[ENG] Post Straw Hat Blitz Battle Megathread

[ENG] Post Straw Hat Blitz Battle Megathread

Hello fellow Blitz runners,

The battle is coming to a close. We have gone through hell and back and persevered. This thread is meant to share your feelings and thoughts about this Blitz.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Rants. Memes. Legend pulls. Despair. Ronnie, Chasing Ronnie and the Japanese guy Other name interactions

If you want to share your results, I suggest this template:

Luffy - X runs/Rank Yth.

Zoro - X runs/Rank Yth.

Sanji - X runs/Rank Yth.

Legend pulls:

If you don't like it, you can create your own but keep readability in mind.

I hope no one endangered themselves in terms of health and achieved (most of) their goals

May the odds be in your favour.

Legend Pulls will be distributed at 14 January 19:00 PST

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I am happy I only went for the Chopper man missions. Seemed pretty hectic, plus I am planning my wedding that is less than 3 weeks. Got that Tashigi and some gems. Just gotta wait for Lucy and I win the game!

Honestly, I am currently in the top 2000 for Luffy ranking and I felt it was way easier and relaxing than the last ranking. Might be just me though, hoping to get some good legends. Ace and Sengok made me sad last time.

Luffy - 1 run ;-; Zoro - 46 runs 4324th Sanji - 137runs 2755th

Edit: feels good to be able to get 3 legends this time around. Couldn’t even get one last time!

Sanji- 89 runs/5965th place.

And with this, I have finally gotten my first legend. Luckily had to gem stamina only once thanks to my Neptune.

Legend Pulls will be delivered at 19:00 server time(PST) today.

Just posting this till /u/ZeroJudgement can edit the post

Luffy 131 runs 2142nd Only did Luffy bc I’m a pleb. Better get good legends bc I skipped a party for this, I have no life ;-;

I did kizaru last time. I farmed with kizaru. I placed 504 and only got one legend. It was kizaru. I redeemed myself this time with top 200 for luffy rn but the fact kizaru is in the ultimate pull scares me.

Thanks bud I appreciate that! On top of that, today there was an alert that a ballistic missile was heading for Hawaii which turned out to be some sort of accident, but that sure did freak me out! I live on Oahu, so I didn't think we'd make it to the the wedding!

Good for you ! Congrats on the wedding

Like I thought, European players got pretty much ducked up. Unless you woke up AT LEAST at 7 AM today (6 AM would have been perfect), you would have been demoted like hell. Yesterday I went to bed rank 160~, if I hadn't woken up at 7 AM I would be certain to be bellow rank 1000 atm, maybe even bellow rank 3000.

The times sucked for USA too. The first day was 5PM-8PM which is fine, but then it was 1AM - 4AM, and 12:00AM-3:00AM today. So my sleep schedule is all fucked.