Every damn time

Every damn time

No one will notice if there's no one to notice

That is me when I get caught being stealthy

Literally the first play through of dishonored

Always leave one alive to tell the tale

That's why I stealth and knock out every NPC for every level.

Hmm. I could be an awesome non lethal badass who saves the realm, the girl, and live with her, raising her to be a benevolent empress....


I could slaughter everything! Bring chaos! Kill the person the whole point of the game is to save! I Am Death!

Must be nice. :(

I'll just be over here pausing and clicking "restart checkpoint" for the next half an hour. (Or running into gunfire and/or my own grenades.)

"Tell your leaders Winter came for you."

I always try to be stealthy, and then I get bored and go balls out on my shark riding raptor.

Usually in a game where stealth doesn't function properly anyway.

Shadow of War in a nutshell.


I'm the opposite.

"You must go to the town square and create a distraction to get past the guards."

Me: stealth kills everybody

No witnesses, no crime.