Eurogamer now reporting 'Legend of Acrius' Exotic shotgun is now also behind a DLC wall.

Eurogamer now reporting 'Legend of Acrius' Exotic shotgun is now also behind a DLC wall.
Eurogamer now reporting 'Legend of Acrius' Exotic shotgun is now also behind a DLC wall.

Is it safe to assume at a board meeting everyone read up on the current end of year fuckery in the industry right now and every person in that room shouted in unison, "HOLD MY FUCKING BEER!"?

Their heads are so far up each others asses. If Reddit is an echo chamber, what does that make those board rooms.

I honestly thought (hoped) destiny 2 would pick up where the first let off. Very glad I didn't get this DLC.


Guy in another thread reported the same problem. It already starts with the armsdealer strike since it's been updated to 330 light.

Ankles. They're a couple feet below a cunt.

the strike is 300, but the quest uses a prestige nightfall, since the game cant differentiate between old and new Prest NFs, its defaulting to the new one. [which is scaled at 330]

That's funny, my arms dealer strike is still at 300. Just checked it now... glitch?

I was holding off to even buy the game when it first came out. I played hundreds of hours across each platform with the first game. When I saw trailers and gameplay of Destiny 2 I wasn't interested anymore, the whole game itself could have been DLC for the first game in my opinion. Now it's definite I'm not going to buy it, after playing the demo today and hearing everything over the past couple of days.

Edit: I editted tired typing mistakes as I just woke up then

When you rebuild a game to appeal to casuals and then disadvantage them because they are casuals...

It's like they saw Battlefront 2 and said

"Oh the fuck are we gonna top that before the end of the year? GUYS! Do everything you can to make the community hate you!"

I swear EA and Activision Execs have bets going on for who can fuck up more of their shit.

Dunno, that's just what the op in the other thread says.

Edit: Nonetheless the last quest step (ornament) is not playable without the dlc, since you need to play the prestige raid, which isn't availible anymore without the dlc.

Did polygon have an article about getting locked out of nightfall. I think this is better suited to be told in that article since the reason is directly tower to the overall reason. Clarity in times like these it's important I think.

In order to get the gun itself you have to complete a mission with a recommended power level of 330. This is a mission you must do AFTER clearing the raid. The map's listing of the mission is bugged and says 300, but inside the mission it says recommended 330. This is unattainable without the DLC.

Well to be fair, the majority of the people in the boardroom are payed to advocate an unappealing position, "we should make as much money as the market will bear." So, using a reddit portmanteau, a shillclejerk?