Ella the Stoned Sprinter

Ella the Stoned Sprinter

"It was made for me!"

Noooooo that manga was fucking creepy.

Drr... drr...

The Enigma of Amigara fault is the name of the comic if someone wants to look it up.

I loved it :O I wish there was more like it

She looks like cactuar from Final Fantasy and that was a crazy thing to beat


Wow it remind me about this...

It was made for you


I believe the author has written quite some more like it

There are many like it, though.

It was made for me

Something something amigara fault

Do you know if the grease one was by the same author? That was 10x worse than the cave holes one

Expected this to be the top comment, was not disappointed.

this it really is worth a read

Yeah, Junji Ito made that one too. I believe it was called Glyceride

But this one is mine.

i'd be fucking terrified. what if you slipped your head in there and couldn't back out. DEAD.

My thoughts exactly.

Drrr... Drrr...

Beat me to it

the duck I just read


That was my first thought as well.

ITT "The Enigma of Amigara Fault"

How would one go about getting in and out of it

There are, it was written by Junji Ito. He has many other horrifying manga short stories and graphic novels.

Uzumaki is his best work imo, there's as much horror and genius in every chapter of that as the short story referenced above.

It’s like the anime, when they get hit so hard they fly into the rock and it leaves a body sized impression.

And there's always some guy that posts the final page on /sub/creepy and spoils it for everybody else

The purse slowly moves towards her. It contains 1000 hairpins which she will use for a devastating attack if it reaches her. Make sure to attack the purse once in a while to reset its position.

Read Uzumaki.