EPA chief defends spending on travel and soundproof booth

EPA chief defends spending on travel and soundproof booth

I am going to poison your children and I don't want to hear you losers crying about it

Let's not forget all the extra personal security staff he hired.

The Environmental Protection Agency is hiring 12 new security agents to add to Administrator Scott Pruitt's already unprecedented around-the-clock security detail, CNN reported Monday night, citing "sources with knowledge of the situation" and help-wanted ads. The new agents will cost the agency at least $2 million a year in salaries, plus training, equipment, vehicles, travel, and other expenses. CNN said it has withheld details about the size of Pruitt's security detail, but Talking Points Memo says the dozen additional agents will bring his guard count to 30 agents.


My guess is he's working on a new mixtape.

it's already released in LA.

How much is a Cone of Silence going for these days?

You're in the EPA, what fucking top secrets are you dealing with.

Truth. :( There are fires all around me.

If you need this much security at the EPA then you're obviously up to no good.

Trump's Pick for Environmental Adviser

Trump has already proven that he supports fossil fuels. He's dropped the out of the Climate Accord. He doesn't accept that climate change is even real.

Let's not forget President , Kathleen Hartnett White — This is Trump's idea of "The Best People."

Having said that, it doesn't surprise me one bit that Pruitt has increased his security detail and sees justification for a custom soundproof booth. If I were about to sell out future generations for my own greed, I sure as hell want to be around to enjoy it!