Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay.


Ohhhh. My heart!!! Lookit those bitty little fingers!!! Just looking at this makes my whole self feel better! I can't imagine what experiencing must've done for you!

It’s a hell of a journey. They say it makes you a better person, but I’ve come to realize you learn to be a better person as you teach them.

Oh I can’t wait to have a kid of my own

I was once at Buffalo Wild Wings in Florida. The family sitting behind us had two kids, the daughter was 3-4ish. She kept ducking behind the booth and jumping up to “scare me.”

She started telling me about her mom and brother and just generally making me laugh. All of a sudden she reaches out and holds my face in her hands, looks me in the eyes, and asks “do you love me?”

My heart melted into a puddle. I just smiled and said yes, but I wanted to yell “yes! Yes I love you so much!”

There's nothing so life affirming as a baby you don't know smiling at you on the bus or something. It's like that little kid has decided "oh, you're a good person!"

This sub never ceases to make my day :]

“I showed you my hand please answer”

“You’re coming home with me! Forget these other people! Get your coat!”