England channeling AS3 Dela today

England channeling AS3 Dela today

It's not coming home.

Let’s be happy they made it this far, which is an achievement to England at this point.

I’m so happy for Croatia though 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Get out of my station post

Too soon

Well they did say ‘it’s coming home’... they never said it was the trophy, for all we know they were talking anout the team. but all joking aside, good job England!

That goalie had a great bum though

That moment when you can't win the straight world cup nor even do well in the gay world cup (Eurovision).

This is the best we've done in my lifetime so I'm really pleased. I don't even like football that much, I just like filling in wall charts.

Not all football fans are ‘bald racist losers’ sis, that’s a major generalisation.