Enzo got the squad living like kings

Enzo got the squad living like kings

did the zo train just beccome my favorite faction in wrestling? this is amazing. i love seeing wwe wrestlers do funny stuff in character off wwe tv

I kinda wish Gulak was working on a Powerpoint in the corner on a Lenovo ThinkPad ... but is worried he won't finish because he left his power cable at home.

I want a show about the zo train

Gulak has to be going over Zo

same. Honestly I think they are missing the boat with having the "reality" shows be focused solely on the divas. There are plenty of the guys I'd watch behind the scenes doing weird shit and living their lives in or out of character.

We do not deserve Drew Gulak.

.....I wanna be a part of the Zo Train now

Omg this x 1000000

I didn't see it

The mods will remove it if they see fit

Why are you complaining lol

Living like kings and changing in the hallway. What a talent!