Epic showdown in Pyeongchang

Epic showdown in Pyeongchang

I love how children are universally ridiculous in the same ways.

“{Copycat} is a giant poopy head”

“{Copycat} is a... HEY!”

The real olympics was taking place between those two.

I thought they were making out at first.

Wait please don't tell me I was the only one who thought they were kissing in the thumbnail.

I’m just glad they still act like kids, even after all the rigorous training and the lifestyle they have to go through.

They're sweepers, the skaters who pick flowers/gifts off the ice after a figure skating performance.

Sweepers are usually kids selected from local ice skating clubs.

North and South Korea finally getting along.

"Mike, just a beautiful head wobble from SooYeon. You can see she's going into the pig nose press and right into the stare down. She's pursing those lips holding on for dear life now. She's got a perfect record in these laughing games, can she hold on just a little bit longer? And she's done it! What a fine showing from both these young Laughletes."

Ok you stop staring.

No you

No you

No you

Wrong korea dude

They are definitely standing too close for western personal space standards. I bet finns are sweating just by seeing this.

Wait, are these athletes?

I love how she maintains through the first set of laughter like "do you think you this is a game?" then loses it next time. Okay im editing this comment to say she maintains the whole time, even the second set of laughter she is still mimicking her. A master of her craft

I love watching kids being kids when they think nobody is watching. There is so much to appreciate if you just sit and watch them goof off.

What’s the gymnastics team doing at the Winter Olympics?

Ah, ok. I know some countries have been accused of faking ages to get younger athletes in, I thought it was getting really out of hand.

But that’s neither here nor there

*edi bc I just realized if there’s one person out there who thinks the Olympics are in North Korea, there must be more. That is an absolutely delightful thought for some reason.

I think it's team skating, or possibly the skating girls that collect flowers off the ice

SEAsian here. This is normal kid distance in my country. Nothing is weird about this per our culture standard basing on this gif alone.

That aside, these kids are hella adorable

Good to know.

This is so cute!

It's the Olympics, of course she's a master of her craft. She probably trains for hours every day.

The HARD way

Yeah,they're actually 26 years old

There would be nothing odd about this for two young girls in the US, either. I really don't think this has anything to do with cultural boundary issues like it would for some adults.

Drop bears, but for your immune system


u wot m8?

Theyre amateurs or young athletes invited to clean the ice after each performence. Much like young boys allowed to be a ball boy in football matches.

I see kids (my own included) get very close to each other like this, we're Australian. This is how kids get nits so easily I guess

The second one I've seen this morning and it's slightly worrying, actually.

I think it's the other way around, actually. She looks her age now and also when she's 40.

Honestly it must be so boring for them to sit there at that age. They have to find ways to entertain themselves.

They're sweepers, clear stuff of the rink after each performance. It's like having ballboys in tennis.

Oh to be a child again....

when they think nobody is watching

arrest him!