[ESPN] Gobert to Waiter's 'get out his feelings' comments: "It's not my feelings, it's my knee. That's a little more important. I like to play basketball. Sometimes if someone takes that away from you, you've got to get in your feelings for a reason."

[ESPN] Gobert to Waiter's 'get out his feelings' comments: "It's not my feelings, it's my knee. That's a little more important. I like to play basketball. Sometimes if someone takes that away from you, you've got to get in your feelings for a reason."
[ESPN] Gobert to Waiter's 'get out his feelings' comments: "It's not my feelings, it's my knee. T...

Top 10 anime battles:

LeBron vs. kanter

Waiters vs. gobert

Mirotic vs. portis

Kyrie vs. logic

God I love how reddit acts so above athletes when they complain about anything. He’s sidelined for over a month on a play that, if not dirty, was reckless. Pretty sure anybody who gets injured in a situation like that has a reasonable right to be upset

Kanter vs chair

Dude's the I feel tower after all

How we forgetting the hottest feud of the year being Lonzo vs Beverly

Blake vs staff members

/sub/nba always hates on Rudy. This one isn't even bad.

Amare vs. fire extinguisher

Dude literally just said, It’s not my feelings, but I’m in my feelings

This is a legit statement though. People get annoyed too easily at Gobert making comments but apparently have no issue when other bigs in the league do the same.

In this case, it's fair. How can you not expect him to care deeply when it impacts his playing time. He's literally saying how important basketball is to him.

Dude just got sidelined from doing the thing he loves, of course he's going to be salty.

you're going to pretend like summer league didn't happen?

Lonzo vs Fox on Nov 22nd is going to be the best game of the year


Here's the play for anyone looking for it:

I think Gobert has a right to be angry whether or not the play is dirty. Like he said, he plays basketball for a living, loves it, and Dion's actions took that ability away from him temporarily and could have done more damage. So yea I'd be pissed and I'd probably say it was dirty if it was me in that moment.

On the flip side, Dion was trying to make a hustle play he thought the ball was bouncing in the direction of Gobert, went for it, and slipped. There is just no way he intentionally goes into Gobert's legs, sorry that's not the case. Now, it does appear a bit reckless and both players would be much better off if Dion just doesnt go for that ball. To me, its a hustle play. If Dion doesnt slip, grabs the ball, and gets the ball out for a 3, its a highlight not a controversy.

i like dion but his recklesness cost Gobert 6 weeks and probably any hopes of playoffs for Utah. Gobert has every right to be ticked off. recklessness is not part of proper Basketball

I just assumed we'd never see it in the NBA due to Lonzo's very apparent fear of getting his ass ate

What's wrong with this statement? It's a little muddled, but understandable.

Why does exhibiting a bit of emotion make a man "a lil hoe"? Smfh.

He's not playing basketball right now as a direct result from Waiters' actions, whether they were intentional or not. He has a right to be upset about it, don't think that somehow that's super unreasonable

Rose vs. Slicing apples in bed

it’s not my feelings

you’ve got to get in your feelings

Don't see that at all. He moves towards the ball, dribbles with his right hand towards halfcourt, but before that point he already lost control and was falling and continued to fall in the same direction. I don't see him moving "towards Gobert" at all, just towards the ball.

Thats a pretty natural way to fall if you push off your left foot and your right foot is not planted. His right foot had already slipped at that point.

manu vs. batman

Gobert is sassy, but sassy isn’t always wrong. There is a time to be sassy, and sometimes it’s not that time and Gobert gets in there and sasses it up and people get fucking mad as shit and take their fuming hatred to /sub/nba and fucking vent about it. “Oh my fucking God! Fuck! Did he just get upset and over react about another questionable play that put him out for 4-6 weeks and unjustly call another player out for being dirty over social media???! Fuck this shit! Fuck Gobert!”

Really, Dion is a good egg, Rudy crossed a line, but the circle jerk is a little much. Rudy made a mistake. Get over it silly bois.

Why is this guy actin like a lil hoe all the time?

i really don’t think what waiters did was intentional, but it was super reckless. i think rudy has a right to be salty, he wants to play. i don’t blame him.

Dude literally cannot do what he loves and trained for most of his life for a month and a half. He has the right to be in his feelings.

I might be the only Heat fan that's empathetic towards Gobert right now. I see nothing wrong with his state of mind and comments.

I mean, I'd whine too if someone dove into my knee and made it so I can't play basketball for a month. And I don't even get paid for it.

Hopefully the antijerk doesn't come for Mitchell

Even if you don't get intentionally hit you can still take as being reckless, not saying he was. It's understandable when something happens to you to be upset accidental or not. This quote actually explains that.

I just watched the replay, and honestly it looks like Dion moved towards him. Idk if he was trying to hurt his knee, just initiate some contact. But damn, I'm surprised that wasn't an acl with how bad it looked.

man if somebody got me injured with they play, no matter how legit the play was i'd be mad as fuck

Yes, the debate is about whether or not it’s intentional. Obviously it happened.

I bet you'll be actin like a lil hoe too if some idiot fucked your knee up.

you are

Yeah, no reason to be pissed that a player running into him will make him miss around 1/4 of the season, cost him significant money, and probably have his team out of the playoffs. No harm, no foul right?

Fox’s dad said something about him eating Zo’s ass when they played in college... fox scored 41 or something IIRC

Doing what good dicks do, gettin' in dat ass

And I’m saying he didn’t intentionally make contact.

Yeah, you can see he's trying to stay on his feet and that momentum makes him fall into Gobert. He definitely wasn't trying to move that way.

Probably gonna lose about 3 mil in incentives too (not gonna be an all-star, DPOY, or all-nba. might not make all-defense, and had some other clauses in his contract)

Fox’s Dad, being the old head he is, said Fox already “ate his ass up twice” when talking about Lonzo.

Oh hi, Dion

what did he say that was inaccurate and offensive to you?