Every body needs love...

I also need love, where can I rent/buy/steal this doggo

Omg the little kiss at the end

Wow. I thought that kitty was gonna react badly with that lummox plopping down only to discover, nope! That kitty is the best friend a doggo can have

It is social grooming, so it is probably a "you are part of my pack".


OMG!! That is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while!!!

used to be craigslist or backpage but that section was taken down

My cat does this often. I just rest my head on him and he'll either purr obnoxiously loud or give me kisses. He seems to enjoy weight on him when he's sleepy. Like if I rest my leg on him or something.

Was expecting hostility from cat,instead pleasantly suprised by love and feels

And a bath, apparently.

Mutual grooming in cats has a lot of reasons, one being to establish a common "pack smell" (as well as showing affection and helping with difficult to reach places like ears). Kitties groom each other -> they smell similar to each other and can be identified as a pack to outsiders.


My heart!