Ever wondered what North Korea's one and only TV channel looks like? Here's an hour's worth of it -- broadcasted just now today! (3/19/17)

Ever wondered what North Korea's one and only TV channel looks like? Here's an hour's worth of it -- broadcasted just now today! (3/19/17)

10:37 -- Some weird anti-Christian propaganda dance

51:04 -- Epic memeworthy kid dancing on a broomstick

Plenty more good stuff too. Only boring part for me was the "How it's Made" ripoff segment in one of their clothing factories.

What is it about highly skilled and professional children that makes them so frightening?

The idea that they were isolated and forced into training but because they are so young, they probably don't even know that they don't have a normal life.

Now what I'd really like to see is the reaction of a North Korean watching something we broadcast. Have them see The Walking Dead.

North Korea has a thriving black market for Western entertainment. I'm sure a fair few of them watch The Walking Dead.

Perfect. Can't you tell how happy they are in the video.

14.45 and 54.00 are worth looking at. Both equally terrifying in different ways

Some weird anti-Christian propaganda dance

You mean and EPIC anti-Christian propaganda dance.

Honestly if I had to watch NK TV all my life even the advertising in America would be entertaining.

trippy. i wonder what those kids lives are like

Who knew westerners had such a hard time frying eggs? Also, what's an egg?

Subtitles would be fantastic

Cheer up. Because of malnutrition, they are actually 34 year old women.


At and 45:44 they use straight up footage from the 1999 BBC miniseries Walking with Dinosaurs.

Brainwashed, maybe. I'd hardly call someone a fool though when they're forced into that life with no other option.

Some weird anti-Christian propaganda ballet.

in the end, it doesnt even matter

I know right, it was actually pretty well done. I mean its 100% propaganda but that doesn't mean it can't be good. Props to lighting and the composer.

I'm really hoping someone who knows Korean can come along and break some of the dialogue / title cards down for us!

I don't think they're isolated and forced into training. We also have sports competitions with young kids, look up any youth gymnastics competitions, they have the same type of fake smile.

If we're curious about what kind of life they're living outside of music/sports/whatever then we could probably look at the same type of people in former communist countries like Romania and the USSR where they also put together large shows. As far as I know they treated it roughly the same way we treat music and sports, but more technical and less competitive (in the sense that there's a winner and a loser).

At 18:23, at the end of the anti-Christian ballet, the words on the screen say, "Do not forget the atrocities of the U.S."

Even their dinosaurs look emaciated.

Everyone looks like their lives literally depend on their performance


The smiles on their faces at 54:00 make me sad :(

North Koreans trying American BBQ.

Closest so far -

Sometimes, yeah. I mean, the grammar and sentence structure is all the same, but the main difference is that South Korean uses an absolute ton of borrowed words from foreign languages while North Korean doesn't. The result is that the South can better expand their vocabulary in accordance with the modern world. Think about medical, food, scientific or technical words: a bunch of these words are pretty much the same across multiple languages or have minor differences.

But let's use an example from a different category. The word "ice cream" as we use it in English. It just means frozen cream (pretty easy to understand). South Koreans also call it the same thing "ice cream" (granted that there is a bit of an accent to make it sound kind of like ah-ee-su-cu-reem - 아이스크림) because it was introduced to them via English. Regardless, it's the same word.

Now the North Korean language takes the word in its original state and does a direct translation for it into "pure" Korean. This means that they don't use words that aren't rooted from Korean history (including Hanja, but that's another story). North Korean doesn't used borrowed words, and so it has an extremely difficult time keeping up with the rest of the world. Anyways, in North Korean, ice cream turns into "ice snack" (sounds like or-um-gwa-ja - 얼음과자).

The point that I'm trying to make is this: if you can speak South Korean fluently, then you should be able to understand the majority of North Korean (and more if you understand even more of the historical words). But if you speak North Korean then you will pretty much be learning a vast amount of new vocabulary to communicate with someone from the South.

Source: me. I lived and studied in South Korea for 5 years. I'm not fluent in Korean but my wife is Korean and she mostly understands the propaganda that's being broadcasted by the North.

even then, north Korean is quite a bit different from standard Korean from what I understand....

I agree, these capitalists pigs will never understand how the kids are always fed and happy in our Great DPRK, thanks to our Glorious Leader Kim Jong-un.


here is some real footage of a korean who snuck in and talked to some people with a hidden camera. Seeing someone collecting grass to eat and looking like they have no energy and emaciated is painful to watch

Not sure but if you want an ICBM to work you need to take in account that the world is round.


Yea in America that's called beauty pageants. In North Korea, a little girl of 6 playing guitar like a 30-year-old means her life was spent learning and practicing guitar in honor of their cult-leader. They're brainwashed fools with an awful life.

North Korea hates religion because adhering to a religion means you're putting something else above the state and the dear leader. Most totalitarian regimes, unless they're theocracies, demonize or outright ban all religions.

Christianity is pretty demonized in NK and it IMO seemed apparent based on that and how the ballet was carried out that it was meant to make the priest guy look like an evil villain






All narration = must be super-enthusiastic as if Jesus was in each scene, even if it's about the Pyongyang hotel getting a new dumpster.

Yeah, don't really know what more I expected.

It's like being stuck on vacation with all the shitty channels you keep changing channel hoping something remotely interesting is on.

They also believe the earth is round. NK is a lot more progressive than I thought.

It says "Don't forget, brutality of USA's stuff(things that comes from USA)" as i guess. I'm S.Korean and sorry for my poor english XD LUL

Documentary on American defector

Now I may be totally wrong on this individual here, but during the Korean war there were a few American defectors. The North Koreans championed them and made sure they were well taken care of. A few of them went on to act in productions including a North Korean war story (directed by Kim Jong Il himself while his father still ruled). Their children would now be old enough to be acting in that same sort of capacity, and I believe they were.

Source: I got really high once and watched a full days worth of documentaries on North Korea, so pretty much a certified expert.

P.s. one of the weirdest things in the world was to hear the white kid speak broken English with a Korean accent.

Here's some other good ones I watched

North Korea 2016 This one has a badass intro

North Korea: The Great Illusion

North Korea Documentary - Why Invading North Korea Would be Insane - Secret State of North

The Propaganda in North Korea

Then there are these video log things that were interesting:

My Daily Life In NORTH KOREA

Street food in North Korea,which by the way the stands are technically illegal

The Priveleged store in North Korea

There's quite a bit of eye opening stuff there, and it really changed my perspective on the place. It can still be pretty damn bad, but when you have all those people not everyone can be stomped out. It gives a little hope.

51:04, it all makes sense now. South Korean spies stole Gangnam Style from their artistically superior neighbours.

Ah, damn... well hoping for a North Korean to come in and explain it, I will not be holding my breath on that

straight up depicted in The Interview

54:00 was .

Psh, they're overjoyed -- they're North Korea's only Tenacious D cover band.

Lol that one lady looked like she wanted to cry for joy when she tasted the brisket.

Do not forget the bowling green massacre. Do not forget what happened last night in Sweden.

Lol, that fucking cross around the priests neck reminds me of Flavor Flav

Did Bioware do the facial animations on these people?

You are now banned ect ect

All jokes aside, when I saw that guy come out I was like "is he actually white, or is it just the makeup?" Dude is totally white. I wonder what his story is. How did he find his way into a North Korean propaganda play?

Spotted the Drpk party rep.

GIVE ME GOLD! I sat through it AND here are my notes:

0:00 – Dance routine of women in uniform and combat boots, intersting in a 1940s-50s dance number movie sort of way

5:00 – Museum of something about westerners and spying equipment? The dangers of using commercial electronics, maybe using them to spy on you?

10:30 – Boy and mother being brainwashed by a (Catholic?) priest and then the priest kills the boy, obviously about how dangerous western religions are

18:30 – ode to the patriotic tractor? Ends in a reference to 1955

20:00 – Ebullient woman talking about making clothes, complete with lots of certificates of some sort commentary and scenes about making fabric and clothes.

29:30 – Rock mining. People drilling rocks, and rock being dumped as fill? I couldn’t tell if this was about the rock being used, or if it was about making a tunnel

35:00 – A bunch of images of people working, marching, doing things with a soundtrack of singing. Getting a little glazed eyed here. The Great Leader is shown directing some activities with great vigor.

37:45 – Something about the early earth and its creation, with comets raining down and life evolving, fossils. Cuts to animatronic dinosaurs in a museum. Ah, it is a museum on natural history.

48:00 – Two very young children playing a duet on the piano, they look to be 5-6.

51:00 – Child (8-10) dancing with a stick, somersaulting, spinning,

54:00 – Two very young children playing a duet on stringed instruments

56:30 – Young girl (8-10?) choir singing a song and playing harmonica, move over K-Pop, you’ve been replaced

58:30 – More very young kids, this time boys and girls, doing an outdoors dance and song routine

That fell so swiftly into /sub/lewronggeneration territory

That clip was so nostalgic. I believe I still have the DVDs from when I was a kid. I absolutely loved the series. I have never binge watched anything like Walking with Dinosaurs. Guess I won't get any work done this Sunday.

I'm the same way

something something mod Pyongyang

The finger movements of the kids at 54:00 don't quite match the music being played. I don't think that performance at least was genuine.

It says, "Do not forget the atrocities of the U.S."

Some weird anti-Christian propaganda dance

It's ballet.

South Korean soap operas, Chinese movies. There is some american stuff but we're more talking about James Bond and stuff like that. Very, very mainstream.

Littlest Hobo

Now that's crappy TV, and I'm a Canadian.

Sure, they've got a boy-stealing priest, but it's no

My main question is how did they get Prince William to play the part of the priest?

What a BS. Every professional art performer acts like this. Cause they take their job pretty serious.

etc.* etc.*

little bit of music, little bit of morale booster, little bit of drama, little bit of music, morale booster, news?, music, skits, morale boosters, events(?)

that was cool, thanks for sharing OP.

This looks like something out of the 70s.


Also, I guess they believe in .

Well, looking at their previous attempts it seems like it actually wasn't taken into account.


That's what happens when you pay the troll toll

As a big fan of BBQ myself, this was an incredible watch. I felt more connected to these refugees through this video because it generated such a strong shared experience. It is hard to imagine a place where you could be executed for eating beef.

So even North Korea funds the arts.

I'd take this over the Kardashians

Their version of Kim Kardashian is a short, pudgy Korean guy that they literally worship.

Eh, it's a bit different and the accent is thick and makes some things hard to understand. I'm not a naitve speaker, but I got quite a bit of it. A native speaker would be able to get it.

One of the big things is that N.Koreans don't really use loan words from English, which S.Koreans do.

Something to do with the earth's gravitational pull.

Do not forget about Harambe.

Hey /u/braunheiser I often have more than one DPRK channel at the hotels I am staying (Pyongyang, Wonsan, Sinchon, etc). Some air shitty Eastern-block movies from the 70s that are translated into Korean, others do the propaganda news, then others have music. Being a foreigner I tend to get Chinese channels as well, at least in the larger hotels in Pyongyang.

I'd have to do a bit digging to figure out if there really is just one station and I am getting something special piped (again, hotels) but how solid are you on them having just one channel?

In other words, it's still a religion.

If they don't smile three generations of their family will be killed.

Honestly can't tell if you're arguing for or against

Damn. That's heavy. That woman looked so hopeless. Is it verified as real?

All these live performances on stage but you never see or hear an audience. Creepy...

Just like with Cuba there's a network of people that sneak in media from the south, china, and the west. Alot less of a network though since most the country doesn't have any power.


I'm sure this will remain buried down the bottom, but if you have made it this far, please watch this girl explain her escape from NK. "North Korea is the only country to execute for unauthorized international phone calls"

Weird they call him Kim too!

So North Korea is significantly backwards compared to most developed nations, but ahead of the American South. Good to know.

Because those scenes are pretty iconic, like the giant Liopleurodon swimming, or the baby T-Rexes next to their dead mother getting killed by the asteroid impact.

Completely agree. I didn't care much for the message but the way the actions they did to send the message was very well planned.

As I understood the dance, their way of life was one of simplicity and joy until Christianity came and essentially told them all the things they couldn't do. I think they see the Forbidden Fruit as a literal thing and their point was essentially the kid only wanted to eat an apple as he was hungry but Christianity said no and persecuted the kid for it.

I thought it was beautifully made. Misguided message though.

Found the North Korean spy

What did it say at the end?


Too bad they didn't show the beer ad

They never learned the Juche way. That's why they died out.

They're brainwashed fools with an awful life.

So are the North Koreans.


24/7 coverage of a missing Malaysian airplane with host Don Lemon theorizing a black hole opened up and swallowed it.

And now the 24/7 Trump Hysteria Machine complete with Evil Russians.

The way corporate American Propaganda portrays the USA and the world in general is almost as absurd as NK.

Technically they have no frame of reference of what they are missing, so they could actually be happy and think life is great.

Man this is fucked up. And according to the youtube description she was found dead in a corn field later

ect ect ectoplasm?

Browsing around too much I stumbled onto it someone posted a link on 4chan where some guy named Cho Sun was relaying a hacked feed to a mms:// stream able to be opened in VLC, and just screencapped it from there

It's the Perform for Great Leader or Die Family Variety Hour!

I dislike schumer too but jesus fucking christ on a cracker you guys need calm down about this shit. every single fucking thread.

The war was only 65 years ago, it hasn't changed that much in terms of Korean words and grammar. Instead, South Korean uses a lot of English loan words, whereas the North tries their best not to use any. Instead they'll often use Russian loan words. All of the English loan words have to be learned for basic things like elevators, buses, computers, bananas, etc. Also note that there are dialects within South Korea itself so naturally there's already a bit of a historical divide linguistically.

The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church continually kept silent when priests sexually assaulted children and often relocated them to another parish where their previous actions were unknown. There's no defense for their cover up which went all the way to the top.

I'd rather watch their broadcast than The Walking Dead.

Now imagine they get japanese ads now...

Not really. I'm Korean and have just watched about 20 minutes of it skipping around and found nothing about their dialect unrecognizable.

can't be bothered to write out a translation though.

Two things about those twins playing their weird ethnic stringed instruments. First off, that's some The Shining shit right there. Keep smiling because a flat note will mean embarrassment before the Kinglord. And secondly, impressive how pressure makes diamonds.

You're no help.

As a recent converter from pulled pork to a properly-prepared brisket, can confirm that is the natural reaction.

Damn these clumsy hands! If only there were a product to solve my crippling klutzitude!

You are of course aware that not the entire Catholic church is cool with raping kids, right? They need to do more about it, no doubt, but they get criticized plenty for it. Did you forget how literally every comedian for a solid decade talked shit about Catholic pedophiles?

Why is everything so heavy....