Even WWE fans dont want to be near giant loser Sam Roberts

Even WWE fans dont want to be near giant loser Sam Roberts

Somewhere Lonely Virgil is laughing all by himself.

Clown shoes

He can join Virgil... or Chris Benoit

We need to make "lonely not sam" a thing or is it even worth it?

I saw him at a Convention like two years ago and it was uncomfortably sad and depressing. He’s aggressively lonely.

Clown hair

The audacity of this fucking shit-head to have not shaved his awful balding jewfro by now.

Sam or Virgil?


sideshow boob

he is just standing there, though. it's worse because there are people around.

This is so dumb. Sams part of the broadcast tonight. He's being paid by the WWE and literally living his dream. I don't even care if you hate him but at least be accurate or funny about it

Yes he might be living his dream, but his dream is gay. That's what this subs about.

The sheer size of his (balding) head and feet, in contrast to his tiny dweeb body, suggest an unnatural mix of Human Growth Hormone injections and a lifetime of a diet of processed foods.

The Spartans would have tossed him off a cliff.

Not only is he making the ugly hair his trademark thing, he's now dressing in wacky outfits. He knows he has no personality or talent.

7 years, was it worth the wait??

The ass(hole) man

Difficult to convince yourself anyone gives a fuck when you're met with such complete indifference.

he is standing alone.

Sam too. He does youtube shows on Saturday nights for 50 people and wears a suit to a wrestling show

it is. the pretend laughter/playing along if they eventually are forced to address it will put the 'ozzy left the studio without the gifts i just gave him' jim to shame

I've kept busy.

Beetlejuice waiting room looking mug


He looks like a bum. looks like he slept in that "suit".