F/20/5'7" [213lbs > 151lbs = 62lbs] 7 months hard work

F/20/5'7" [213lbs > 151lbs = 62lbs] 7 months hard work

I'm happy when I see other 5'7 women. I think what matters the most is how happy we are. Every lady I've seen 200+ lbs I can't understand how they even have that much weight on them it's proportioned really well. You still looked good at 213. I know when I was 213 I was not happy with my weight but I looked great. But I could figure out how to be happy at that weight. I just wanted better. You being at 151 must make you incredibly happy. You must be feeling really proud and this is certainly encouraging to other women!! Way to go!!!

Incredible! You look great, I find this very inspirational :) Well done you! x

Pic 2 looks like the daughter of the lady in pic 1

Simply amazeballs. Smirk gains ftw ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

5'7 checking into this comment as well. I am currently 212 (coming from 230 on 7/1), this is exactly how I feel. I could very easily justify my current weight, and pat myself on the back for what I have done so far, but I want so much better than 212 for myself! I used to have an ultimate goal of 175 because I thought that for my height, surely that is thin enough, but after seeing so many posts about people my height getting to 145-150, I know this is where my goal weight needs to be to actually be healthy. Seeing comments and posts like this gives me motivation that I really can do this!

Pretty sweet figure! Love that smug-looking smile on your face. You earned it! Well done.

also 5'7" here. you do not lie!

What was your routine? I'm currently that height and a couple pounds lighter than what you were and I honestly have been feeling like utter crap about my body and I just want to change it and my lifestyle

Btw you look really amazing

Didn't mean to look smug at all!!! But thank you!

Thank you so much !! I did a lot of cardio initially (running, spin classes, high intensity interval training) and once I got a bit fitter I started adding resistance training and more weights !! In terms of eating, I track my calories using MyFitnessPal (an app) and eat 1,200 calories per day. I eat oats for breakfast, vegetables and protein for lunch (tofu), and then usually soup or a salad for dinner with protein as well! Snacks I eat nuts and fruit or yoghurt, or sometimes a smoothie or some dark chocolate๐Ÿ˜Š Mostly the key is portions and still remembering to treat yourself or else you binge and go backwards!!!

Thank you so much!

Omg 7 months? Awesome job!! You look so good (before AND def after). I'm 5'7 at 210lb and have a siimilar goal weight. Could you PLEASE let me know what your routine and nutritional plans were?

Fellow 5'7" here and I feel this!

Thank u ๐Ÿ˜˜