Everybody loves somebody.

Everybody loves somebody.

It's a nice touch that the three who are into avatars are the ones facing the screen.


I'm actually so happy that you were able to pick that up :D It was hard not to make the other characters look at the viewer :s

That Dorcas is too precious

Dorcas is too pure

That's actually pretty clever good on you.


That's one of the first thing that caught my attention, nicely done. Also can I add that Katarina's smile is melting my heart? Because it really does.

"I could totally draw 8 characters before the voting gauntlet starts" - Me 5 days ago while coughing violently

I really really really like the theme of the voting gauntlet!!! I WANT THEM ALL TO WINNNNN but the world doesn't work like that :'c.

I decided to challenge myself and draw multiple characters in one go and boy was it tough. To maintain the same style was not an easy task. If I'm being honest, I'm not super happy with the piece but I'm very proud of sticking through to the end.

Also thank you so much to everyone who supported me, you guys helped me so much on my journey on improving my art. I really appreciate all feedbacks and comments, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ;_____;

Here's my twitter as always: https://twitter.com/t_ippers


edit: getting over my initial hype, this is really good! The world needs more Catria art, and it's a shame I haven't seen too much even though there's a gauntlet going on

It's actually making me tear up...

They know the avatar from their games is you the player. Every Avatar from the tactician in FE7 to Kiran is the same person reincarnated.

Look at that cutie, Dorcas.

I like to imagine Natalie's picture of Dorcas isn't well drawn, but he still treats it as the greatest piece of art in the world. Also, Dorcas is an amazing artist who can bust out a picture of Natalie, no problem.

And at least Katarina knows the truth about you. And maybe Tharja considering her quotes.

Yes since Awakening the avatar has been recognized as other avatars. In Heroes it's more explicit where Katarina flat out tells you you are the avatar from her game.

Originally I was going to draw some Catria art actually! But then I got hit by some inspiration and drew them all!

Who knows... Maybe if she wins, she'll get some more fanart :DD

How do I tell this to you...

Once again this is amazing art! I really like the Katarina and Catria here.

Her brother Raven. Like, that one Edgelord.

And it's Disgusting

Yeah, serious props for that kind of attention to detail.


Find out in Cordelia's Book on Love, now on sale!

Flair checks out.

Dorcas is just too pure... and the way catria is looking at him is equally as precision... very conflicted rn lol

I bet he got some mutton on that picture he's holding

LOL I thought he was texting

Go Dorcas! no man can poisoned your Mutton

brb gonna cry in my sleep


Men do need to cry sometimes brother.

Katarina actually got me melting, god damn. Great work.

Tharja and Tharja are just really particular about their thirst, but Katrina was trapped in dessert before Kris came along. Somehow makes it sweet instead of rapey

Forbidden Emblem~

Some of my favorite fan art I've seen on this sub. I especially love Dorcas in this.

I found this book "Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight." Who reads this stuff?!

Question is . Is everyone loves by somebody ?

'I wish me and Marth could be like that... someday.'

Someone mentioned on my WIP that it looked like he was playing on a DS LOOOL

Now i really want a Katarina :( Tharja in FE:H it still going for Robin, but Rhajat seems going for You/Kiran too