ESPN announces Matt Hasselbeck will serve as the analyst alongside Sean McDonough for the Pro Bowl. He replaces Jon Gruden for this game.

ESPN announces Matt Hasselbeck will serve as the analyst alongside Sean McDonough for the Pro Bow...

AKA this is his tryout for Monday night

If the candidates list is narrowed down to him and someone else, and it comes down to a coin toss, I hope he doesn't say anything he'll regret after winning said toss.

“I’ll get the job and I’m going to have a long MNF career.”

ESPN hires Peyton Manning

It's a tryout, then!

Hope he shines, Hasselbeck is a great dude

Can they replace McDonough and admit that he was a mistake and that even his mother thinks he’s boring?

Gruden/McDonough just felt awkward as a duo. Gruden has so much energy and McDonough has so little that any interaction between them made Gruden's enthusiasm seem forced and McDonough's tone sound even more alienated. I feel like Hasselback's more even keel, but still up-beat demeanor will probably work better with McDonough's delivery. At the same time, neither of the two can be counted on for light humor, as they are both 100% serious and "professional" at all times. feel like they need a 3 man crew. Play by play, color commentary, and hype man/comic relief/master of ceremonies.

This would actually destroy me if that happened.

Aaaannnnnnnndddd now you jinxed it, allegations soon come :(

If Sean McDonough ruled the world every Super Bowl half-time show would be headlined by Phil Collins.

'Sean this Vikings offense has all the fresh ingredients you are looking for in a football team. The line is a strong foundation, like a hand tossed crust. Keenum puts a little sauce on his passes, which makes great use of his weapons, just a special blend of 6 explosive cheeses. Boy that makes me hungry for a Papa John's Tuscan Cheese© pizza... '

Al Harris will get hired without even applying.

Hasselbeck is hilarious when he wants to. Was consistently rated as the best interview during his playing career. I remember many chuckles listening to him being interviewed.

"And after, coach gave us juice boxes!"

Mike Mitchell disagrees can eat a bag of rotten assholes

They should have let Randy Moss do it.

"The WR beats press coverage on the play, and from there, 'Straight grass homie!'."

There will be no hair in that booth

Good for Matt. Hope he does well so we can see more of him on MNF (even though I doubt he gets that gig).

unless you're a mormon, that's a pretty mild allegation

I allege Hasselbeck is too bald and sexy!

Too peppy. It’d be some elevator music played over the PA system.

I like me some matt, but this almost seems too meh of a combination. Maybe we just need three guys in the booth this time. Where's Ja at?

"They want the ball and they're gonna score"

"Back when Seattle was in its heyday, post-Nirvana but while Real World was still shooting here..."

No, the need to dump McDonough hard and fast. Dudes boring.



Hasselbeck is too bald and sexy

And it's not just Minnesota who can do this. Everyone Nationwide can do this...

Randy Moss with the white analyst Randy moss would be kinda funny

McDonough has to go. He isn't good.

hype man/comic relief/master of ceremonies

Someone like, I don't know, Dennis Miller?

I'd say you guys got us back a few times since then so...

:'( to you!

Seahawks legend Warren moon

Yeah, he should stick to the 1 PM ESPN college football games.

well, allegations would just level his playing field with Manning

But... voice cracking

At least it’s not Rex.

Found it!

It'll be that Windows 7 Sample Music.


His commentary quality is directly proportional with how much his voice cracks, in my mind.

That would be solid, IMO. Either one alone with McDonough would be less acceptable.

I definitely think Ray Lewis and McDonough would be the worst possible pairing, but the cringe might well be worth it.

Matt would be a great choice, I think.

This video is much better than it has any right to be

Sadness for all this year.

Or maybe Rush Limbaugh?

Al Michaels and Jim Nantz are both a notch better. Tirico was better. Even the new Joe Buck is better in my opinion. Fowler is better at the Collegiate level. I personally think he's the worst of the big 4 that host NFL games. He's not terrible like Phil Simms was or Aikman is (I know they're a color guys just using them as an example), he's just not good and I'd like better. Then again maybe it's because Gruden and him didn't have chemistry and Gruden didn't seem as interested this year.

The Dennis Miller suggestion is a joke. They already tried him and it was a colossal failure.

Capers and Cable died for this.

There’s gonna be a lot of shine coming off his and McDonough’s big, bald heads.

They should put Randy Moss and Hasselback in. Think that would be a solid three man team (even if Mcdonough still sucks).

Yeah, but he's the straight guy to McDonough's straighter guy. I believe Hasselbeck can be funny, but can he be humorous while engaging with McDonough without it feeling forced? Of that I'm less than confident.

They really should put both Hasselbeck and Moss in the booth. And give them a podcast.

They're both hilarious by themselves, but they have chemistry also.

How dare you impugn the honor of the 2000's Seahawks offensive line

Seahawks HOFer Jerry Rice

2014 was the worst though. We both fucked up and gave Brady another ring.

All ur old recievers are belong to us

I been like both teams shoulda had another Super Bowl if not for terrible coordinators... Though I'm no McCarthy fan either. Any coach with Aaron Rodgers to work with should have balls of steel.


Admit it, part of you longs for a classic "He... could... go... all... the... way!" call. And terrible forced nicknames like "The big bell bottom"

Idk I think he's gotten a lot better over time with MNF but I may be in the minority

Clearly they need to just turn it over to the fantastic duo of Berman and Dilfer


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on for even making this a possibility in my mind.

Charlie Murphy died last year...

Hasselbeck is a great dude

Mike Mitchell disagrees

Even though it was an exciting game and the NFC championship was crazy (sorry) it kinda sucks that we're running out of time to see a Rodgers/Brady Super Bowl... Which Rodgers would have to win... If Tom Brady goes 7 for 9 in Super Bowls I'm just gonna stop watching.

Why must you hurt me