Excellent reception Akiyama

That's pretty incredible timing.

Reception Room 2

Akiyama had quite a few beautiful throws in that fight. He's a wonderful Judoka, one of the best to ever enter MMA.

It also helps that Jake Shield may have the slowest reaction time & least explosive power/speed in the entirety of MMA. Hector Lombard, another top level Judoka, threw him around as well.

Anyways, very impressive. Only Fedor has been able to mix his Judo with striking better than Akiyama has, in the history of the sport. Second place in that situation isn't too shabby, IMO.

That's also left handed o soto gari. For a right handed judoka, it's basically like switching stances and throwing a perfect overhand left, most judoka aren't as good throwing with their bad hand side as they are with their good hand side.

I decided to look it up to see if Akiyama fights right handed but learned his judo from a left ha...

Man, Sexyama is one of my favourite for this reason.

Dude makes it look so simple and effortless.

That's not how it works. It's downvoted when you're forcing it. If you, however, set it up nicely, I think you'd be surprised, as Kenny usually says.

You forgot Karo Parisyan, one of the best to mix no gi judo in the UFC.

Beats speed every time

I remember when he fought Diego Sanchez, Sanchez said before the fight "he's not gonna pull that judo crap on me!" and Karo proceeded to sling him around the cage repeatedly. That was a really good fight.

This fight was frustrating to watch. I feel like Akiyama could have won it if he'd actually thrown some punches.

Also credit to Shields for adjusting and countering the 3rd time Akiyama attempted that throw by taking his back

That was fuckin dirty.

I believe so. Akiyama was good enough to be the best Judoka in Asia at 81KG in 2001 & again in 2002. That's likely at a higher level of competition than any Women's division at the Olympics. However, I'm far from an expert or even very knowledgeable on Judo.

Hidehiko Yoshida and Satoshi Ishii, by Judo accomplishments, are the two best Judoka of all time to enter MMA.

Hidehiko Yoshida won Gold at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona at -78KG and Gold at -98KG at the Worlds in 1999. He's also taken Silver at the Worlds twice, in 93' & 95'. And a bronze in 91'.

He debuted in MMA in 2002 at 32 years old, and fought at 90KG, 30lbs over his prime weight class. He still beat Mark Hunt, Don Frye, Tank Abbot, Mo Smith, Naoya Ogawa, Kiyoshi Tamura, & a debuting Satoshi Ishii.

Satoshi Ishii won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008, in Beijing. He, like Yoshida, also holds a Worlds Gold medal as well, which he won in 2007. He's also won an U20 (Under 20 Years Old) Gold in 2004, along with a Universiade Gold Medal in the same year.

Both are incredibly highly accomplished Judoka, especially for MMA. It's unfortunate that Satoshi Ishii has "failed" in MMA in the minds of most Japanese fans. They've disliked him almost since the night he debuted. First he chose to debut against an old man, and he lost. Then he fought two opponents who he outweighed by 40lbs+, before fighting Kickboxer Jerome Le Banner. Japanese fans took these fights as him not having fighting spirit, which ruined his reputation and destroyed his drawing power.

except he was the one to initiate that take down, so i guess his advantage there was speed, and the others guys bad reaction timing

This gif made me pregnant.

I really love watching his judo so much fun to see

I still remember Akiyama was robbed of this fight...I thought he for sure beat Jake Shields. Shields won the 3rd round, but the first 2 had to go to Akiyama. Defending every takedown, landing much harder strikes instead of Shields' little dinky punches, and used his Judo takedowns very effectively. To this day I'm pissed that Shields got the nod here.

when I did judo my sensei always made us practice a takedown once on the left side for every time we did it on the right. I was still better on the right, but being able to do it on the left side, even if only 80% as well, made it so much easier and less confusing to wrestle a left handed person.

I really hope that we haven't seen the last of him in the octagon.

I know that his UFC record looks terrible on paper, but most of his fights have been absolute wars. Plus it always feels a little bit special when he fights I don't know why... Maybe it's those dreamy eyes?

One of those moves that when you're learning you always have that thinking in the back of your head "that's impossible to do in a real match"

Well... There you are.

I love watching judokas do their thing.

Man Nage Waza is so beautiful and underused in MMA/BJJ. The great thing about Judo Nage Waza is that it gains you a dominant position without them getting a chance to regain guard / guillotine you. Look at this gif straight into almost side control opponent rolls to his knees and you have his back.

Man I fucking loved Karo.

Nage waza is a term literally translated as 'throwing technique', nage = throw, waza = technique. This particular nage waza is called o soto gari, which translates as major outside reap.

He's 40 years old now. Some of those losses may have been wins if Akiyama was younger. He could have made a title run if he had started MMA sooner. His judo is always a treat to watch.