F/22/5'2" [170lbs > 124lbs = 46lbs] my fiancé was my inspiration

F/22/5'2" [170lbs > 124lbs = 46lbs] my fiancé was my inspiration

Your fiancé has been there for you through THICC and thin.

Great but you really pulled off 170 well, too.

You look AMAZING!

Can you tell me a bit more about your diet and exercise routine? I got down to 129 from 187 but am no where as toned as you are. Did you lift a lot?

Also did the last 10 lbs change your body dramatically?

the last 10lbs definitely made me appear much more toned! i went on a 1400 cal diet between november & may. over the summer i have transitioned to a life away from calorie counting & heavy dieting... but keeping a mental estimate of my intake instead!

i used to go to the gym frequently but if i'm being honest i've been slacking since i reached my goal a little. (& work has been crazy!)

my fiancé started his weight loss journey before we met, but reached his goal while we were together. it was so inspiring to see the changes he had made. i had extra motivation because i could see that the advice he had given me had already worked on himself! he was very supportive, but never pushy. always tried to teach me all the things he knew. always encouraged me by pointing out my accomplishments, even the little ones. & loved me & brought me back up whenever i was worried or discouraged.

best pointers are:

carbs in the morning & afternoon, protein at night. don't stress if you don't see the progress you want- IT TAKES TIME. celebrate the little victories ALWAYS. use myfitnesspal to log your calories & hold yourself accountable. eat under the cals that you burn in a day to maintain a deficit. find a few meals you like & have them regularly... switch up the flavor with different spices!

i never did anything super crazy to lose my weight! just made sure i was strict on myself & my cals. i made myself stick to a calorie budget until i hit my goals. while i was cal counting- my fiancé & i had one cheat meal a week & we tried to make sure we INDULGED. sunday night date nights were a blessing :)

Yes! I think at least part of that must be that she has a happy soul. What a great smile!

Agreed! I'm looking at her thinking, "Damn girl, your starting weight is my goal weight."

I have the same height and body frame, this is truly motivational.

Congratulations! You look so tall in the 2nd photo. LOL.

Looked good before too FYI

I say the same thing to the mirror every morning.

You don't have to put her down to lift her up. She looked good and happy and 170 and still looks good.


How did your fiance' inspire you? I'm trying to keep my wife motivated with our weight loss as well.

hahaha i've laughed about that too! i feel taller now that i'm thinner :D

Points at abs, "this is my pointer for abs"

Completely agreed. Looks great in both.


it felt like it just HAPPENED OVERNIGHT. looking back, i don't really remember being frustrated with waiting at all!

Hott then HOTTT

I'm 5'1 and trying to wrap my mind around why your 170 looks like my 115 and why your 124 looks like my 105. Anyway, awesome progress fellow shortie!

Is it crossing the line to say your fiance is likely finding himself inspired as well at this point (lol sorry couldn't pass it up now bracing for downvotes!)

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. She pulled off 170 great! But I'm sure she's much happier now!

HOOSIER NATION !!!!!!!!! cream & crimson forever <3

i literally just stopped eating fast food everyday (but taco bell always manages to pull me in for a bite every now & then ¯_(ツ)_/¯), stopped eating junk food, started eating clean & nutritious meals, logged my cals, & held myself accountable! we had one cheat meal a week on sunday night where we had WHATEVER (& i mean like... ordered the whole damn menu) we wanted & enjoyed the fact that we had maintained a healthy lifestyle for one more week :)

it's so so so important to focus on the little victories. they mean so much!

my fiancé was the BEST motivation. he started his weight loss journey before he met me, but ended his when we were together for a minute. seeing his before & after, even before he met his goal, was indescribably motivating. i felt so energized & excited to prove that i could do what he did! he lost a total of more than 70lbs!!! it was madness. people don't even recognize him anymore!!! but he was always so loving & supportive, never negative, always making me want to be better for him because that's just how good he was to me. i wanted him to be able to stand next to a sexy wife on our wedding day. he's a personal trainer, & so he knew a LOT about nutrition & shared all his knowledge with me. once i started applying his advice, the pounds just FELL.

Holy shit. I'm at 153, at 5'2 and look nowhere near your before! You look great though!

Look way better now obvi

My girl went though this. I'm super into fitness so she went though pretty much that same before and after for me. Thing is... I'm into thick girls lol. So she's super happy with her weight loss but I'm kind of sad about it haha

even happier now that i'm healthy!

Good comment

Can you share some of his/your pointers?

Seriously. I'm an inch taller and used to be 170 and I looked like a marshmellow at that size. I'm like 155 now and my shape is now similar to what hers was like in the before.

Well it's a good thing she didn't come here to find out whether or not you'd bang her

Amazing progress. I've been on both ends of your spectrum, and I'm two inches taller but honestly I've never carried as well as you at either end.

Amazing job! You look incredible.

I feel ya. I have lost around 70 pounds myself and I get married in December. I lift for her!

We're the same height and you're only 4 pounds heavier than my goal weight. You look amazing and are a true inspiration. Congratulations and thank you for sharing! How long did it take you overall?

just because she's smiling? it doesn't mean anything. you can't tell if people are happy by comparing two different pictures

my journey took about 15 months but the toughest part was definitely keeping my energy up while eating at a deficit. Bang brand energy drinks & coffee saved my life hehe.

Reminds me a lot of the guy I'm with now :) I'm very proud of you! Did it seem like it took forever to get there but once you got there, you don't remember how it felt to take to do long?

Love the IU Hoosiers sign! You look amazing! This was all due to restricting calories???!!!? How is it that your fiancé motivated you??

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