ESL Pro League Finals playoff bracket

ESL Pro League Finals playoff bracket

Misfits EPL champions you heard it here first.

I hope this time Thorin can call SK - FaZe finals in advance and not look ridiculous after an underdog blasts through the bracket

I feel like Fnatic could beat Faze.

The finals are Bo5!

Hoping for a banger of a BO3 between fnatic and faze.

Your XD is so small I thought I have dirt on my phone screen.

If Misfits win I'll ask this girl I know out

it should be sk faze. i could see fnatic or optic upsetting sk but optic has zero chance against faze. they just matchup badly

even better

Faze vs SK (BO3) let’s go, should be a great game

Unfortunately, they won't make it that far :D

Good thing it's streamed on YouTube so now no one will notice an even lower viewershipXD

yeah fnatic has a chance. i dont know how deep their map pool is though

Hey guys,

Im a huge North fan, but I didnt see them anywhere in the bracket. What's happened?

Calling misfits optic final

even so, theres no way they can win 2 bo3s and a b05 against these guys.

fnatic I agree but optic nah.

Oh yeah, Optic vs Misfits bo5 will be lit 🔥

lol SK lucky :D

North shit the bed.

Fnatic looking great lately, I know it's only bo1s, but they're heck of a lot better when godsent came together. Maybe golden is the swedish solution

HS said so

they play similar maps to faze, nuke is their perma ban and they dont play overpass often - I feel like they could upset them in any other map except for maybe train

Misfits = T2 EU KILLER