EPA's Scott Pruitt took $43k flight to Milan in United Arab Emirates "business lounge"

EPA's Scott Pruitt took $43k flight to Milan in United Arab Emirates "business lounge"

EPA hires 30 Bodyguards for Pruitt, Costing over $2M Annually- costing more than any EPA head in ...; $25,000 soundproof communications booth for "reasons," and violates longstanding EPA transparency practices by keeping his schedule secret at all times. Head of a government agency or mob-boss?

How you spend 43K to fly to Milan is beyond me. I flew to Tokyo and back (43 hours of flight time total) for 3K. He just spent 40K more for about 30 hours fewer of flight time.

Have we not reached the boiling point yet? WTF is going on with this country, why do we accept these scumbags in office.

Like his boss, probably both.

Seriously though, Pruitt wants security like this because he knows how much damage he's doing to the planet and our country. He's a tool of the oil and gas corporations and anyone else with an open pocket book.

Why is the EPA director needed in Milan at an energy summit? Wouldn't that be Rick Perry's job?

This is Emirate’s ultra-luxury personal cabin

Probably rightfully terrified of what would happen if he were caught without bodyguards.

Anybody cabinet level asshole that flies this way on taxpayer dime deserves a swift kick to the genitals.

Democracy baby, 100 million didnt vote, 100k people chose all these people to run 300 million people, because 100 million are asleep.

This is what happens when we lose sense of household, community, city etc etc. everyone feels like an alone individual in this country, so its very easy to steal the country feom "the people"

Mob affiliate. He wants to sell of vast swaths of government-managed lands in the west for mining and drilling. To the Russians.

This is what happens when Congress provides no oversight on the executive branch

Cause nothing says environmental protection like working for energy monopolies of America.

But the GOP tells me that it's the Democrats who are wasteful with taxpayer money. Are you telling me they're just blatant hypocrites?


it was emirates airlines:

first class

At least he sacrificed this one time and didn't fly

edit: Looks like CBS changed their headline. The entire trip cost $43k not just the flight.

Let's just kick his fucking ass then.

Mother nature wont be easy on him if it catches him outside.

Remember, Omarosa was fired for treating the white house cars like her personal Uber...

5 different high class hookers pleasure you on the flight there. Ultra, ultra mile high club

The Dumbfucks would be screaming their heads off if any liberal anywhere did this. Instead like the moalless shit stains that they are they don’t give two fucks.

A lot of US households don't even earn that much per year.

I hope something truly horrific befalls this vile piece of shit.

"Unfortunately...we've had some incidents on travel dating back to when I first started serving in the March-April timeframe," Pruitt told the paper.

"We live in a very toxic environment politically, particularly around issues of the environment," said Pruitt

And he's only making it worse on both fronts.

I was lucky to get bumped up from Business to First on Emirates once. You get your own room with turn down service, 42" TV, meals made to order and a shower! Those seats typically run for $40k+ the business class goes for around $4-6k

Drain the swamp, amirite?

To be clear...... i am fine someone spending their own money. But borderline insider trader like Pruitt is doing it on taxpayers dime. Not their own money. That is the issue.

Ya because democrats give discounts on food, taxes and health insurance to those with disadvantages, scumbag demcoracts wasting our tax money on useless people when it can be used by important people like scott /s

He sure is proud of himself

And the reason for 30 bodyguards becomes clear.

Thanks to this administration the next election may have the highest voter turnout of all time.

Why was Tom Price the only one who lost his job over this? Pruitt, Mnuchin, and Zinke have all been caught red handed living like kings on the tax payers dime. If Price was fired all three of them should be.

Well yeah, but she committed some other fireable offenses too. Being black, having a vagina, you can't do those things at SwampCo and expect to keep your job.

No, you see, it's okay because helping poor people prevents them from learning how to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. But a rich person is already rich, so giving them free money won't hurt them and will actually somehow magically help both the economy and those poor people.

Apparently this makes sense to most conservatives.

You know it occurred to me that I didn't know much about Scott Pruitt beyond headlines since he took over the EPA and prior to that he was the "guy that kept suing the EPA". So I looked him up.

For some reason I thought he was a boomer but he's my age. Dude is Gen X and somehow grew up to be...well...whatever the fuck Scott Pruitt is.

Why does this strike me as weird? And is it just me? And regardless, what the fuck is wrong with this man?

Yes, because the EPA will have lifted regulations / written new laws on the protection and or use of federal land.

Talk about being powerful....just let that sink in. Most people won't wont miss a free sample at Costco but didn't care enough and trusted other citizens to make life changing decisions for them--they handed them the keys to the castle.

he wants to sell off vast swaths of government-managed lands...

I'm pretty sure Department of the Interior will do that.

There’s a lot wrong with this man. As Attorney General in Oklahoma, he sued the federal government to allow Oklahoma to make gay marriage illegal even if it went against federal law by saying that states had the ultimate right to make laws for themselves. Meanwhile, he also sues Colorado using the Supremacy Clause (Federal law trumps state law) because Colorado is selling marijuana and they shouldn’t be allowed to. Which is the exact opposite point he’s making in the other case. The fact that Oklahoma was even suing Colorado over their marijuana law made no sense. So two cases. One using state’s rights. One using the Supremacy Clause. Both without a hint of shame.

Just imagine for one second if one of Obama's cabinet members took a $43K flight. Fox News would have devoted an entire week just to that story alone.

This is what happens when people don't vote...they know you don't care and do whatever they want...90% of incumbents are voted back into office...

The smuggest asshole of the bunch honestly.

He and his whole family should be forced to use Flint, MI water only.

Seriously. How can someone like him not think for a second and come to the conclusion that "damn, I'm raping the tax payers for 43k just for one flight" and not feel remotely bad about it or do something to reduce costs.

yeah, show em what flying United is like!

It is a lovely city. Great food scene. Not as touristy as Rome and is close to the lakes up north.

don't you P-O-L-L-U-T-E pollute the river, sky, or sea

or else you're gonna get what you deserve

Fun Fact: This musical episode was paired with a silent episode.

No one would kill him simply because they were just replace him with someone who is the same type of person is as him a crony for the oil industry if they were really worried about him in danger secret service would be put on him this exists solely for the fact of wasting EPA's money.

yeah but you got an extra $1.50 so it is totally worth it!

I understand this kind of spending for people that for instance make that much money in the duration of the flight through their businesses or investments or salary or whatever but for anyone else it just seems like such a huuuuuuge expense for a very short lived sense of luxury

Just like the recycling episode of Rocko's Modern Life.

See? The republicans are right, the government just wastes the taxpayers money.

How often do they need to clearly demonstrate it by selfless personal actions for liberals to finally believe it‽

Article says the flight was $7k. The whole trip was $43k.

Because they have no problem being lying hypocrites. Their base is too one dimensional and single information sourced to see their lies and hypocrisy for what it is.

I’d like to see Smokey the Bear force him at gun point to take Greyhound From DC to Flint to sample the tap water.