[EVERYTHING]Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained

[EVERYTHING]Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained

"While Jon´s cousin Bran explains Jon´s parents

Jon has sex with his aunt Daenerys"

How poetic...


"With Qyburn it's love at first sight"

Poor Mountain

it is official, season 7 is over!

And now my watch has ended

Cleganebowl is kinda silly

Respect for that bold statement

Congrats on winning the last Alt Shift X karma lottery of the season.

Nowy Tends

Yeah, maybe.... but she's really hot. I mean really hot

"The time is done for complicated politics, for whole episodes devoted to walking and talking. The show has just 6 episodes left to give satisfying ends to all these character arcs, to answer big mysteries like Azor Ahai, to decide who'll live and who'll die, and to bring an end to the Song of Ice and Fire"

I'd really like it if everyone remembers this statement come next season, because I feel like it hits the nail on the head. I know there have been many heated debates this season concerning the dip in quality of writing, but at the end of the day, the show is coming to an end. Whether we would have got an extra 7 episodes, an extra season or two, it doesn't matter. Because pretty soon, the end date will be set. And I for one am looking forward to it, and am very grateful to have been granted the opportunity to watch a show like this.

Hope everyone enjoyed this season, and I'll see you all when Season 8 rolls around. Winter is here

And so, Bran says, Robert's rebellion was based on a lie. Which might not be strictly true. Rhaegar and Lyanna weren't the only cause of the war. You could argue that it really began when King Aerys killed Rickard and Brandon Stark and demanded the heads of Robert and Ned

Buuuuut, Rickard and Brandon Stark wouldn't have rode south for Kings Landing had Rhaegar not ostensibly kidnapped Lyanna, right?

IMO Lyanna got her whole family killed because she was too lazy to send a raven explaining she just got married to the prince.

fucked his aunt

You do get the feeling we've been underestimating the disgust Jon might feel at having .

The barely-above-minimum effort this was created with just makes it better.

"You can't fulfill a prophecy without breaking a few Eggs"

Ha, subtle

For real, his patreon could have collapsed just by saying that.

And now the post season begins.

Nooohhh Nowy tends

congrats on winning the 'congrats on winning the karma' comment

Lyanna was 16 and all ready bethothed. Her sending a letter saying "i ran off with a married man" likely would have warranted the same response from Rickard and Brandon.

6 episodes left to decide the fate of all of those 20+ main characters... holy shit

Credit to Alt Shift X for recognizing the powerful symbolism in Theon's gutter fight for leadership.

What is dead may never die.

I'm not a patron but I am symbolically cancelling my hypothetical donations as I type.

Haha. I came home, clicked on my "Subscriptions" and noticed Alt Shift X episode posted 32 seconds earlier.

"Well that's free karma, if I ever seen one."


Cant they make the throne wider and both sit on it

But the note really should have been "The Prince dumped Elia and married me, honeymoon in Dorne, see you in a month or ten, XO, Lyanna"

Bobby would have been pissed, but that's surviveable.

She has paint on her overalls, glasses and a ponytail... C'mon

He is wrong about Littlefinger defending himself, for once, he admitted murdering Lysa by saying "I did it to protect you", then, it's just basic psychology, his crimes where described in detail, which fucked him up, there is no defense to that, you break down because you know somehow they know all the details, plus, it doesn't even look like a fair trial anyway, he probably knew they could have him executed without the need to more evidence.



Not even ones who are ugly in the books.

Watching this video really made me realise how much there is to round up in season 8. Not only the character arcs of all those characters he listed, but also everything to do with azor ahai and the years of conspiracies and theories, all coming together in a mere 6 episode. As well as cleganebowl (hype), the two battles Jon/daenyres will have to face between Cersei and the NK and the introduction of a whole new army (the golden company). Its definitely going to be an action packed series, and here's to hoping it brings the song of ice and fire to an end which lives up to the quality of this show over the past 7 years!

There aren't many ugly main characters on this show, haha.

Yeah it seems this season he was a lot more annoyed, complaining about bad writing and honestly overlooking a lot of details.

And the tension won't even be from the sex. It will be because Jon as King would be more legitimate than Dany as Queen due to their lineage.


Bobby would have been pissed, but that's surviveable.

I'm sure Rhaegar thought the same thing.

I'll probably get down voted but does it seem like a chore for him to do these now that there so far past the books? I will still watch them but I have noticed a difference in their tone.

Edit: thanks for not just down voting me and having a civil discussion. Cheers!


...oh wait, wrong sub


Sansa witnessed Littlefinger murder Lysa. I think that's enough evidence.

And that's why you always leave a note.

She was hot in the books too.

There are too many frey girls to keep track of. Literally dozens

I feel there could have been a few simple changes to the narrative that would have made some of the shortcomings, particularly Episode 6, much better.

In episode 5, have Jamie get captured instead of swimming a mile underwater in full armor. Dany still burns the Tarlys, but Tyrion is able to convince her that the General of Cersei's army (and her brother/lover) makes a better hostage than corpse. Qyburn can still accomplish the plot points that Jaime did when he returned to Cersei. Qyburn can tell her that it was a devastating loss, and we can find out in their conversations that she is pregnant. We can still get the great Tyrion/Jamie scenes that we had in episode 5.

Instead of trying to capture a wight, have the whole point of the expedition be for Jamie to simply see the White Walkers and the dead. So Jamie joins the Magnificent 7 North of The Wall, and they become the Hateful Eight + redshirts or whatever, with the purpose of him sharing the news with Cersei.

Bring one horse on the expedition. It can haul the sled with the supplies. When shit goes wrong and Gendry needs to flee to the wall, have him take a horse instead of run. It would help make it feel like they weren't just 10 miles from The Wall. Why not load the wight on the horse, you ask? Because that wasn't the purpose of the expedition, so there isn't a captured wight.

Make the passage of time more apparent. A comment about how they've been on the rock for three days and are almost out of supplies and fuel for fire. In this time Jamie can also bring up that Cersei will never believe anyone, even him, about the scope of this danger. They need to capture one of these undead somehow. Jon realizes this is true and buys in 100% to the plan.

Jon doesn't get on Drogon because he's capturing the wight, not because he has a hit streak and a combo going. There were like 5 or 6 of them still coming after him, he and...I dunno...Sandor kill all but one and capture the last in those tense seconds where they are trying to board Drogon and escape. Sandor gets on Drogon first (he's strong enough to carry the wight up, Jon is too small) but there isn't time for Jon to get on comfortably, not with the Night King chucking spears.

When they dodge the second flying spear, Jon falls because he was barely on anyway (so instead of the pointless scene with Jorah almost falling, we get Jon actually falling, although from a more survivable height). He lands a bit away from the army of the dead, and still nearly freezes to death until he is rescued by Benjen. They get actual time for a reunion before some wights catch up and Benjen sacrifices himself to save Jon.

I think this solves a lot of the issues I had with the last season...although perhaps my fan fiction wouldn't play out as well when actually put on screen. I'm far from an expert.

1 minute fucking hell


In my opinion, they HAVE to move the last of the story along at a blistering pace. Can they stretch it out across 3 more seasons. Absolutely. That's exactly what Lost did. And many people think that Lost had a shitty ending. But if you think about it, it's not so shitty because of what it was, it was shitty because it was well predicted 3 seasons out, and that made the ending suck a lot more because people were expecting something different.

If they close out the series next season, there's not a whole lot of time for everyone to piece together the ending. This show would have a super deep spiral if they were to stretch it out. Look at what's happening to the Walking Dead right now. It's a a good show, but if they would have just kept the pace up, they would have something truly incredible.

it doesn't even look like a fair trial anyway, he probably knew they could have him executed without the need to more evidence.

Especially since everyone in that room looked like they wanted him dead.


Gods I was strong then


The Hollywood syndrome

I literally just googled "is alt-shift-x ok?"

But it doesn't make sense that Jon will want to sit on the throne. It goes against his character.

I feel like it's being overestimated. Brothers and sisters is something that doesn't happen outside of Targs in Westeros but cousins/Aunts/Nephews is a lot more commonplace. Tywin Lannister married his first cousin. Sansa and Sweet Robin were a possibility.

Congrats on winning the "congrats on winning the 'congrats on winning the karma' comment" comment.

That's the one thing that bothered me about the Frey girls.

Walder Frey: "What's a matter Robb? You don't like any of my ugly daughters? Ugh, okay fine, bring out the random hot chick for Edmure we didn't see before."

if you had captions on it actually said "Aegs"

Also i don't know what you are referring to. What does it mean to break a few eggs??

He wasn't. It was actually Bran who stopped the fighting but they didn't show that scene for lack of time.

And only like 5 are meant to survive. I'm gonna have a box of tissues by me. It's gonna hurt.

EDIT: Added source.

Another edit: Sorry I made it sound like it was fact. I should've been more clear that it was a possibility not an inevitability.

what is chopped off may never rise

Yeah, but nobody else can confirm that. Not to mention she had already told the other Vale-Lords that Lysa committed suicide. So in the eyes of the lords she is either lying now, or she lied before (which makes her completely unreliable in her other accusations).

I was bracing for airhorns during that part.. disappointed

Most of the other Vale lords distrust LF anyways. Especially Yohn Royce, the only one of them present.

His episode 6 just flat out missed the mark

We know that, but Dany may feel personally threatened by it. Everything about Jon makes him a leader Westeros would accept over Dany. He's a man, he's got lineage to a prior King, he has family ties to the North as well as their support, he's not a foreigner. I think Dany will try to distance herself from him ultimately so she can accomplish her goals.

walking dead completely lost my interest when season 3 didn't end with the governors death. Dragging that arc out annoyed me so much.

Lyanna got her whole family killed because she was too lazy to send a raven explaining she just got married to the prince.

I was telling my wife the other day that all of this is Big Bobby B's fault.. but you are 100% right.. its totally Lyanna's fault. She just couldnt be bothered to send a note.

Gods I was strong then

I'm not that worried about character arcs. He really padded the numbers of the characters on that map by putting up people like Lyanna, Qyburn and Pod (who don't really have arcs), and people like Brienne and Grey Worm (whose arcs are not that important and can be wrapped up in a scene or two). Also I feel like the arcs of the Stark children (save Bran maybe) are pretty much done with the avenging of their father's death, that last scene of the girls talking on the castle walls being the resolution. They'll still show up, but just as sidekicks to the larger story now.

It's actually very clever in the sense it results in far less stepping-on-the-book's-toes: if you want a detailed tome, go read the two books. If you want a blistering-paced synopsis, watch S7/S8. Fine.

It's always been this way obviously but it just means the books will be an entirely different experience, unlike book 1 say which was pretty spot-on covered by the show.

I don't mind the pace and I have defended the series a lot. But the Winterfell plot and the wight hunt were horrible.

Kill LF earlier (2nd season). His mistake was marrying Sansa to Ramsay and he couldn't predict Jon coming with the wildlings which destroyed his initial plan. Add an all knowing Bran and his death was inevitable. Dragging out this WF charade wasn't.

Spare us plot armor moments like Jaime and Jon. This late in the story it's okay to have characters that will clearly not die until their arc is brought to a satisfying end. But there is no need to put them in impossible positions which make it feel like a Marvel blockbuster.

I don't criticize the teleporting because I think for most cases it was a result of the pace and the lower number of storylines. In previous season you can find similar instances of 'fast travel' but in between more time for the viewer passes and you see more stuff happening in other storylines in between. Even though there is just as little explanation for the travel speed, you don't question it as a viewer because it didn't feel as quick.

Oh, it was all for the good of the realm.

To be fair that's everyday for littlefinger

I like how he backtracks after the last episode.

Paraphrasing E06 Explained here

The Winterfell plan is stupid, why don't they use Bran? Why are they arguing?


Everything is resolved, looks like the girls maybes aren't that stupid, oh and looks like they did actually speak to Bran.

And also from E06 explained

[condescendingly] some people think it was a trap, and that the Night King has Greenseeing ability. Not very likely


It was all a trap. NK can see the future, and purposely waited for the dragons to get there.

I can understand being wrong, but these were theories that we pretty much knew before this episode aired. I guess it's good to see him piece it together for everyone, but he didn't seem to acknowledge the fact that he basically did a complete 180 after last week

Reliable enough that you can send one from Eastwatch to Dragonstone and expect a dragon pickup within a reasonable period of time.

Tyrion is ugly in the books.

To quote from the source:

Five central chracters will make it through all three volumes, however, growing from children to adults and changing the world and themselves in the process. In a sense, my trilogy is almost a generational saga, telling the life stories of these five characters, three men and two women. The five key players are Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and three of the children of Winterfell, Arya, Bran, and the bastard Jon Snow.

I think it's important to note that he says central characters. I wouldn't consider someone like Davos to be central even though he's definitely a main character. Same with someone like Lord Varys or Melisandre or Ser Jorah. The only death of a truly central character that would shock me would be Sanza.


There is a lack of airhorns in this video

It's not "Winter is coming" anymore, it's "Snow has come !"

Now that's reanimation!

He was completely wrong about arya and sansa for one but i cant rewatch atm to give a better rundown. Theres a lot that he let his pissiness over what he thought should be happening get in the way of what was actually happening. To be fair some of that was intentional misdirection from the show

As is Brienne.

Except I have exactly zero faith that said books will ever be published. Maybe, maaaybe we'll get Winds of Winter...but then do you really think Martin will crank out Dream of Spring in a year or two? No, if we're spectacularly lucky we get Winds of Winter in 2018, and then Dream of Spring would probably come out in roughly 2026, when Martin is late 70s. Not to be harsh, but I seriously doubt Martin makes it that long.

Plus littlefinger threatend to kill royce.

What would little Lyanna Mormont say about that?

But in the book she's exceptionally pretty and remember there is a lot of Frey girls.

Tormund is coming for you

Looks like I'll be taking a 26 minute shit at work today.

Someone also did the math but with all the Targ inbreeding, Jon and Dany are very close genetically, like siblings close.

Make another throne from all the swords in the war against the walkers!

Wait till he learns she is pregnant.

House Baelish has been eliminated from Playoff Contention

Im so confused. If Arya and Sansa work together and out smart littlefinger everyone complains that LF is made to be too dumb. If they're not working together than Arya and Sansa are dumb.

I feel lie this comes from a core belief that is very strange to me. That belief is that it is out of character for the Stark sisters to not trust each other. The show went out of its way to show that Arya and Sansa didn't get along as children, and the scene where Arya says she knows that Sansa is thinking about power even if she doesn't want to is a clear indication that Arya is somewhat right in her mistrust of Sansa. You can dislike the dialogue but Arya and Sansa distrusting each other and being suspicious is extremely logical. Sansa's little sister who always disliked her comes back as a ruthless assassin questioning her as well...so weird they don't just hug it out and throw a party.

Aegon's can also be nicknamed Egg like the one Aemon (on the wall) referred to who the book series Duncan and Egg is about.

Aegon Targ as in Jon's half brother and the son of Rhaegar and Elia Martell was killed, in the show and most probably in the books, by having his head dashed against the walls by The Mountain or at least one of the men with him under Tywin.

Therefore 'Aeg' is broken like literally his head in half.

You mean really fucking hot.

And Arya Horse Face.

Yeah, I'm expecting tension between them next season.