Fall 2016 Anime Score Progressions (MAL)

Fall 2016 Anime Score Progressions (MAL)
Fall 2016 Anime Score Progressions (MAL)

All the scores that ended above an 8.0 are all ones that started off above an 8.0 at episode 1 apart from Drifters. Just shows how ridiculously imporant first impressions are.

Not a single other show that started below the 8.0 got above it, and the only new non-sequel shows that got above the 8.0 are the ones that were hyped the most.

Shows that I'd personally place significantly higher than what they have now:

3-Gatsu no Lion Flip Flappers Fune wo Amu

TIL final scores for Flip Flappers, Fune wo Amu and Kiss Him Not Me all remain well under 8

I don't understand MAL ratings sometimes

Oh look. All these almost straight lines caused by the forced perspective of fixed axes! Almost exactly like OP was trying to avoid with the previous updates!

Hopefully those guys can shut the hell up now.

Imo rankings don't, ratings do

TIL trend lines are nonsense zigzag lines lmao

TIL final scores for Flip Flappers, Fune wo Amu and Kiss Him Not Me all remain well under 8

I don't understand MAL ratings

MAL ratings rely mostly just on hype and the quality of the first episode. The shows you mentioned didn't have ridiculously popular first episodes, and therefore didn't gather a lot of hype, and at that point it's hard to make it past the 8.0 mark anymore.

I mean, all the scores that ended above an 8.0 are all ones that started off above an 8.0 at episode 1, with only a single exception.

On the other hand I really like the backgrounds, they add a lot of life to the data, especially as there is 59 images to look through.

Good work op.

Yes. :c

I suspect there are other factors as well; I remember Mob Psycho 100 having a MAL score under 8 when it started airing bc ppl were disappointed the show wasnt essentially One Punch Man with psychics. But it rose all the way up to its current score of ca. 8.7

Wait a minute... /sub/anime has always told me MAL's ratings don't matter..?

I mean, Drifters was fantastic though, but it was also a lot more popular than Flip Flappers which helped the score.

I feel like the backgrounds take away more than they add to these graphs. They're distracting and occasionally obscure the numbers. Graphs should be functional, rather than pretty.

Well 3-Gatsu no Lion is now above 8.0 I believe, and the score will only go up for the rest of the episodes, But it's a pity for Flip Flappers and Fune wo Amu, who deserve better than that.

At least those anime seem to often be in the top 10 of a lot of people making those list.

Other than the action and the characters there wasn't much good about it

True, but the action and the characters were really fucking good. Plus the show oozed style. It was "rule of cool: the anime"

No To Be Hero?

I'm probably one of those few people who enjoyed Occultic;Nine. Sad it's on 6 for a couple of episodes. I'm glad with the rise at the end though!

I like 3-gatsu no Lion's upwards trend. Hope the second cour gives the show another deserving boost.

Occultic;Nine's progression has to be my favorite though. Really deserves to be out of the 6.X range.

Yeah. High ratings usually mean it's a good show. But everyones taste is different, so you might enjoy the show in fiftieth place more than the one in first.

but but muh designs r more important!11 /s

But I actually liked the first episode.

I'm so sad, especially considering how insanely high MAL ratings are on average, Flip Flappers being under 8 is just criminal.

CGI isn't bad, bad CGI is bad.

glares at Berserk

I disagree, a lot of the shows I knew of but not by name. Thus the images made it easy for me to immediately know what show was being referenced

The graphs are amazing looking. In contrast to what other people have upvoted, I really like the images because I have not associated all shows to the set of characters, and the backgrounds help refresh my memory on what the show might be about (in addition to looking great).

Just giving my opinion here but I think if you still want to include the straight lines next season (I personally hope not), they might be better in the background than the foreground. The trend lines are the most interesting part of the images for me, and I found it a little annoying to have to parse out the normalized line to get to the info I really care about.

Nice work!

Recovering after a bad first episode is tough.

Ratings are informative, rankings are fun.

Or Saiki K

I'd like to point out as a manga reader and anime watcher that Mob Psycho just starts off really slow, and the anime did a great job at cutting a lot of the early antics in the manga to speed it up.

That mixed with OPM anticipation probably led to early disapointment.

To each their own, I personally thought the comedy was one of the best parts of the show.

stayed for the compelling characters and story.

lol no, definitely stayed for the animation and art direction though.

It's all fun and games, until someone calls your taste shit.

Rip Izetta, the score progression for it was like a rollercoaster except there's no going up.

I really prefer the old lines. You can see when episodes spike or drop which is nice. This "basically straight line" tells us a lot less unless you stare intently at the numbers, and it's a lot easier to notice the different of 0.3 through a graph change than just the numbers, and it works out the same anyways.

Hey man, I do actually appreciate the new format, it let me have a really clear way to see the difference between episodes of a show that I actually care and it also let me peek through the ones that I don't care but I still want to check. Imo keep doing them like this, is perfect.

I gave 8s to two of those, I gave a 3 to one of them.

Looking at your score you gave a 9 an 8 and a 6.

That's how they stay under 8.

I'm confused, isn't 7.95 (virtually 8) for Flip Flappers a pretty good MAL average? I mean no show should realistically have a MAL average at 10 but if a consensus score ends up ~8, doesn't that indicate that people think it's pretty good?

Hell only 10 TV shows on MAL have even above a 9 average and 5 of them are Gintama seasons. You couldn't have possibly expected Flip Flappers to be up on that rung :/

i really like the back grounds. it make it prettier and easier to quickly identify the shows. but, it did make it more dificult to see the numbers... i would sugest maybe a little photo of the anime in the corner or something like this

It's just a warm-up before Konosuba, right?

til there were worse anime than bloodivores

I feel like I should point out that only people who like the first season of a show will watch subsequent seasons.

You can see that with many shows. Many of those who liked it probably waited for the end of the series to rate it

Hi again. If there are any errors, please let me know (most likely there will be).

I might have screwed up the use of SD, but on the bright side it does include a graph with a fixed axis now! :o

Data is from MAL Score Progressions Club with some data gathered by myself eks dee. They are awesome. :D

edit: Screwed up the 'colors' for Nanbaka and Mobile Suit Gundam. (ty /u/bgahbhahbh and /u/Mage_of_Shadows)

They are different, OPM is ridiculous and funny and it is superbly animated, like out-of-this-world quality. OTOH MP100 is a more serious story with a more alternative (but still GREAT) style that doesn't appeal to as many people.

If we judge purely on quality then MP100 is definitely better, but if we consider the entertainment that both shows bring, then they are on equal footing.

Because many don't continue if the first episode wasn't good.

Once a show completes, MAL discards ratings from those who finished less than a quarter (third?) of the total episodes. And that population is going to include most of the people who couldn't stand the show and rated it low.

This is a bad thing why?

It decreases the signal-to-noise ratio. By lowering the resolution of the graph by such a large amount, it shoves the performance of individual episodes into the background.

OP even added nonsense zigzag lines in the background

Which means that the actual data is mostly obscured by both the gray-scale shading and the image graphics to the point where it is almost unintelligible in some cases.

not statistically significant

But they are significant on a critical level. If you can go through and check which episodes performed better than average and which episodes performed worse than average, you can then refer back to those episodes and identify why they over- or under-performed. With this large of a sample size, a change in score is a valuable tool in not only understanding where to focus your analysis but also in understanding the preferences and biases of the anime fandom as a whole.

With only this raw data only the big picture really matters.

I worked political campaigns, running polls and focus groups for enough years to give me two erupting ulcers and borderline alcoholism. Focusing on the big picture is for amateurs and bobbleheads. I've lost more campaigns due to candidates listening to statisticians that brushed off a 3% drop in the polls as being insignificant rather than listen to the people who dig into the numbers and identified the variables that can be fixed before the election.

And that Girlish Number drop? Yeah. That actually was a YUGE decrease. And you might want to check your math there, because the difference between the episode 2 high of 7.37 and the episode 11 low of 7.10 is a lot more than 0.15. For a MAL score, any time you have a variation of over 0.25, it is highly significant and speaks volumes as to how the viewing community as a whole saw the anime. But if you just look at the big picture, those details get remarkably fuzzy as the signal gets washed away by the noise.

Also, too. From another comment in this chain:

last one gets an influx of ratings from people who only rate when they finish

That's not why you find a spike in the score at the final episode. This increase comes from MAL's score weighting system. Any rating from someone who has not seen more than ~20% of the series is thrown out of the final tabulation. So while the second-to-last episode still factors in all of the ratings from those who dropped it on episodes 1 or 2 and gave it a poor score, the last episode doesn't have those at all.

That's why you typically find an end-of-season score bump in these graphs. It's not from people who don't rate the show until the end, but instead from the first-episode-droppers' scores no longer mattering at all.

I'm just glad to see Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume's score slowly going up by episode!

So happy at Ajin's score which is a proof that CGI is not inherently bad

In a world full of anime with cute school girls, some people appreciate anime full of warriors, blood, guts, and an evil Jesus.

It was entertaining but nothing really special. Other than the action and the characters there wasn't much good about it. The comedy really dragged it down.

7.95 is good, and since it had like a 0.55 point progression it definitly good ! But had it been just at 8.00, it would have more impact on new watchers.

What would you watch ? A show a 7.95 or at 8.05 ? which is the most attractive ?

So it's just me being childish I guess.

Seconding on the swapping trend to foreground, fixed to back. I assume that this was done on purpose to win some argument(?) but the trend information is really the important stuff here.

True, same here but to the majority of viwers it surprised them with ridicilously fast pacing and boobs

Good drop for bloodivores.



Seems the score fits just fine then.

After the first episode of 3-gatsu I was thinking, "Crap, this is probably going to be a really boring show, isn't it?" But by the end of the first cour, I was in love with it and amazed by how under-appreciated it seemed to be. Yuri on Ice stole the spotlight this fall, but 3-gatsu is honestly a much better show in retrospect.

Not to mention the self-proclaimed NEET who actually isn't a NEET since he still goes to school.

Characters can lie, and by having the character say they are something they are not allows the viewer the context to say 'don't take what this character says as fact' which might be important for later down the line.

It's also his 'job' to pretend to be a NEET so he can earn money as the NEET god on his website.

Here's the why.

Show MAL Score # of votes % of votes 8+ Drifters 8.07 48,702 70% Flip Flappers 7.90 17,731 63.5% Fune wo Amu 7.75 10,383 59.2% 3-Gatsu no Lion 8.03 12,340 71.2%


I left 3-Gatsu at the bottom because as it's unfinished MAL hasn't removed the 2,200 droppers yet and most people haven't voted so it's score isn't the best representation. I'd estimate a 8.2 by the end of the season though.

What you can gather from this data is Drifters had wide appeal, a lot of people watched it and a lot of people liked it a lot, Flip Flappers and Fune Wo Amu on the other hand are very niche with less than half of Drifters viewers, but that should mean they have a higher percentage of high votes right?

Well I believe being niche works against them as the people who like it will really like it, but with no safety net to fall back on if a viewer doesn't like the niche it's pulling for then it's score can get easily hurt. 3-Gatsu no Lion is a show that is niche but does have fall backs which we can call 'elements of wide appeal'.

I'm not playing favourites on this as I have Fune wo Amu as a 9 and Drifters as a 6, but a collective list is not about one opinion, it's thousands of opinions so you have to look as to what would create those opinions different to yours.

It's actually a fifth, so you have to watch at least 3 episodes of a one cour show (well, 2 if it's 10 episodes like S1 of KonoSuba) and at least 5 episodes of a two-cour show for your score to count.

The formula actually uses 5.2 instead of 5, so 5/26 is enough for it to count.

That's only when it's finished. Your vote is still counted while airing.

Gakuen Handsome is one of those shows that basically guarantees a low MAL score because it's too weird for many of MAL's users. It's actually a pretty funny take on BL and shoujo tropes. Binge-watching it in one go is truly an adventure.

Well technically your 6 is out of tune with MAL's terminology in which 7 is good, 6 is okay.

Mals scores aren't as inflated as they are made out to be (well sequels are as they have less competition) there's so many shows a season that being average is often not worth the time so most people only stick with what they is good or better.

I think they were both about the same, to be honest. Shimomura was better in S2, but Nakano made up for it by being worse. Satou was still the only best reason to watch the show.

Because first impressions are really important.

For making the graphs illegible.

They don't count your vote unless you watch 1/3 or 1/4 or something of the episodes. I don't remember the number so the first impression isn't important, the 3 episode rule is.

Naaah, you mean: the graphs take away more than they add to these backgrounds.

I like the graphics because sometimes I only know the English name for a title.

If i saw "shakunetsu no takkyuu musume" I wouldn't know what it was(ok i would), but i would know "scorching ping pong girls".

Not to mention the self-proclaimed NEET who actually isn't a NEET since he still goes to school. I really didn't like him after the first episode. I'm glad I stuck with the show though.


Well OP did include Bloodivores and Cheating Craft

I didn't expect Stray Dogs to do so well, it wasn't that much popular but Bones nailed the production. The past arc was one of the best arcs in the recent seasons.

I wouldn't say so. Reason why most ratings are between 7 and 9 is because almost noone intentionally watches anime which they find bad, meaning they rarely give 1 to 4. However, people watch shows which they think they will like, so it's likely they will give them a score above 6.

Mob Psycho is just as superbly animated and at the same time more experimental than OPM. I wish some people could look past the stylistic choices of the creators of Mob Psycho. I can agree with the entertainment value argument if you aren't looking for anything relatively deep in a show, but MP100's characters and their development was so good.

Mobile suit Gundam had the wrong line on bold

Nanbaka too

Nanbaka too

Came for the animation and art direction, stayed for the compelling characters and story.

Well not a single new show started above 8 in the first place. And looking back I can't see many non sequels that start with a >8 score in the last year.

Yuri on Ice did.

Even then most the show that started above 8 fell below it as unlike sequels they generally keep a fair few people around who feel like it's in the 6 or 7 range.

Are you and looking at the same graph here? All shows that started above 8 stayed above it.

The 3 you mentioned, not only did 3-Gatsu end up a knats bollock off of an 8 anyway, it hasn't even ended yet so it won't get that finale boost, but all 3 of them are niche in their narrative and execution so they are going to attract less people and be more divisive with who they attract.

3-Gatsu didn't make the 8.0 marker in the first cour so you could count it as a show that didn't make the 8.0 when others. You're saying that the shows I mentioned are more niche so therefore will attract less people so will be more divisive, but I don't see the logic behind that.

Looking back at past charts I feel like a good first impression is actually more likely to end up in failure as it brings more people in who will in turn lower the score if it goes in an unsatisfying direction (Sweetness and Lightning, Izetta the last witch).

Like I said, are you and I looking at the same graph? Izetta and Amaama to Inazuma were never above 8

But overall I don't think the score of the first episode makes as big of an impact on the final score as you think, in fact a high 7 is what I would expect from a show like Fune wo Amu (I gave it a 9) if you take into account others tastes and how that might reflect on something like that.

Most shows stayed between a 0.2 margin between their first and their final score, so I'd say it definitely has a significance.

Even if it did have a purpose, it still came off as annoying.