Every dot is moving in a straight line.

Them dots have been moving in a straight line for a loooong time. Like, since way back when I saw this posted for the 19th time.

I wonder how funky this is for color blind people

I’m colorblind and I’m happy to report that this is some George Clinton level funk right here!

“yeah obviously it’s in a straight line... this isn’t that cool... oh i see where this is going... holy crap”

I think you would prefer a faster computer.

I want this as a loading icon.

Thank you! Finally someone realizes.

At first I was like “wow this is not black magic at all” but then my brain exploded

First time I’ve seen it. Pretty awesome!

And here I was hoping for some Sly and the Family Stone

Can we stop posting this

Nope. Twice a week.

Way, way more of us do. We're just still trying to find the right platform. I think it's streaming on patreon and then openly debating Reddit.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone complained about someone complaining about a repost. I’d probably be a little less rich than you but still rich.

/sub/loadingicon material right here


Can you show me how to do this so I can use it as a screen lock?

BASIC programming for the win