[EVERYTHING] HBO President: "GOT will film multiple versions of the series finale"

[EVERYTHING] HBO President: "GOT will film multiple versions of the series finale"
[EVERYTHING] HBO President: "GOT will film multiple versions of the series finale"

on the bluray you should be able to pick the ending based on your mood...

I'm sure they are filming completely different and random scenes so that actors, crew, and more don't know what the final is like as to throw off rumors. There will probably be only a few people for the final cut of it all that know.

Spoiler: it's the same ending but one's red, one's green and one's blue.

So I'm a little confused. Are they shooting fake scenes to throw people off? Or are they shooting legit multiple endings?


They should do it like how the Clue movie did things:

Dany just gets pissed and lights everyone on fire and kills everyone.

That's how it could have happened, but how about this?

That makes a certain amount of sense, but that kind of thing can also lead to poorer performances from the actors.

Jon destroys the White Walkers, but this also destroys all magic so the Dragons and Jon die.

Jon controls the White Walkers and they help rebuild Westeros. But Jon dies.

Jon's genetic code is used to unite humanity and Walkers in a "peaceful" existence. But Jon dies.

Then HBO release an extended cut that has some VO that explains what happens next.

The three legged king 👑

Fucking smart.

And it should make the inevitable rumor mill a lot more fun. I totally support this.

It could for sure, depending on how it is approached. Actors film all the time with limited information and out of sequence.

Clever way to hide the fact that Hot Pie killing the Night King is the true ending.


if Tim Curry narrated I would pre-order the Bluray now...

No no that would be 'fan service' and everyone would lose their minds.

that would honestly be a great appeal to the very split opinions on the tone of the ending. have the standard aired "bittersweet" then also a tragic and heroic ending versions. Boom everyone gets to see what they want.

Two of the endings will be if Brienne ends up with Jaime or Tormond.

Pedro Pascal was actually a book wanker before he was cast if I'm not wrong. So he must've had a decent idea about the character.

Plot twist: Tim Curry is the Many-Faced God, who has been pretending to be Arya the entire time.

Hell, Pedro Pascals first scene was his speech to Tyrion. Which was wrought with emotion and backstory. Probably neither of which Pedro had much context of beforehand.

Not when the fans don't want to be fan serviced. Fan service is usually referred to it as fan service when it feels like a cheap win. When I watch a show I don't want to hear reddit writing the script in the background

The extended cut would also have a bonus ending.

Jon refuses all the above choices and fails to end the White Walker threat. It is implied that society eventually rebuilds in Westeros and someone else destroys all the White Walkers.

I have a hard time believing that a company that wont spend the money to give us a single shot of ghost in s7 would be willing to spend the massive amounts of time and money to film fake endings.

And a third where they're all together.

To avoid the massive spoilers that season 7 was victim of.


Yep. On set thet had David Prowse (the bodybuilder inside of Darth Vader's suit) say "No... Obi-Wan killed your father." which is also what was written in the shooting script.

Check out this awesome video of Mark Hamill talking about how few people actually knew:

Oh that wasn't no mistake my friend.

You better leave that autocorrect mistake in.

If the night king pulls off a mask to reveal Ned Stark i would stand and applaud in my living room.

Get the theory stretcher!

One of those endings will be Tyrion's fetus traveling back in time.

They could do an Empire Strikes Back thing and only tell the real ending to the actors involved in that scene but keep everybody else in the dark.

They better do a release, like they did for Lord of the Rings with uncut and scenes that were left out in the aired show. Cross my fingies.

Ned Stark wakes up in Winterfell to Catlin gently nudging him awake.

"Roberts here, love...."

(They actually tried this on a show called Dallas!!!)

You went Full Aegon.

Never go Full Aegon.

His Harrison Ford impression is spot on

The promotion for the final season should include photos of every single possible character seated on the Iron Throne.

I hope that the other endings were actually thought up by GRRM but for one reason or another he scrapped them.

Jon and Dany have a severe falling out. She sells out Jon to Cersei and he's taken prisoner.

Dany spends a year away from Westeros, but eventually decides she has to get back. She comes back and visits all of those she's wronged... Daavos, Tyrion, etc.

Finally she rolls up to King's Landing and is about to be executed by Cersei, but she mentions that Jon has been helping her rule. Cersei gets offended and orders Jon brought up from the dungeon. She tackles him to the ground and Drogon busts through and burns everyone to death. But, Dany gets mortally wounded in the process.

Jon picks up a sword and points it at Dany and says, "Say the words!!! Say YOU want this!" But then realizes Dany is going to die of her wounds anyway.

Dany says, "I want this."

Jon says, "Then do it yourself."

Jon walks out of the Throne room and hops on horse, riding out of the city... free at last.

Dany walks up to the Iron Throne and gently puts her hand on it before falling and dying of her wounds as, "Baby Blue" by Badfinger plays.

The Kingsguard come in, swords drawn as the camera slowly pulls away from Dany...

Cut to black.

End Series.

I would watch them all.


-Bran and Sam discover plans for some sort of anti-white walker superweapon in the shit sam stole from the citadel

-Jon spends most of the season doing middling sideplot shit trying to unite everyone against the WW

-everyone begins committing resources towards the superweapon

-Cersei meanwhile expresses her wishes to control the white walkers

-in the final episode the weapon is deployed to the wall

-Jon snow leads a charge on the wall when the Nightking and the blue eyes wight dragon land

-Dragon starts blasting the shit out of everyone

-jon snow takes a direct hit

-jon, severely wounded marches on

-makes it inside the wall where there are scattered remains of dead civilians everywhere

-ser davos enters the wall just after Jon but is somehow ahead of him

-Jon catches up with him

-enters the walls control room where he finds ser Davos and a half WW/half human cersei

-cersei uses her new WW powers to make Jon stab ser davos

-Jon then kills cersei

-Ser Davos dies after a heartfelt convo with Jon

-Jon then gets a raven from Dany telling him that the superweapon isn't doing anything

-Jon then gets levitated to a different section of the wall that nobody has ever been to

-jon then meets a magical ghost thing that tells him that WW are his solution to people creating magic zombies, so every 50,000 years he has the ice zombies kill everyone to stop them making magic zombies

-Jon at no point questions the logic in this he just goes with it

-the magic ghost thing then offers Jon 3 possible solutions

-A: Destroy the White walkers, this kills Jon because he is partially dead, this also kills beric and the Brotherhood without banners for some reason

-B: Control the white walkers, this consumes Jon's body and makes him the new night king but all the white walkers and wights immediately go under his control and ends the war

-C: Synthesis, Forcibly turns every human partially into a white walker and is somehow the best option

Mass Effect. A game which should be centered around choices, but at the end of the trilogy they offered three choices which were basically the same - the only difference being a character saying "Press X and X will happen, Press Y and Y will happen," and you don't even get to see much of it. The spaceship fires a red, green, or blue laser and you get a short video of what happens to only some of the characters. It was extremely underwhelming and in updated versions they added some additional scenes and narration to let you know what happened to the rest of your crew and the world.

You're too fat for your tinfoil.

I hope the have a version where the Hound is the only one left. He's sitting on the throne drinking rum and eating a chicken.

It's still Jon's consciousness controlling the White Walkers though innit?

Man I don't know if you were old enough to remember when Clue was released in theaters but typically each theater only got one ending. I had to see that movie three times in three different theaters to watch all the endings and I was crazy happy when the eventual VHS release had all three.

Personally I think it's part of why it did so bad theatrically but who knows. I love it to pieces.

"I was just trying to scare the southerners away from my North."

That was no mistake either.

Gods I was insane then

Well this reference still hurts. #NeverForget

He doesn't like rum, that shits too sweet.

There has been incest, so why no polygamy right? Even better: incestuous polygamy.

All hail Hot Pod the Rod God!

They'd have one hell of a party though.

Please, that kid's probably dead already from lack of milk.

Lazy? Yeah the people making game of thrones are so lazy. If only we all had your work ethic.

Best version of this ending was in the Newhart Show. Bob Newhart woke up next to his wife from the previous sitcom he'd worked on. So literally the entire show was a dream.

Also the Breaking Bad alternate ending.

Film every finale, in your mind.

Isnt a point of tv show to "serve the fans"?

They filmed fake scenes for S7 too (Kit Harington said he filmed 3 fake scenes) and it didn't work. I'm looking at the spoilers now and they got almost everything dead on in detail.

Yeah. But his physical form dies. I think... Never really liked that ending.

Jon kills the NK, enter the ghosts of Ned Stark:There must always be a night King

No. No more Aegons.

How can he be a god, when he's already The Devil

How can he be a god, when he's already

Full on "Who shot JR" even-the-cast-doesn't-know-which-scene-is-real.

I was also thinking about all the hacks/pirating HBO has been subject to (like the episodes getting stolen from their servers and released by haczorzzzz).

If there are multiple endings uploaded, who will know what's real?

I WILL watch them all.

That should make things less confusing for the sub


I love how he just casually slips into Ford’s impression as if it’s nothing and continues to speak like he didn’t even do it.

I think it would be super fun to see all of the ending versions.

Also the rumor mill for season 8 is already going strong on YouTube. Would be fun if they were "leaks" to throw people off!

The Dragon must have three legs

I'd rather be disappointed by the ending than have alternate versions that serves everyone's needs. That's not what storytelling should be. This is the creator's domain, I want it to be that way until the end, no matter the outcome.

I think that it just doesn't sit well in my mind either, logically. I'd imagine recalling a story ending any of three ways would be the same as recalling a story that hasn't ended at all. An end is one thing.

I always liked the destroy ending, since shepard still lived on my end.

The article makes it seem like they're more worried about people spying on the set, a la Kit Harington being spotted filming season 6 when his character was supposed to be dead

Yeah, you'd think he had a future in voice acting.

What is hot may never pie.

It was all a dream and Bob Newhart wakes up in his bed.

And don't forget the "scooby doo ending" doodaloo, doodaloo, doodaloo!

My heart 😔



They should film this ending: Cersei Lannister runs for President of Westeros against the Hound and loses. Because she just doesn't get it and has lost touch with the working-class.

I think they meant they will film multiple different scenes to throw people off, including the cast. So only the writers will know. '“I know in Game of Thrones, the ending, they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really know what happens"

My goal was always to kill the Reapers. And Destroy dose just that.

Dickon shall rise from the Ashes and claim his rightful seat.

Synthesis and Control are literally what you've been fighting against. Synthesis is what Saren wanted, Control is what the Illusive Guy wanted. If you don't Destroy, you lost.

Except they'll be killing the people who'll burn the scripts for good measure. And because it's HBO.

Make sure to cross your little finger

Because he has many faces...plus, there is only one true God, a girl knows his name.

Not before sending a raven to Euron that he is poisoned with Ricin.

Almost nobody involved with the newest season of Twin Peaks was told anything about it, and the script had legitimate security guards at all times that destroyed pages after they were filmed. I imagine HBO might be doing something similar with this season.

Part of the North part of the crew...

Part of the North part of the crew...

Part of the North part of the crew...

angled close-up shot of a weirwood treasure chest. SFX: a heartbeat

In each version, we see Daenerys with a baby no more than four or five months old. She's talking to him. Telling him about his father. How brave and strong he was. How he was the one who brought peace to the world that they know now. As it pans out of the keep, it doesn't matter which one, we hear her say the child's name. Aegon. Aegon VII.

The Cock That Was Promised

Let it also be known that it was once one of the greatest modern gaming ip, and is now a pile of hot garbage that needs Melisandre quick.

It's not about money, it's about logistics. The showrunners are just lazy, has nothing to do with HBO lol. It's probably more difficult to do the direwolves than dragons because they are actually using real wolves in Canada or some shit.

It's also easier for us to call out the bad CGI for wolves than for a fantastical creature like a dragon. With all that said, it's still ridiculous that we have not seen Ghost for a season and a half. Even a shot of him munching on some meat in winterfell or something smh.

It's crazy that he doubted his Joker abilities. He's my favorite joker.

Yeah but with synthesis my boy joker can get some of that sweet edi tail without breaking every bone in his body

-C: Synthesis, Forcibly turns every human partially into a white walker and is somehow the best option

This was by far the stupidest thing, and went against the theme of the series. It was fun seeing people back in the day trying to make sense of it, only confusing themselves in the end.

Did you read the article? An attempt to avoid spoilers on how it ends.

Something tells me this means some of them are distractions

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