Ethics office sounds alarm on GOP rushing Trump Cabinet confirmations

Ethics office sounds alarm on GOP rushing Trump Cabinet confirmations
Ethics office sounds alarm on GOP rushing Trump Cabinet confirmations

Sadly, ethics and oversight are being removed from the current administration.

I don't mean to piss on your parade but... oh wait, your boy already did that.

How are people not angrier about this? How is this not a scandal? Good grief, Trump could get away with an actual Watergate.

Democrats, and liberals in general, are upset. Republicans, on the other hand, are happy they won and don't actually care about their party's consistent abandonment of anything that resembles ethics.

“In the midst of a historic election where Americans voted to drain the swamp, it is disappointing some have chosen to politicize the process in order to distract from important issues facing our country.” – Trump transition spokesperson (quote from article)

And they have the gaul gall (E: thanks /u/Terr_) to lament criticisms of the cabinet nominees as "politicization" of the process.

Amazing that when the left demands ethics reviews for cabinet nominees, they're "[politicizing] the process" – I'm sure the Senate sitting on Garland's confirmation for months is just savvy government, though.

"No partisan hackery, no partisan hackery. You're the partisan hack." – Donald Trump*

*: Veracity of this attribution cannot be verified.

The people spoke while being coerced by social engineering by the Russians. Whatever it takes to make you feel like a winner.

You don't need an ethics department when you don't plan on doing anything ethical. Sounds like a waste to me.

Russia punked him out. It's so satisfying

Dem redditors are calling for their arch-nemesis Mike Pence to replace Trump.

This isn't sour grapes. This is the definition of country before party.

Keep copypasting those talking points.

Who cares about ethics?

Make America Number One Again!

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/s but not really /s, but I should say /s.... or p.s.s.

I'm Secretary of State, brought to you by Carl's Jr.

People voted for Trump to end corruption.... now look what's going on. They voted him in and now nobody bothers to follow the ripples.

So republicans are the party of no ethics? You're not wrong.

Unimportant nitpick: "Gaul" was a region of western Europe. "Gall" would be the bold or impudent behavior.

It's too much for people to care about. Scandal after scandal is so draining, you stop caring.

Perhaps not but I'm REALLY curious who the fuck runs The site appeared in 2016, it has no advertising, no staff, no copyright, no apparent physical location or address, and has become incredibly popular among right wing media sources with a disturbing amount of traffic coinciding with outlets like infowars picking it up and hundreds and hundreds of copied and pasted comments all over right wing blogs, on top of it being constantly tossed around on facebook and twitter such that Michael Fylnn, Trump's cabinet pick, is tweeting and linking to it.

Who the FUCK runs that website?

The Russians? Trump? A kid in his basement with unlimited resources to take traffic from high volume websites?

At minimum, something seems fishy, cause that site is a bunch of literal lies, with no method of accountability, run by someone totally untraceable.

And yet people have bought into this. Trump's cabinet pick has bought into this. The Onion is more reliable, but this is the kind of thing that the right has eaten up.

I don't know if it's the Russians, or whoever, but it's been eating my mind ever since I saw Flynn's tweet, and decided to follow the link. I'm not sure how to interpret that being an acceptable news source. I'm not sure how to interpret people being conned by this information.

It's literal lies sold by someone completely anonymous that's been bought by and spread by Trump surrogates.

Something, whatever it is, feels 'off'.

At least they're actually doing their job, you know like finding out how Hatch didn't disclose certain financial holdings, thereby breaking the laws he wants to protect. I'd say partisan or not, I'd want to know that about my Attorney General. It's not like anything that comes out of there is a lie.

All this while the Oversight Committee has absolutely no plans to address any conflict of interest and corruption concerns (of which Chaffetz has plenty to choose from) or really anything except more Hillary bull shit. She lost and is gone for good, there's no justifiable reason to keep spending all that money on someone who's now irrelevant. We can speculate all we want, but the bottom line is those investigations led to no charges and I don't know what the fuck else they could ask her about.

So again, at least they're doing their job compared to their Republican counterparts.

Lol Jesus where did Holder come from? I haven't seen that big of a deflection in a while, damn lol props.

When did I ever purport to support Holder and his confirmation? Nowhere. We're talking about the OCE and Sessions, not what the outgoing administration fucked up on.

It's great that you want to know that about your AG. Call up your rep and tell them that, the Oversight Committee has no plans to conduct any conflict of interest/corruption investigations and the first thing they tried to do was to destroy the OCE. Let's all hold them accountable, Democrat or Republican.

If you seriously think millions of people are going to ignore blatant terrible decisions just because "they" lost the election, I.. don't know what to tell you. That's not how any of this works.

Meh, 28% of eligible voters is all. Not impressed. Don't be surprised if the rest of us don't sit down and shut up.

"For as long as I remain Director, OGE’s staff and agency ethics officials will not succumb to pressure to cut corners and ignore conflicts of interest,” he said.

Someone's name is going on a list.