Every duelist on the ladder right now

Every duelist on the ladder right now

To whoever decided this was a good and BALANCED idea... Welcome to my list :|

Cersei. The hound. Joffrey. ilyn payne. Konami.

Doesn't really matter. Most Weevil burn deck rarely use Jade Insect Whistle anymore. They would just pop Massivemorph and Mask of Accursed making your monster useless. If your deck is not packed with one-tribute monster your only chance is to summon more monsters hoping you can finish your opponent off before they draw Lava Golem.

I am not sure if Konami intentionally buffs burn decks to counter 3SD. If so, that is the worst thing they could ever do to help improving the current meta.

Also Yami Yugi can now effectively remove up to 4 opponent monsters in Destiny Draw Mind's Eye Burn deck. Lovely.

I think this was a pretty bad idea.

A lot of people are going to be teching in {{Man-Eater Bug}} to avoid the Jade Insect Whistle play.

What, are they adding a second Golem? Whats wrong with you Konami? Isnt the new Destiny Draw burn with temple not enough?

It must've been the dude that decided to add CA to the game.

Called this shit and I got downvoted for it lol dammit Konami!

Econ against burn, better hope they summon a monster. Better hope their monster they probably didnt summon isnt set.

Floodgate, hope you play it and hope draw it prior. Even if you do, youre losing 3 cards against burn.

Worst case scenario is you cant do anything and lose 4000 lifepoints, actually.

Burn decks run lava golem as it's basically an unblockable monster removal and free 1k swing. People also really hate burn/mill/cyber angels.

"Konami, 3SD might be too good. Can you nerf the skill?"


A burn player can play around Econ by not summoning monsters while Lava Golem is out

Pegasus extra extra skill

I mean, the meta changes depending on what's being used - that's pretty much the definition of it.

If burn becomes more prevalent, 3SD does become less useful, and you see fewer people using it. If double lava golems becomes the norm for burn decks (it will), people will stop playing two monsters on the field against burn (which is a decently safe play now, unless you know they've got golem because of Doomdog, but two in the deck will change that). And then people start playing whistle to get that second monster on the field. Additionally, more people will play tributes to get over burn's massivemorph/lava golem/mask of the accursed. Even now, it's fairly easy to deal with using econ-take.