Erdogan Watched Attack on Protesters in D.C.

Erdogan Watched Attack on Protesters in D.C.

This is the clearest, most close-up, most incriminating footage I've seen so far--only the Turkish security guys in suits are assaulting, kicking and punching. And everyone acted like this was business as usual. Savages.

Before the attack starts, you can see one bodyguard talking to Erdogan in the car, then seemingly talking to two bodyguards standing in front of him, they nod and then run off. Based on the audio and the video showing the first punch, it seems to be about 5-6 seconds after the nod.

So not only did he watch the brawl, he most likely actually told them to go do something about the protestors.

Seems like he straight up ordered his bodyguards to attack the guy chanting with the megaphone. Incredibly incriminating footage.

Are these the radical islamists that we've been told we have to keep out of the country?

I honestly can't believe this happened and that Trump hasn't released any statement about it. He knows that people from HIS country got beat up in his own backyard by foreigners. Build that wall? How about help your own people?

Let's not even talk about the D.C police. I really hope the victims get some justice but I really doubt they will.

That's precisely the impression my dad and me I had after watching the video as well. There's one bald fuck in particular who thrashes a bunch of protestors then promptly runs back to Erdogan's side to be greeted with nods.

I'm almost entirely certain it was Erdogan's go-ahead that allowed/caused the attack to happen at all.

If those goons act like that on American soil with police everywhere just imagine what they do in Turkey.

If domestic violence victims can be reached, it is important to impress upon them that if their abuser chokes them in anger, if they survive that encounter, they will one day kill them.

You don't strangle to wound.

Try to follow this asshole. The bald guy. He starts off by kicking people. He's stomping on them. He does a run-jump-stomp on someone. He turns to throw punches at someone else. He then gets shooed away by a cop. He immediately throws a punch at someone else. A different cop shoos him away. He begins walking back while fumbling at something on his belt/in his pocket, and then breaks off to go kick people on the ground again.

Try to follow this asshole. The bald guy. He starts off by kicking people. He's stomping on them. He does a run-jump-stomp on someone. He turns to throw punches at someone else. He then gets shooed away by a cop. He immediately throws a punch at someone else. A different cop shoos him away. He begins walking back while fumbling at something on his belt/in his pocket, and then breaks off to go kick people on the ground again.

"The violence and injuries were the result of this unpermitted, provocative demonstration," read a statement from the Turkish embassy. "We hope that, in the future, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that similar provocative actions causing harm and violence do not occur."

basically: In our country(Turkey) we(fascist party) piss wherever we want. So when we come to your country you better have a rug picked out for us to piss on when we come in your home.

The protest group included Armenian and Kurdish activists opposed to Erdogan, two of whom were arrested in the immediate aftermath. One was charged with aggravated assault and the other with assaulting an officer.

Wait a second ... the only people who were arrested over this were the battery victims? What the fuck was the police thinking?

Yes. So much hate in their hearts that they attacked Americans for protesting in the US just because their grand parents are from a region. Let that sink in. FFS, when will someone with cojones call Erdogan what he is. A bully and a sponsor for Terror

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So foreigners invited by Trump attack citizens on US soil? Nuff said?

I posted the same thing. This wasn't just some scuffle, it was very clearly an orchestrated assault ordered by Erdogan himself. It's like something straight out of a movie. I guess that's what the term "above the law" means. wow.

In Turkey they are the police.

If Donald doesn't do anything about this then he is weak and pathetic and likes authoritarian Turks more than his fellow Americans.

Which wouldnt be the first time. After the murders committed by the Turkish police during the Gezi protests he also stated that "he ordered them" at a rally afterwards. He claimed Gezi protesters were 'invaders' and that he wasnt going to sit round and watch.

Obviously the protesters here were 'terrorists' and the Turkish people will eat that shit right up. Turks are the worst when it comes to questioning authority. Just take a look at /sub/turkey

I'm ashamed that there haven't been larger protests at the Turkish embassy. We shouldn't tolerate this as a people. If this had happened in other countries an angry mob would have burned the embassy down. I don't think we should go that far, but we shouldn't just let it go.

Wasn't he supposed to be the America First president? Yet he invites foreign strongmen to come beat up American protesters. Nice.

Always cracks me up when I see someone acting like their country is tough or powerful, especially when that country has spent recent decades on its knees begging to be accepted into Europe because it's struggling so much, needs help, and is socially decades behind most of the civilized world.

Imprisoning a foreign diplomat isn't a very good idea. What Trump should have done was cancel any meetings and given Erdogan 1 hour to gtfo the country.

But why would he do that? Trump is taking notes on how to be a strongman dictator.

I really hope the irony of Trump letting radical Muslims into our country to assault American women in our nation's capital isn't lost on anyone.

"It's your fault for provoking us to beat the shit out of you and try to kill you by saying you don't like us."

I don't have to imagine, Edrogan runs his country like this and he's quite pleased with himself. Personally I'd like to settle up some debts with him on behalf of the Turkish people.

My fists. The debt is my fists, and I'd like to settle it into the cartilege on his face.

What the fuck was the police thinking?

Police stuff.

If Trump had any balls, he'd have kicked Erdogan and his goons out of the country there and then. I understand the importance of geopolitics but an unprovoked attack on US civilians in crossing the line.

I just saw her on twitter trying to find out the name of the fellow who was choking her.

Great spot! (And ridiculously despicable). Hope his victims use that new legislation to sue Turkey.

And I thought you might like to know that one shoos people away.

Shooshing is telling someone to shut up.

Edit: "Shushing" is definitely better, thanks for the input

Exactly. How the fuck can a foreign dictator be allowed to come into the U.S. and have his detail allowed to attack people who are most likely all AMERICAN CITIZENS. Where is Trump at? Why won't he defend those CITIZENS that were abused by the detail?

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I feel like a president-sanctioned attack on foreign citizens on their own soil is by definition an act of war. FUCK Erdogan.

Fuck that's dark and important information holy shit.

What statement do you think Turkey is going to release? People over here are literally celebrating this as if they conquered America or some shit.

he isn't going to do anything about it.

it's bad, negative news. he doesn't want to try to spin it. no one is talking about it on Fox.

Little do they know that they can go fuck themselves.

Where is condemnation from our weak president? Erdogan is at least partially culpable for this, because even if he wasn't the one who told them to attack, he for damn sure should have told them to back down. These 'strong men' dictators that Trump dreams about being are the biggest pussies of all.

And the people who were attacked are the ones who are now being arrested over it while the Erdogan thugs get off scot-free:

The protest group included Armenian and Kurdish activists opposed to Erdogan, two of whom were arrested in the immediate aftermath.

What the actual fuck.

an angry mob would have burned the embassy down. I don't think we should go that far

I'm playing devil's advocate here, but why not? Why does the state have the monopoly on violence? At what point is enough enough? American citizens were beaten in the streets of their own capitol by foreign thugs with "diplomatic immunity". It's a disgrace to everything this nation stands for and I think the people rising up to display their anger is an acceptable thing.

Just so we're all clear, though, arson is not an acceptable thing. I love burning shit down but I also love due process of law and I don't want my words to lead to innocents dying in a structural fire.

That's an attack against our citizens for using their rights. An act of aggression against our nation and values.

It's misleading. One was pro-Erdogan and was attacking a protester, one accidentally hit a cop while trying to defend himself (which I hope gets let go).

Remember; reddit is regularly astroturfed by state and private sector agents.

This was pretty much the only acceptable course of action, and it expired ~12 hours or so ago:

Immediately tell Erdogan that he's not welcome here until further notice while also telling him that if he ever hears anything negative about him or his Government again he'll have JSOC murder him, anyone that's ever worked for him, his pets, his family, anyone that's ever worked for his family, and their pets in their sleep.

Calling the State Department and telling them to revoke the visas of every single Turkish diplomat in the country.

Then calling ICE and telling them that anyone so much as leaving the Turkish Embassy to do anything but head directly to the Airport to get on a plane out of the country is to be arrested and deported.

Anything less than was unacceptable.

That was not a brawl. That was at least an assault or even a terrorist attack.

EDIT: That was at least an assault a battery or even a terrorist attack an act of terrorism.

Known in domestic violence and rape cases as the "the stupid bitch was asking for it" defence.

It is not a very good defence.

Fuck em all. Arrest em and stick them in gitmo to rot.

I feel as though Turkey should actually be economically sanctioned for this. No one fucking comes here and pulls this shit, and I don't care if they're ostensibly a NATO ally. Relations should worsen over this. What kind of signal does it send if we do not have a stern diplomatic response to this?

I can't think of a more poignant example of how much this country has spun out of control. A ruthless dictator watching his thugs beating up our countrymen in our fucking streets with impunity.

This is so important. No, not every single upvoted thing is a conspiracy, but there are CLEARLY state actors online en masse. Look at the votes per hour on t_d before and after the election, and prime business hours in russia that were pretty consistent before the election died off really fast afterwards. Yes, it could be coincidence, but enough coincidences is how a plausible case is started.

Damn straight we should be ashamed. I cant believe we are going to let this stand. We need to demand justice. McCain had the balls to call them out. So now it seems Erdogan was there, it seems likely that he directed his thugs to beat the protesters. I don't even care if one of the protesters struck first. They crossed a line and went on the offensive.

Yet our president welcomes them and allowed them to beat US citizens without any punishment. Make America great again.. what a liar.

Yep, you got that right.

It's pure hell to live in Turkey when you are opposed to the dictator. Hence why most Turks accept it for fear of being put away for life on made up charges. Turkey has become the laughing stock of both Europe and the Middle East, given their history of thinking they're a regional leader. They are not, they are at rock bottom.

Dude, link? I can't find her and would like to spread this further

The didn't call Ottoman Turkey the "Old Sick Man of Europe" for nothing.

Imagine you're one of the cops, you're trained to keep the peace and prevent violence from protestors because the idea that foreign diplomats would start something is just not something in your mind; They're in your country and most of the time foreign diplomats are on their best behavior.

And then their guards suddenly rush the protestors, you're going to have a brief moment of 'What the fuck is happening' because this hasn't happened before. Then you'll jump in and try to quell the violence.

The only reason citizens were hurt was because Erdogan's guards got a head start on the DC police.

It's one thing to hear about a foreign leader quelling protests with violence, it's another thing entirely to see it let alone see it on your own soil.

All McCain ever does is talk and then fail to act...but when he talks, he talks sense.

My grandma hates it. She hates it that she is being forced to wear a hijab in her city because else she'll get insulted.

She's 68 and people outside her neighbourhood will call her a 'slut'. What the fuck has to be wrong with somebody to call an elderly a slut?

Edit: This happend in Samsun back in 2016. Fyi, my grandma is not the wealthiest nor do we have a strong relation to her because of some incidents which happend in the past.

She grew up in a very strict religious family but never believed in Allah/God. But she knew that in a country where 99% of the population is muslim, an atheist, or a theist to the least, wouldn't be favoured by anybody in the society (My mom still reminds me to not tell my other relatives that I don't believe in God because it'd throw a bad light on us (fuck these relatives though)).

I'm not saying that every citizen of Samsun is an asshole, I accidentally exeggerated at that point, but most od the people that live close to her are.

I can ask for more details when I'm back home since my parents do know more than I do.

He embraced Erodgan but refused to shake the hand of Merkel. He makes special time for Russian officials requested by Putin but kept down grading his meeting with the Australian Prime Minister. He is starting to show a pattern of treating authoritarian regimes better than democratic allies. It is a worry just on optics alone.

And Muslim foreigners, no less!

Where are the Trump fans denouncing this? They love getting outraged at violent muslims (and nonviolent ones, for that matter).

Edit: In fairness to Trump fans, they had a highly upvoted thread on t_d calling for these security guards to be arrested.

Dude i want to have a word for the pussy cops that let this happen to an American citizen. Why is that not being talked about more ? Our police fucking suck

No reaction from the trump administration, this is the new business as usual

He already missed the opportunity to do that...

A state monopoly on violence is a key component of law and order. It prevents cycles of retributitive violence.

What should happen now is that the state department politely request the men seen attacking in the video get their diplomatic immunity waived. If Turkey refuses, then this can be seen as evidence of their character and lead to diplomatic sanctions.

Are his body guards military personnel?

As far as I'm aware, there's no such thing as a "little act of war".

Ordering military personal to attack the citizens of another NATO member is what it is. No matter how big or small.

This should be a much bigger issue than it is.

Trump is a wannabe dictator. He prolly thought it was cool.

Unpermitted? This is America, bitch

It's so easy to turn into positive news though. I thought he was supposed to be some media genius?

He needs to change the conversation right now, and he even recognized that publicly today during the press conference with the president of Colombia.

This is hardly an international incident, but he could have made it seem like a bigger issue without much trouble. Calling out Turkey on the world stage would have been huge stuff.

This was basically handed to him.

Its' horrible that you went through that. You used choking as a defensive strategy to stop the attack. Very effective move. OP was talking about if your attacker tries to choke you there is a high probability this person wants you to die.

Canadian here

How the FUCK do you invite Erdogan to the White House after the Turkish events in the past year+ ?!

Ps. How the FUCK did you vote in Trump!!?

This video makes me furious. I thought Trump was supposed to be the 'law and order' candidate? Seems like since he's been president he's been anything but. The coward doesn't even have the nerve to release a statement.

Trump was in the white house during this - he had just invited Erdogan over for some photo-ops, after all.

If feel like people like this don't deserve to be on this Earth for the sake of everyone else

You don't strangle to wound.

That's just not accurate. My alcoholic father attacked me when I was a teen, and the only way to make him stop was to choke him out. He just kept throwing punches, even after I had him down and asked him if he was ready to stop. Only once I had him in a headlock did he finally stop.

Headlocks are a very effective compliance technique.

I'd say it'll be lost on just under half of the population

Fuck the police

It's okay for foreign governments to be radical islamists if they can offer oil or strategic positions for the military.

Sadly not only the US holds this stance, but most western countries.

Just saw the video. Fuck him

This is how Erdogan and his people treat protesters when they are guests in another country and the whole world is watching through cameras.

Now imagine what they do in Turkey and without cameras.

The only thing he cares about is the Trump business he's illegally still running and the money he makes from it

International violence?

Close, these fucking pussies also want to pick the rug.

As an outsider, one of the most surprising things I have noticed about the incident is the absence of a 'murica response. It's subdued. Quietly outraged. Leadership quiet.

I know it's early days. But the public reaction is as surreal as the event itself to me. Because I know many Americans are as bemused as I am.

Can you imagine Trump's outrage if this had happened under Obama? Trump would have claimed that Obama should have arrested them all. Shit is super easy to say on the sidelines

they were not diplomats.

And then you arrest the protesters?

Just have to say this as a non-American.

Never in my life would I have thought that a situation like this would not lead to a nationwide revolution. You guys are complaining about the government but honestly, this to me is more on the people than the government. Yes the government should serve your best interest, but we all know the government isn't always the best, no matter where in the world you are. It is then your duty as citizens to stand up for yourself, like you see everywhere around the world. Romania, Venezuela etc. To demand action from your government, if they fail you, don't just shrug your shoulders, you've become so complacent.

Your own citizens, people of America, got violently assaulted by foreign internationals in the presidents own backyard, with no repercussions from the state. If this doesn't get you to revolt, then nothing ever will and your government knows it can do whatever they want because you will never rise up against them. All I hear from your side of the Atlantic is Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. You got the right to bear arms, free speech, the American dream - but you can't even stand up for your rights. To me, your entire population should be ashamed, you are letting your fellow citizens get abused by both sides of the fence and you do nothing but a few comments on forums.

If you don't rise up and demand justice now, don't complain later on this like net neutrality, the NSA, a reality star running your country and so on. You are willfully letting go of your rights.

I hope President Trump responds to this otherwise he is going to look weak to everyone.

I mean, there aren't really people who don't actually believe the Armenian Genocide happened, surely...? :/

Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks (ironic name) used to deny the Armenian genocide. After criticism he now weakly just says that he 'doesn't know enough about it' to comment either way. So basically still denying the genocide.

These people definitely exist throughout Turkey and the Turkish diaspora.

When you hold one of the most strategically powerful countries, you can act like a total cunt. It's really fucking annoying.

Those Metro police were in an impossible position.

They didn't know if they could arrest the thugs. And trying to physically restrain them could lead to a no-bullshit shootout in the middle of a crowd in the nation's capitol with a sitting head of state just feet away.

Detaining the attacked protestors may well have been the best way to break up the melee.

Of course, there should be no charges against the victims.

Generally he tweets about things he disagrees with

Just take a look at /sub/turkey

That has got to be astroturfing, right? I mean, there aren't really people who don't actually believe the Armenian Genocide happened, surely...? :/

Their government has made a wide range of excuses, from "well, it's not our fault they starved in the desert we left them in" to "something something ravaging gangs of Armenians", but to no-kidding deny it happened at all...

Then runs back to his master like the good bitch he is

Yea I don't get how Trump normally can't stop tweeting every six seconds about keeping Muslims out cause they're "dangerous" hasn't said anything about a bunch of Muslims he invited into the country beating up US citizens.

Seems that one was Kurdish who came to support the decision to help the Syrian Kurds but was attacked by several suits and accidentally hit an officer intervening. Seems the other was Turkish and came supposedly to welcome Erdogan to the US, ended up kicking a protester while she lay on the floor.

The only cop I saw acquit themselves admirably was one that cracked one of shitstain's bodyguards across the shoulder blades with his baton to get him to stop kicking a guy on the ground.

I am a turk living in Turkey. I can't put my misery into words. As ignorant people are increasing, the educated are losing their voice. It is like seeing someone you love die slowly. I know it is going to be worse than this. It is still good old days for us. And education is a huge joke in our country. No education no future. I have no hope. (This is not a comment about the news above at all. Just wanted to vent a little.) Edit: it's not too late yet. But we need to really, really improve our education system. Education is the key. That's it. Education education and education.

Did he even acknowledge it? How the fuck can he stand by and not defend the people of his country who have just being assaulted by a foreign power.

Erdogan clearly ordered the attack on protesters in D.C. FTFY

Trumps America.

Foreigners allowed to come here and smack you up with no consequences

Not entirely...

"It was a great honor to welcome the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, to the @WhiteHouse today!" - Trump

It sets a precedent.

For a foreign country to come in to America as guests and beat up their citizens, and nothing comes of it?

Obama would have been lynched if he dismissed this incident.

Has the white house responded to this? I know "the maverick" has, but his word is about useless these days. Idk how the hell someone so "for the regular American people" hasn't lost his shit over this. Idk maybe he has

And Armenians are Christians! So it's violent Muslim foreigners beating up Christian Americans in the US!

You sound like you just learned an important skill.

"Boy I could go for a doughnut right about now"

JK the cops understandably looked super hesitant to touch the armed, diplomatic guards. Of all times for the cops to show restraint ...

And then the dude raised his hands like "hey, no more kicking, sorry" and the cop let him walk back into the crowd to assault whoever else.

Do you have good reason to believe Trump is against this?