Every time

Every time

And then you get too scared to talk to them so you just sit at a random part of the room staring them down hoping they’ll sense your telepathic energy and move

I wanted to wait two or three hours before saying this but it already got over 100 upvotes . This was made by a shitpost bot who randomly combine images which most of the time result in nonsense but i saw this one and wanted to see if it will fool this sub edit : It worked



I t has none now somehow

Technology has peaked

No? A lot of people like it as far as I can tell. Maybe it's different for people in our age, but I'm watching it right now and I like it.

I once decided to sit in a spot at the table that no one else sat in the entire semester. Come in one week later and a fellow student is sitting there and sits there the rest of the year! Damn

it’s one of the most popular tv shows of all time, of course its not weird.


and my dog blue

But then you end up in sitting in someone elses seat. So they are too shy to tell you to move so they sit in someone elses seat. Then that person is too shy to tell the person whos seat you took to move so they sit in someone elses seat. By the end of it everyone is everywhere


It's a twitter bot named shitpostBot 5000

I was thinking zoboomafoo

For the motherland

Is it weird that I unironically really like Seinfeld?

Is this a meme? I've seen this said a few times. And liking Seinfeld only in an ironic way was not something I'd heard of before.

But meme or not, it makes me feel old. Mission accomplished?

Why didn't we listened when Elon told us about A.I, we are doomed

I love seeing shitpost bot images on actual meme subs

I think you’re forgetting that at least half of /sub/teenagers is either shy or introverted.

Fake and gay