their biggest strength is suddently not the most important part of the game.

They would be the best fucking team out there for sure if there was no nuke, just ban the opponents best map, or inferno idk

faze plays it, l think fnatic does too