Facts coming out

Facts coming out

Top left: Michele Flournoy is the name you're looking for, I believe. The other blank would be John Koskinen, Commissioner, IRS.

Dirty Rice so dirty she appears twice.


This was a big media event dude! The narrative is

Was this used as a prop during Sessions testimony today?

What was this from?

Excuse me, but I see Russia on that poster and no Tronald Drumph, please take it back and reeeeevise it to match my preconceptions. Thank you for your compliance.

You're right on Flournoy and Koskinen.

I think Heather _____ must have added the text. Very subtle.

I am starting to believe that the new game " connect the dots " is gaining traction.

Heather Samuelson?

She's CCd on this incredibly incriminating email chain, and her email listed was from the cdmillsgroup email account (Cheryl Mills, listed just above-right of Heather.)


(just a shot in the dark)