Erdogan, Putin say U.S. decision on Jerusalem will have negative impact on region: sources

Erdogan, Putin say U.S. decision on Jerusalem will have negative impact on region: sources

There is absolutely no chance that Jerusalem (either entirely or in part) will not be the capital of Israel after a negotiated peace. And it's not like the US can't relocate the embassy if for some reason Israel did move the capital from Jerusalem.

There was no reasonable prospect for a peaceful solution anytime in the near future regardless of this action. As long as the "moderate" Palestinian faction provides cash incentives for terrorism, they clearly have no desire for peace (see:

This isn't Trump unilaterally making the decision, but rather the executive branch no longer using the excuse of security reasons to postpone compliance with US law. In 1995 congress passed a law requiring the US move its embassy to Jerusalem.

If there is ever a time to make this move with minimal consequences, it is now. Israel and Palestine are completely overshadowed by the Syrian war, Sunni/Shi'ite split, and Saudi/Iranian proxy conflicts.

It is imperative that the US not reward threats of violence by capitulating on this issue. This reinforces negative behavior and legitimizes terrorism as a political tool.

Trump is still an idiot and likely a crook, but that doesn't mean everything he does as president is wrong.

No. Pretty much everyone living in the region.

Pretty sure that this is not what makes peace in the region impossible...

Or you know that the power in the area shifted away from them and they don't like it.

Arbitrarily making tensions worse for political points is pretty bad for everyone.

Well considering even extremely lobbied Canada thinks this is a terrible idea...I think it's the USA that is alone

DAE Trump literally can't read and can't ever make his own decisions. Guarantee you if it was Hillary it'd be a "strong and bold move for the sovereignty of U.S. allies."

Negative impact to Russian and Turkish interests.

pretty much everyone in the world says that Trump's decision on Jerusalem will make peace in that region basically impossible, but Trump is too arrogant and ignorant to listen to reality, when he has so many US evangelicals pushing their lies and propaganda into his ear while stroking his ego.