ex-pro football player Davids gets all money the Striker Lucian skin made, he won a court case against Riot Games

ex-pro football player Davids gets all money the Striker Lucian skin made, he won a court case ag...

TLDR: Davids thought he and Striker Lucian looked the same and Riot was ripping of his popularity

Riot said they didn't look the same and people would still recognize lucian

Davids won the court

Edit: Riot only has to pay Davids the money they earned with Striker Lucian in The Netherlands

Wow that is actually super close. I think Davids has a point. Especially considering he is a very well known player and those were his signature glasses.

Well it's not defensive midfielder Lucian...

If it's only the money from the Netherlands I guess that's not that bad, but this whole case seems too silly to be true.

I always thought it was supposed to be based on him. Like, there's no way it wasn't.

And it's still not nearly as bad as King Rammus.

And it's still not nearly as bad as

honestly, they look practically identical

Honest to god. I always thought this was intended.

Surprised he didn't get all Striker Lucian earnings. He probably has good lawyers too. Strange.

It most definitely was. I'm guessing Riot thought it was more of a nice nod than a ripoff. But Davids and the courts think otherwise. There are many skins that are nods to existing things, they try to tread the fine line of inspiration vs plagiarism.

Striker Lucian definitely looks like him lol. Especially with the glasses

But what I find interesting is that 2 years ago, he thanks Riot Games for the skin

Seems weird that 2 years later that he goes to court against Riot.

There's a difference between directly ripping assets from league and reusing them in your own game and heavily drawing inspiration from an outside source for your creation

https://www.instagram.com/p/o3wMpPCo-E/ He didn't look angry at all...

Riot/League actually rip off a lot of things, but we don't care since we enjoy it. Now if someone else rips of league people go bonkers. But like the coins in the arcade theme rift obviously aren't original to Riot/League.

Edit: Yeah okay guys, lets pretend Morderkeiser isn't that king guy from Lord of The Rings. Pretty sure there are more rip offs but don't have time to go through it right. Now. But hey it's fun for us, including me so not complaining, just pointing out what I thought was obvious.

Attorney in Europe here. That is exactly what he is going to do. This is a common practice for celebrities to do in these cases. The Netherlands tends to side against the infringing party in these cases. Then, when he sues in other countries in the EU there is president. It also helps to distract from the fact that in 1998 the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

But King Rammus wasn't sold and was given away with the end of Beta. So Nintendo couldn't really get the profits like Lucian.

It's all the money made from the Netherlands sales of the skin, so not a huge amount in the long run

Because someone probably told him he could get a bunch of money if he took them to court so he did. He probably actually likes that it exists in his likeness, but money is money.

Probably didn't think twice about it until some told him he could score some big money with it.

It's a matter of Jurisdiction. He might be able to go to ECJ with it and get more though.

Wow this is bullshit just because he's a black soccer player..

looks at picture

Ok nvm.

Attorney in Europe here.

Ok, someone with actual knowledge of the situation.

in the EU there is president

Nvm, move along.

Dear Riot,

I've been unfortunately cursed with looking like Grey Warwick when the moon is full. I just can't help myself and have to ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all night and chase my prey.

I could come to the headquarters at night and show you, or you could just present me with the skin that looks just like me.

Your move.

This is me btw, I think we look exactly alike.

Dear Riot,

I've been unfortunately cursed with looking like Grey Warwick when the moon is full. I just can't help myself and have to ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all night and chase my prey.

I could come to the headquarters at night and show you, or you could just present me with the skin that looks just like me.

Your move.

Way better name tbh

I'm sorry, but King Rammus and Bowser are very different, because of one major characteristic: Very rarely do you see King Rammus die for being bounced on by a Gnar.

Riot fucked up by admitting on some forum it was based on him.

Precedent *

He used to be very good and famous, now he's old

They still could have sued and gotten monetary compensation. It doesn't have to be in the form of skin sales.

Riot Games, a producer of, among others, League of Legends.

Erm, what?

Chosen Master Yi(Star Wars), Grungy Nunu(Sesame Street)' Augmented Singed(Bane of DC comics), to name a few extremely obvious references.

even without the admitting, it's pretty easy to rule it in favor of davids. the glasses and the braids is just too close of a match.

The lucian's in my silver 4 promos say otherwise...

Lawyer here: It's not a matter of jurisdiction. He probably intentionally limited the scope of his lawsuit to reduce cost risk while creating precedent, which is common practice.

And also: that's not how the ECJ works.

Or most likely he wasn't aware that the skin was being sold for profit, and that's most likely what he has an issue with. It's one thing if your likeness is used and there's no profit being made, it's a whole other thing when your product is your image, and it's been taken and used by another company for profit, and you see zero of that profit.

You can be flattered, and upset at the same time, I know it's crazy to think we can have multiple feelings all at once, but if I was Davids I would have simply said, "While I'm honored that RIOT would go out of their way to make a skin in my likeness, I am upset that they sold it for profit and didn't ask me if it was okay that they use my likeness."

There are many skins that are nods to existing things

like pool party graves, so maybe Hugh Jackman will sue rito next

There is a difference, but it is not as big as you think. Like if riot put a yellow mouse onesie on Kennen with a lightning bolt tail, Nintendo would have an extremely strong case against Riot. It doesn't have to be an exact asset copy. Just like you can't make a game about an italian mushroom loving plumber who travels through pipes collecting coins.

well remember that blitcrank poro thing game ? and cho eats the world .. iam sure that counts .. somewhere

Riot should just dropped the glasses in the skin before release. The designer of the skin for sure took inspiration from Davids, so the court case is pretty valid. "All the money" (within the jurisdiction of the court) sounds a little bit excessive though, but of course I don't know what it exactly means.

I mean really Lucian you are not a front liner.

Yeah he was a really important player back in the days. One of the best at his position with a worldwide following. He also played for top teams like Barcelona, Juventus, and Milan. He never played striker though...

Nice title indeed.

King Rammus, the scorpion/sub zero skins for shen, spectacular sivir are some others. I think there's a brand skin that looks like Ghost Rider too.

No wonder, the skin is literally him

Soooo when am I going to get paid for the Urgot rework?

Everything always changes when money is involved. It can turn an otherwise harmless person into an angry and vindictive person. So yeah you are 100% right. Someone told him he could make a lot of money from a big company and he was like "That sounds cool".

$20 is $20.

Honestly if it weren't for the glasses I'd say this is ridiculous but damn does Striker Lucian look exactly like this guy, glasses and all.

I mean they could have still sued, and they could totally win. But getting significant money in damages would be quite hard.

They would still need to show specific damages to Nintendo or profits earned because or Riots appropriation of their image. This is pretty damn easy with a skin sale, but very hard for an unannounced beta reward. Likely it wouldn't be worth Nintendos time unless they mainly wanted an injunction preventing riot from continuing to use the king Rammus skin.

Too many fake lawyers here.

Ripping off his popularity means nothing in NA where nobody even knows who this guy is. There isnt any standing for his suit if he tried that here.

Yes.. but have you ever seen Rammus and bowser in the same room?

I've never seen him in my life and striker Lucian is my favorite skin.

How about the other way, a big company is making money from his image. It's clearly based off him, I doubt he realized their was $$ involved, if you told a 40+ year old that people pay $20+ to change the way their character looks in-game most wouldn't believe it!

King Bowser

That's very reasonable.


Well id assume that the court case was from the dutch court. Doubt that you can enforce dutch court decisions in foreign countries

I have 0 idea who this guy is before this post. I'm not the biggest football fan, but I do still watch some of the bigger games. No idea who he is

It really isn't. It also isn't how:

Precedent works The civil legal system works Cooperating sovereign nations work

Yeah, the glasses are definitively his. No recognizable footballer had them

Yeah, honestly it's the glasses more than everything. No other famous player has them, they are his thing.

well i mean technically they do have a board game lmao

What's your problem? A small indie company has to avoid taxes somehow, you know?

wtf 2 lucians?!

that use of precedent is unpresidented

Nobody's talking about Greybeard Veigar (Gandalf) and Obsidian Malphite (Balrog). Greybeard Veigar's splash even has him riding a great eagle.


This tweet was used as evidence, Riot employee confirming it :)

Attorney in Europe here.


16 ft

sure buddy.

davids is not a striker

That settles it then.

If you fuck a woman and she says it is the best she had and didn't expect it feom a small penis, you'd be happy and sad.

Maybe the money is running out?

His son won't stop buying RP!!

Does he have a large football following?

Edgar Davids is a legend

Not to mention he was also a key piece in the Dutch team in the world stage in the late 90s.

I don't think people get pissed off when something is very similiar to League's content, but in case of doing a literal copy-paste, they might.

If some game had a character with a broken blade that hopped around a lot and was a short haired chick, it wouldn't be a problem for most. However, if it was just a bunch of stolen assets from Riven, there is a reason to get angry.

Mordekaiser might look similiar to Sauron, but in the end they aren't the same thing, you can point out the differences easily.

Striker Lucian, on the other hand, looks like a fan art of that football player. This isn't the same thing as for Morde.

I think he's saying no one bought the skin because it looked like him.

I don't even know who this guy is. and I assume that's the case with a lot of league players.

I think the op you're replying to is acknowledging that arcade/coins are generic elements.

I can't think of many skins, but king rammus is pretty much Bowser, spectacular sivir is wonder woman, there's some master yi skin that's like a jedi, Shen skins being scorpion and subzero.

If Mobile Legends was creating their champions heavily influenced by leagues' characters no one would really care, but they're directly using the same assets for the map, and all of the champions have completely identical kits to league champions. league making some skins that look like refrences to other things is not nearly the same thing as blatantly recreating a character from another game.

imagine if league released a new champion with a kit completely identical to Tracer from Overwatch. Do you think no one would care because "people don't care when league rips off other games"?

they're not braids they're dreadlocks

Lol I swear this guy thanked riot like 3 years ago for the skin fucking hilarious how the world works.

And judging by your comment you didn't finish reading his.

which does very much so sound like something Nintendo would do, however at most they could look for a cease and desist order making the skin unusable but its so rare and most players will Never see it in game so it accomplishes very little.

video game companies usually dont fret over other games paying homage to them or referencing them in some way. The line is usually drawn at profiting from from stolen assets or likeness which in this case isn't the issue.

Lawyer here

But I was in fact not a lawyer

The only person NA knows about in football is Messi and nobody actually knows what he looks like. Just the name.

No $ made

Next thing you'll be telling me is that Vayne isn't a front liner either.

I mean.. He has a point.

Already former rioter according to her Twitter bio


so you are saying they don't look pretty much the same?

so you are saying they don't look pretty much the same?

You're not the guy!

Most the things you mentioned aren't ripping off, they're referencing pop culture. When those posts of other mobas ripping off League pop up it's actually champions and game design being straight up copied.

lets pretend Morderkeiser isn't that king guy from Lord of The Rings

As a tolkienist: what?

I mean I get that NA isn't the biggest fan of football but Davids is still a classic (I'm pretty sure that outside the football world he's not that popular)

Honestly though, he has a case, the guy was really famous in my youth for being that one guy with the glasses, and most of my friends commented on Lucian looking like him. I dont agree that Riot owes him anything, but there really is a likeness worthy of note.

My son thinks this character is based on his dad wahahaha but i'll still sue em anyway lol hahahaha

Warrior Princess Sivir is Xena: Warrior Princess.

I know it's a face but i can't help but pronounce it everytime i see it

Hey give me some credit I know Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and the biting guy Saurez I think ;) But yeah, I have no idea who this skin is based off.