Falcon Heavy Animation

Falcon Heavy Animation

If this goes off without a hitch, then:

1) Recovering three boosters in one go will be one of the most incredible space events to witness live, ever. Full stop. Keeping my fingers VERY crossed for this. I'm already salivating at the kinds of payloads we would be able to put into space for (relatively) cheap.

2) Every marketing dept for every single other car company in the entire world should just give up. Straight up liquidate. Because the footage that Tesla is going to get from the Roadster's dashboard will top anything else that another company attempts to do for a car commercial for at least half a decade lol.

We will either witness the greatest rocket explosion ever, or the most insane achievement ever. Props to SpaceX and their madman Elon.

People criticize Elon, they say he makes wild claims, they say he’ll never be able to accomplish half the stuff he says he will..... I think they’re just jealous that they can’t launch a sports car on a large rocket to mars with cool background music.

And even if he only accomplished half of what he set out to do in life, it’s more than most of us could do in a thousand lifetimes.

Any car advertisement: Driving down the Big Sur into the sunset.

Tesla: Hold my tank of liquid of oxygen. Floats off towards Mars with the Earth in its rear view mirror.

Maybe other car companies should get into the private space industry solely for marketing purposes.

Sure Tesla launched a Roadster toward Mars, but have you watched Toyota shoot a Corolla into the Sun?

True story.

Vehicle top speeds:

McLaren F-1: 221 miles/hour

Bugatti Chiron: 261 miles/hour

Bloodhound Jet Car: 763 miles/hour

Elon's Tesla roadster: 7 miles/second

I like how the dummy has only one hand on the wheel, nonchalantly leaning its left arm on the door. I hope it's automated to raise a middle finger to space hitch hikers.

I would never buy a car from a company that hasn't even sent one to Mars.

It will be absolutely incredible if they pull this off

Elon is usually late but eventually delivers.

I'd like to hear your offense against Elon. Not trying to incite, I'm genuinely curious/conversational

At this point even if Musk is a pre-reveal Super-villain, I think I'm OK with it.

Starman's cruising around, looking for hoes

Freaking incredible that this is happening. Have a safe trip roadster ;)

Does anyone else think this whole demonstration is hilarious? It's like one big "Kilroy was here" graffiti. Musk will basically immortalize his name in our solar system until the end of time.

you should've picked Hilux at least, Corolla would broke down :D

Probably the most incredible thing i've ever seen. And to think it will be a reality so soon.