Every single odd number contains the letter 'e'

Every single odd number contains the letter 'e'

One, three, five, seven, nine, onety-one, onety-three, onety-five, onety-seven, onety-nine. Yep checks out

It's at least the most odd letter

I definitely counted until 21 to confirm... how did you know this??

Does this prove 'e' is the most common letter?

I literally can't even.

/u/clanmaster21 told me

Edit: got guilted, sorry for lie :(

These are an odd choice of puns.

Now, this is a true shower thought. Interesting and useless.

Not entirely. Check out this application in real computer code:

def is_number_odd(number): if 'e' in number: return 'probably' else: return 'no'

I've always liked even numbers better; they seem nicer.

This is so bad it's probably in production somewhere

Even so

Oddly enough, I didnt get these puns until now. Even though they were pretty obvious

Not this particular post.

Although I do think you guys could try to avoid it a bit.

That's eerie


You mean onety-one?

Every comment in this comment chain contains the letter e.

Your screenname begs to differ

Well any odd number is gonna end in one, three, five, seven or nine.


Probably because SEVENteen and NINEteen are already covered. ONEteen, THREEteen and FIVEteen aren't English words.

Log-two of two.

I like odd numbers better, to me it feels like they "fit" into everything.

Meanwhile even has two e's while odd has none.

I like prime numbers best because they're "stable". Other numbers can be divided into factors, so they're kind of fragile. But prime numbers are strong.

Three E's! Damn dick-nipples you killed it!

Better than me. I went 'one, two, hey two doesn't have an- oh wait...'

I always liked powers of 2. They're just so convenient.

Edit 1: right now this is showing up as 63. I'm extremely annoyed Edit 2: ignore edit 1

So do 17 and 19, who are sitting in the corner, wondering why you left them behind.

No! It's





I know you want me...

Pay attention to the "probably" in the if. lol


def is_number_odd(number): if 'e' in number: return 'probably' else: return 'no'


def is_odd(number): return 'probably' if 'e' in number else 'no'


is_odd = lambda num: 'probably' if 'e' in num else 'no'


odd = lambda n: 'probs' if 'e' in n else 'no'

Yours didn't. How odd.

Reminds me of https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLMediaElement/canPlayType

We are the 9/11 deniers

Well for that matter, none of the single digit number contains the vowel 'a'.

Naming a lambda is a PEP 8 violation.

I can confirm this.


The first number in the English language to contain an 'a' is 1000.

Fun fact!

Morse code was written by reading newspapers and figuring out which letters occur most frequently.

The letter "E" is the most frequent. So it was given the single "dot". "I" is the next most frequent letter so it got two "dots".

Neat, huh?

1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are in every odd number therefore all odd numbers have an "e" 11, 13 and 15 also contain e's.

Oh internet, you allow us the chance to read such amazing sentences.

Oh shit. Yea, I guess I forgot 11-19.

After 11, those all end in -een.

"even" has an even number of e's and "odd" has an odd number of o's.

That's even.

"Thirty-four" in base 9 is odd and doesn't contain an "e" (its 31 in base 10)


canPlayType(string) => ¯\(ツ)/¯

And furthermore, odd doesn't have a G and even doesn't have a semicolon

It's cuatro not quattro

i think you mean -1. but i'll be your friend.

Not necessarily. Eleven, for instance, doesn't contain the word one.

But, there's so many easier ways to detect if a number is odd that actually work. This method will think 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, etc. are all odd numbers.

RL STINE didn't y'all read goosebumps

Onety-one? Are you one of the 9/11 deniers?

Is it odd that even has an e?


Vague ends in e

But it has two. And two wrongs make a right so no it is not odd.

The 9 Eleven-Deniers

I've seen people who say it like that. It's hilarious

Every single odd number contains the letter 'e'

Can confirm: Every single odd number

A member of /sub/avoid5 I see

Always loved multiples of 9. Must be my weird fetish

"My girlfriends like the square root of -100, a solid 10 but imaginary."

I find this... odd

interestingly (in a shower thoughts way) I don't think it matters on the Base of the number system so even in Base 2 3 4 etc the rule still works because you couldn't represent an odd number without a one three five seven or nine

What I meant was that it didn't end in -een, not that it was odd. Sorry I was too vague.

He was getting ready to shave


I expected this to be a possible return value, now I'm disappointed.

Oh cool, that makes sense.

Un, tois, cinq, sept, neuf...nope, not true.

Forty is the only number when spelled out that it's letters are in alphabetical order.

Infinite number of word contain e. Nice.

Crap I was hoping nobody would call me out on my bs.

Return value

A String. Possible values are:

'probably': The specified media type appears to be playable. 'maybe': Cannot tell if the media type is playable without playing it. '' (empty string): The specified media type definitely cannot be played.


They always have 1 along with themselves. I'm hoping to find the 1 for me.

Except 5.

I love the square root of -1, because it's imaginary just like friends

Edit: 1 to -1

/u/OateyMcGoatey can both count and spell!


R S T L N E didn't y'all watch wheel of fortune

Uh, clearly it's UNO, DOS, TRES, CATORCE...

Don't tell /sub/avoid5

Because the first 5 odd numbers are in every other odd number from then on out. If they all have the letter e, so would all the rest.

almost every number contains the letter e


It doesn't return true, it returns probably. Still technically correct, which, may I remind you, is the best kind of correct.

/sub/avoid5 is happy that you know about it.

I have a whole ranking system. The best are multiples of 10, then multiples of 5 then numbers ending in 2 or 8, then numbers ending in 4 or 6 (too close to five like just there ya know), then numbers ending in 3 and 7, and finally numbers ending 1 and 9 can gtfo. Am I insane? prolly.

It's the same level of infinity. The letter v, for example, appears less often than the letter e when counting up to a finite number, but there is still a one to one correspondence between the first e and first v, second e and second v, third e and third v, and so on, so that if you keep going infinitely, you can always find a v to match with each e.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11... I'm not seeing any of the letter e

Is Eight an odd number...


Vague is probably an odd word

Cuff 'em

Prime numbers are lonely, u must be a lonely person

Eight, ten, twelve, all the teens and so on. So while all odd numbers have e in them, not all numbers with an e in them are odd.

Mmmm yes, indeed

The e is silent

Same but I left it in my margin

Not in my house!

oh yeah how many of em?

Mistah wherlewai

"Onety-one, onety -three...."

I dont see an e in 1, 3, 5, 9... I just see numbers.