[EVERYTHING] Jaime Lannister in Northern Furs

[EVERYTHING] Jaime Lannister in Northern Furs

He should get a hand made of dragonglass.

Edit: I was joking guys. I don't actually think he should turn into some kind of X-Men character lol.

Bitch slap the hell out of those white walkers

you really got that sad Jaime look down to a T

"Hello Mr. Night King, its Westerosi customs to shake hands, so let me extend to you my- KARATE CHOP!"

Even fucking better.


On the plus side, he'll also find out how beautiful he looked while humping his sister on his dead son's corpse.

They traded. Jon now fucks one of his relatives while Jaime looks mopey.

I have a feeling the first thing he's going to ask for when he gets to Winterfell is a hook instead of a golden hand.

Dragonglass survives multiple uses, see the fight beyond the wall, Jorah has dragonglass daggers and uses them for a while

"Do you know who I am?"

Henchman white walker nods

"Have you got any idea how many anonymous white walkers I've killed over the years?"

Henchman white walker nods again

"I mean, look at you. You don't even have a name tag. You've got no chance. Why don't you just fall down?"

Henchman white walker falls down

You mean... judo chop!

He should be feeling a little less angsty by the time he gets there I hope? He's finally free to do honorable stuff fulltime

Soon he is going to meet Bran.

A hand of gold is always cold, but a woman's touch is warm.

I think leaving an abusive incestuous relationship provides plenty of emotional baggage itself, not to mention he's joining a team that previously saw him as the leader of Cersei's army and may have trouble trusting him. I think he'll still have plenty to angst over. His head is probably much, much clearer now-not having to live in cognitive dissonance. That and he'll hopefully get reunited with his brother and make amends with him.

That would be sick, with an attachable dragon glass shiv, just going around falcon punching wights.

I have to imagine his golden hand would get pretty cold up north.

I always wished he had a little sword on the end, that has a sheath he has over it to stop him from accidentally stabbing someone. It would certainly make him much harder in combat, he can still have a sword in his other hand.

Daenerys in Northern furs next season pls.

I guess Jaime's taken Jon's place as the resident mopey brooder XD

Love your art! You did a great job capturing the expression. Definitely gonna show my mom since Jamie's her favorite character lol

Mixed with some badass Targaryen armor if she's gonna be riding into more battles

He's gonna look just like Cullen from Dragon Age Inquisition if this happens.


...what? No? Sam stabbed a white walker in the back with a dragon glass dagger and the walker froze then shattered into Oblivion.

at about the 6 minute mark.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that the book and the show differs in where dragonglass only kills white walkers, and not the wights. I figured Tyrion was referring to the show (as it's the one I'm more familiar with).

For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman's hands are warm.

No, YOU get your shit together.

Too op, plz nerf

A hand of gold is always cold, but a woman's hands are warm.

Get your shit together.

Just like Merle but with dragon glass

I want Jon in full Northern armor next season. Give me some damn plate armor like Robb's.

Doesn't it shatter after? I thought it was single use

Turns out the hand of the queen is also Jamie Lannister's right hand man.

You have good grammar for a 7 year old

"You looked beautiful pushing me out that window"

Because Michael Bay directed that episode.

This was a really groovy comment baby

Brilliant idea. He could become the best knight again.

Pretty sweet trade for Jon

One of the best looks. It's up there with cersei's 'who the fuck do you think you are' look

Get your shit together

Agreed. Jons a quick scrappy sort of fighter. Maybe a little armor covering his arms but he does his best unhindered.

And Meera speared one in the throat in Bloodraven's cave.

I'd imagine Bran will take Jaime in the tower where it all started. We will get to see how Jaime reacts to realizing he started all the events leading up to this moment. Now that he's a changed man

It doesn't. but Sam left the one he killed the other with. He had several from the fist of the first men.

I think it's because he just realized he's on his own in a land where literally every human being alive wants to see him hang. Anyone else think he was being incredibly reckless? I mean, at LEAST meet up with some friendly faces before riding off into the North without back-up. The entirety of Season 3 was basically people saying: "Hey! It's the kingslayer! Get him!" Now he's going back into that world. Although, based on how the showrunners like to play fast and loose with time and space, I assume he'll just fast travel to the head of the army in the next episode.

I feel like Gendry has the experience, the support, and the infinite materials necessary to forge some shit by trial and error.


I think that Bran might play an important role in helping him join up with Aegon.

Does it? I thought Sam gave his to Bran after killing that one white walker?

Winter is.......fleeing

Edit: Nerfed.. sorry about my lack of skills.. I'm no Qyburn

"My queen, isn't that Lord Snow's armor?"

"I.. what, no,, Shut up."


aw fuck

Will Bran even care? If anything "Bran" will understand the important series of events that led to him becoming the three eyed raven, and may even thank Jaime in a sassy sort of way for setting that in motion.

A fist with a single finger outstretched, as Bron would have designed it for all of the reasons Bron would have designed it that way.

Jorah doesnt kill a white walker though. Maybe there's a difference between skeleton peons and white walker generals.

GRRM foreshadowing! Kingslayer refers to Night King!!111

Imagining reversal of their scene in Episode 2 of the show with Jon being all smug and Jaime being all frowny and quiet.

He can make a dragonglass macuahuitl. Would be dope.

He can make a dragonglass Would be dope.

Damn Jaimes looking sad

He needs to get an old valyrian steel sword and melt it into a hand!

Ooh shit, I hadn't thought of that.

Huh. TV speculation: Jon was the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. He died, someone else took over (I'm unclear who). If Jaime heading north takes the Black, as an experienced warrior + leader (as both Hand of the Queen and general) he's in a good position to take the coveted 1000 spot.

Gendry's master was the guy who reforged Ice, a valryian steel sword. Even though Gendry has never worked the metal, he's one of the few people alive who has seen it done and may have some concept of how the metal needs to be worked. People assume he and Sam can figure out how to make new Valryian steel.

*Fewer. Had to

His daggers...? Why would they explode?

He's had...he's had a weird life.

Not wise since he'd be slowed down. If he had worn plate before he would be dead by now already.

Well, he was a cunt.

Maybe that's why they brought Gendry back

Widows Wail. Gods what a stupid name.

Edd took over after Jon. Or assumed the position after Jon handed over his cloak saying "My watch has ended."

Yep! At least he'll be on horseback this time so theoretically he could book it. At the same time, the southern wars are kinda over with so less people caring about who you are

Why do people have the impression that smiths know how to work dragonglass?

I wouldn't be surprised if that's Bran's reaction, but I think that it would be good for Jaime's character development to apologize before he realizes what Bran has become.

What happens when Bran meets Jaime?

Unfortunately, Theon lost his genitalia in an unfortunate flaying accident, leading to the name... "Flayed Member".

A valyrian finga in da bum

He might have to or something, his fuckin wrist is gonna be pretty damn frostbitten if he doesn't do something with that gold hand right

I can’t believe you’ve bran this

Im talking about jorah fighting off skeletons and his daggers not exploding.

In the book the dragonglass that Sam uses disappears but in the show Sam just leaves it on the ground afterward. I think that is what they are talking about.

Except Jaime already has a weapon that can kill white walkers (Widow's Wail). The dragonglass would be of better use to someone else.

oh man i see it. I definitely see it.

I don't even care if you're joking that sounds badass hahahaha

Imagine the last episode Jon is getting swarmed by white walkers and he's looking around hopeless in one of those classic GoT scenes where you think "omg this is it he's gonna die!" Then as in tradition someone comes to save him last second and it's Jamie on a horse and he does a drive by with dragon glass punches to all their faces and they use a good chunk of the budget just showing slow motion cgi rocky like punches and you see them spit out ice shards and icicle teeth as his dragon fist flies through their faces turning them into ice dust

Obviously I too am joking but I hope that painted a beautiful picture in your mind of what I just imagined after reading your comment lol

Can I be a nerd and say ALL Valyrian steel swords are old and they don't dull with age, making them pretty much permanently valuable?


Get gendry on forging some dragon glass claws and hand knives like Lord han from enter the dragon 


Get gendry on forging some dragon glass claws and hand knives like Lord han from enter the dragon

Dragonglass is pretty brittle

Something about The North that just makes handsome men want to brood.

I would say that Valyrian steel is valuable, not necessarily the swords themselves. There are swords like widows weep and oathkeeper that aren't as old because they were reforged from Ice. But the steel itself is old and incredibly valuable.

Cullen Rutherford prepares for another battle alongside the Inquisitor (9:43 Dragon, Colourized)

Obsidian can be made to very sharp edges. It is an excellent material for scalpel blades, arrowheads, and while obsidian is brittle and obsidian weapons might break if you hit someones armour, Native American cultures used it successfully against people without armour.

If I were John I would train battalions of archers, aiming for the WWs with obsidian tipped arrows.


Love this! It made me want to make one of my own... https://imgur.com/a/Nz223

Just a long sword of dragon glass would look pretty crazy

You know....I really think this might actually happen.


And Cullen's helmet is a lion's head. Yup. It fits.

Joffrey chose it.

no joke, I've been having a shit hard time getting his likeness. I'll take it as a sign I definitely need more practice

Looks like Gendry

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