Every Friday this lady comes in with stick on tattoos to see her tattooist. She says he makes her feel "equal", when he puts them on - gloves, spray and all.

Every Friday this lady comes in with stick on tattoos to see her tattooist. She says he makes her feel "equal", when he puts them on - gloves, spray and all.

I just Fucking adore the happiness in her face in this photo. Good people make the world so much more tolerable. Thanks for das feelz.

I read the title and thought maybe she brought them in to have tattooed because she liked the design but now that I know she's just having her fake tats "professionally" done...that's fucking adorable. If she was my grandma, I'd get one with her.

I think she has downs syndrome, but mad props to the artist for being awesome!

/sub/aww mods didn't feel the love for this one unfortunately...

Props to Muscle and Ink Tattoo (Hamilton, New Zealand) for being awesome people :)

From FB:

HELLO, My name is Jason Ward. To set the record straight, the first time i met this lady , she walked in to our studio and asked me to apply some stick on tattoos for her, and i obliged. Since that day, she has come in at the same time every friday. I have had clients i have been tattooing when she comes in , and asked them if they are happy to break while i take 5 minutes out of my day to keep her smiling. I had no idea this photo was posted here , as my client had taken this photo while she waited. I have been doing this for sometime , so it comes as a huge suprise to me to think that people think i am doing this for notoriety. i couldnt care less what a bunch of keyboard warriors have to say about this. My everyday goal is to make someone smile and have a great day, as i am just an average guy doing average things that make me and my family happy. Thank you to those who have kind words to say about this, that makes me happy. To those who want to post shit on other peoples happieness, get a life.

Fun fact: males with Downs Syndrome are sterile, but females with Downs Syndrome can have children.

So... she could be someones grandma.

That's some bullshit!

I saw a picture of an older couple the other day that were sitting on a porch swing laughing while their offspring took a picture that made it to the front page in /sub/aww. If that was allowed then this should be allowed.

Edit: I just looked at your post history and saw that whichever mod deleted the post did it citing rule 1. "No "sad" content, such as pics of animals that have passed away (try /sub/petloss) or sob stories (e.g. found him in a dumpster)."

What the fuck!?

The mods in /sub/aww are trigger happy, hyper sensitive knobs.

I'd like to buy the tattooist a beer. Good on him and the shop for doing this for her!

not sure how that fact is fun :D

I'll be honest, I believe all facts are fun, their implications may not be.

But facts are always useful. Just imagine yourself next time you're at a party. People are discussing birth control and the like and, and you can bust out something along the lines of "You know... If I had Downs Syndrome, I wouldn't have to worry about buying condoms." You'd be able to own that conversation with a well timed factoid like that.

They charge real tattoo prices though.

Just kidding! I have no idea

I think it's also down's syndrome.

This is fucking beautiful.

Isn't that all we want in the end, to be treated as an equal.

Approximately 50% of women with Down syndrome are fertile - See more at: http://www.ndss.org/Resources/Wellness/Sexuality/Sexuality-and-Down-Syndrome/#sthash.DmtcXF3G.dpuf

Scientific information about the fertility of men with Down syndrome is limited. There have been at least two documented cases where the paternity of a man with Down syndrome was confirmed. - See more at: http://www.ndss.org/Resources/Wellness/Sexuality/Sexuality-and-Down-Syndrome/#sthash.DmtcXF3G.dpuf

He still charges $70 per hour, including air dry time.

Thank you so much for your work. I am so grateful for people that become caregivers because some of my favorite students are ones whom I know will absolutely need caregivers in order to have any sort of semblance of "independence" as adults.

Up voting this so those self important douches see this hopefully. Talk about being hypocritical, they show an abused pet that was adopted and rehabilitated and that isn't supposed to be sad...I just.. I'm going to have to stop now.

All aboard the train to Feelsville. Population: us.

I worked as a part-time caregiver for the disabled back in college. I've also worked retail before. I enjoyed being a caregiver way, way more. Three quarters of my day was spent doing things like arts & crafts, playing basketball, going on road trips, and watching TV. I even had time to study at night when everyone was in bed and all of my house chores were done. Whenever I would tell friends that I had to clean up poop and change diapers a few times a day, they would freak out. "I could never do that!" The first few times are admittedly a little weird, but in my experience you get desensitized to it very quickly and it just becomes part of your job.

If you are implying that you are one of those people, thank you from the honest bottom of my heart. My uncle has Down's syndrome. He's functional at around an 8yo mental capacity so he is mostly independent but still needs help with some things and also gets lonely.

His care worker who has been with him for almost 10 years is amazing. He is so good to my uncle and treats him like he's his best friend. They go out to the gym, bowling, movies, and when my grandpa died, the decision was made to use some of the inheritance to send the two of them to Vegas. He's become family to the point where he joins us for holiday gatherings (Christmas dinner, Easter, etc) with his girlfriend. It means so much to know that there are good people out there with the patience and compassion to help those who need it.

oh fuck off

I think I'd like the kinda people you hang out with if that's how you own a conversation...

Lots and lots of money would be nice.

I didn't know there had been two male cases of male Downs paternity. That's crazy! Massively small number but it bucks with the 100% theory.

I didn't know that the instance of female fertility was so low. When last I went over the literature (many years ago), we assumed that the variance was due to a combination of co-morbid conditions and small sample.

Cheers for the reading, there goes my evening.

She might've stayed, but she didn't have to. The agency should've assigned a more appropriate staff member. Caretakers can not be required to suffer sexual abuse, even from the disabled.

Very fair response. This "Aww look a disabled person enjoying themselves, how cute are they!" circlejerk crap is fucking repugnant.

My SO has Alzheimer's. He lives in an assisted living complex now. Everyday when I go to see him, there is a sweet girl with Down's Syndrome that sits in the lobby. The moment she sees me she smiles and her arms reach out. She gives me the biggest and best hug. I look forward to this hug, it somehow makes this crappy situation easier to deal with.

My grandpa makes a similar face when I show him Youtube videos of people tripping and falling. He's a sadistic old bastard.

If only she was holding a kitten :'(

Don't forget caregivers for the elderly! (me)

A coworker of mine has down syndrome and he had a girlfriend that had it as well (I think they met at some sort of function, not sure). Either way, he would always tell us he was going to marry her, and he kept a countdown of the days to the wedding on his hand.

He only worked once a week, so when he'd come in, we'd always ask him how many days were left. He'd hold up his hand with a giant smile and tell us.

Then the countdown started getting lower. It started at like 600 days or something. Once it got down around 50 days, I was sad to see they restarted his countdown back at like 500.

I assumed both sets of parents were talking about it and decided they weren't ready to be married. It's understandable. So we'd still ask how many days he had left and it went on like this until he found a new job doing something much better.

I ran into his dad a few months ago and it turns out, the wedding happened!! His sister took him and his new wife to Vegas for their honey moon and as far as I can tell, he's happy as can be.

Not sure how the living arrangements work, I wasn't going to ask them that, but it's nice to know he's married and happy :)

Aww look he's making a comment


woah, if this is 'gross as fuck' then reddit has really desensitised me

I'm not surprised. Save the awws for kids and animals. Doing the same for the elderly and disabled seems patronising.

Plot twist: he still charges her $100 per tattoo.


Haha, wouldn't that be a nice plot twist.

I see how it is. He gets praised, but whenever I wear gloves to touch mentally handicapped people, its "offensive" and "insensitive"

Then I choose the money, the more money you have the better you're treated.

All are welcome, come on downs!

There are dozens of us! Dozens!

You clearly haven't worked retail. We pick up poop too.

It looks perfect. 10/10 Master of Photoshop.

It hurts to be equal.

Like total shit?

A friend of mine had downs twins, they're the happiest kids I've ever seen, didn't think they could look any other way but happy, but no, they do angry pretty good too.

I may or may not have gone a little overboard. 


I may or may not have gone a little overboard.

Sure, and why not. The OS may be corrupt, but the bios still works fine. The bios says survive and reproduce.

I have a Personal Asisstant who I got from Mind (the mental health charity). I'm completely useless without him as I can't leave the house, make phone calls, do anything really. So for me, he's a life saver, but to him it's just an awesome job where he gets paid to take me go-karting, aquariums, gyms. It must be one of the best jobs in the world if you want to help people and have a little patience.


The mods in /sub/aww are hyper sensitive

who woulda thought

and that kids is why we don't have equality.

They definitely are. I modded there with limited permissions for a month or so. I left pretty quickly when I found out most of them are tools.

Choo choooooo

When you're as big as /sub/aww you have to be pretty militant or it would get overrun pretty quickly.

Edit: Fixed link

Merriam Webster

Full Definition

1: an invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print

2 : a briefly stated and usually trivial fact

Looks like your fact was more of a factoid after all. The first definition.

I find that hard to believe. I worked in a developmentally disabled home (state of Illinois, incredibly understaffed) and they fucked like rabbits

Definitely. Seeing someone that happy always makes me smile.

the look on here face is pure enjoyment

Fun fact: factoid refers to a speculation repeated enough that it is accepted as fact, not an actual fact

Title gore

/sub/downsyndrome would enjoy a x-post :)

I am a caregiver for a quadriplegic. When I first started I thought I could never do poop (his mother lives with him, and usually handles all that anyhow). But, the first time I had to do it, he said I could do wake his mother up, but honestly I have so much respect for him I couldn't handle embarrassing him by acting like it was a big deal. It's really easier than I thought, and doesn't bother me at all.

I also work nights at a liquor store. Ugh.

How is this sad? This is so cute and she is so happy! I love how the tattooist is doing this for her every week!

My cousin has Downs, and it doesn't take a lot to make her happy.

I say that not as an insult, but to point out that very little effort is required on someone's part to make another person happy.

Yeah my friends dads tattoo shop does temporary tattoos for children for free. Pretty fuckin cool if you ask me.

sheesh...you get an extra chromosome and you think you're entitled to everything

As I recall, the main reason that researchers can not get enough information about males with down syndrome is due to the low rate at which they actually have sex, which led to the idea that they could not.

A good way to remember foot and inches notations is foot has one syllable so you get ' and inches has 2 syllables so you get "


In Belgium we have a Rock Festival called Rock For Specials. Over 4000 people with disabilities visit every year. Every year there is a stand for people to have fake tattoo's done by professionals. I've seen some sick artwork get done for these people over the years.

Here is a to some video to give you an idea how the atmosphere is.


My friend is a caretaker for the adult disabled. Last year she was taking about 18 credits at school and worked I think two other jobs besides caregiving. She was taking care of an elderly man who decided to whip it out and masturbate to her... for three hours straight. She was not only mortified, but had to clean it all up load after load while he laughed in her face as she did so. She did not go back to his residence after that.

EDIT:: Yeah, I knew people were going to bitch and moan that this never happened. I said the same thing when she told me this story a few days later: "Why didn't you just leave?" She was afraid of getting fired and needed the job very much. I told her she should've called her agency and got the fuck out right away, but when you're putting yourself through school and need money (and at the time her breast cancer was starting to resurface), you don't always think clearly in these situations. That agency also treated her like shit and luckily she found a new agency to work for a few months later.

Very poorly written post.

You get one. Not both

My aunt has very severe Downs. She's vocal, and can form sentences, but if it's more than a few words/short phrases she loses all coherence.

But she's very much a living, thinking human being. I can only imagine this means the world to the woman in the photo. She, and my aunt, know full well they're "not normal". Anything that helps them be treated like real adults is joyous.

Sappy bullshit.

I didn't know they got that old. I thought they died younger.

Fun Fact: Condoms help prevent much more than babies.

People would really mess up your owning a conversation with a well timed common knowledge response like that.

Also, if you are ever at a party and bust out panty dropping fun facts like Downs Syndrome males not needing condoms, then there's already a pretty good chance you don't need to worry about buying condoms anyway....

Oh yeah the look on that woman's face is one of pure sadness. Good job mods /s


I have been doing clinicals in long term care for the past few months. I could never do it as a career, thanks for what you do.

Another interesting fact, downs syndrome is not autosomal dominate so a mother could have downs but her child would be perfectly normal.

Pretty cool of the artist to go along with it!

Tips on how to make the front page:

Mention autism Don't take credit for your own work (say it's your girlfriend or autistic relative for maximum effect) physical deformation or retardation present [✓]

It takes an uncommon kind of compassion to be in that line of work. My wife used to have that kind of job. There wasn't much poop for her, but she did routinely get her ass kicked by a 6" tall teenager with autism and a long reach.

I use to think every with downs was happy n nice like a family friend i know until i started the job i got now. There is a guy here with down syndrom. He is 40 some years old and is mean n rude as shit twords us. I tried so hard to be nice to him and finally just gave up.

Something amazing is happening. You never used to see someone with down syndrome that was older then late teens. Now I'm starting to see middle aged people like this happy lady here and even an elderly man. I think that's wonderful.

How long of a reach could a six inch tall person really have? 2 - 3 inches, tops!!!

That is correct

I'm glad it's not just me who feels like that.

People falling over is funny though, to be fair.

People only treat them differently because of how they look. If they had a normal appearance, they would be treated the same way as anyone else with very low intelligence.

/sub/upliftingstories would love this.

"she say it makes her feel equal"

I smell a bleeding heart, no way she said that herself

Perhaps the mods look down on people different from themselves and this reminds the mods of their sad, judgemental existance and inability to treat others equally...

Just a thought.

I have seen more in nursing homes these days. I work in hospice and Ive had a few patients. They were all in their 50s and 60s. That is older than it used to be. I've never seen someone with DS in their 70s though.


I don't think I'd like to do like an official AMA because it'd stress me out replying to so many comments.

My diagnoses are Autism and Schizophrenia. My autism isn't something worth thinking about, the symptoms I have from that are just things like I don't understand facial expressions, when to talk/when not to etc.

The schizophrenia is the annoying bit, I was born with it, diagnosed when I was 10 years old (I ran away from school, was admitted to Oakham house for 'behaviour difficulties' at first, lived there for 4 years). Basically to put it short, I hallucinate 24/7, audio, visual, smells, sensations, everything. But, because I've had this for so long the hallucinations have become normal so they don't trouble me usually. What happens is when I do anything I'm not used to (like going outside etc), I get really nervous, because I get nervous my hallucinations get much more noticeable, louder, vibrant etc, that then means that I get even more nervous because I'm doing new things and massively hallucinating. It's like a vicious cycle sort of thing, nervous because of the unknown -> Hallucinations go crazy -> I go crazy.

My day to day life is very simple, I wake up, put the kettle on, have a cigarette, play video games all day and stare at my fish tank. This isn't the life I want but because of how difficult 'normal' things are for me, I'm gradually getting more used to those things with baby steps. Having a PA has been more useful than having all my doctors, being admitted, any medication. Doctors often tend to try and treat the disease, PA's/care workers don't do that, they don't know how to do that so they focus on the person. It works so much better for me.

Honestly, like I do get depressed and have done silly things, but my life isn't so bad. It's one of those 'look at the bright side' sort of things, I may not have what I want, but atleast I don't have to cut my hair or wear suits or any of those 'adult' stuff. I'm like Peter Pan! It's not all bad.

/sub/badjokes is that way.

Actually there are only two proven cases.