ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 | Talent Predictions Day 2

ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 | Talent Predictions Day 2

I aren`t think that Moses

Edit: I want to officially apologize to Moses for my premature assumption of the Faze/Vega Game

Vega Squadron>Faze

Seems legit

Never go full moses

E: I'm so sorry I doubted you moses

Sprout´s gonna win

Well I have faze going 3-0 and knowing my luck, he's probably right

ok, no one's gonna have 8/8 then

This is some compulsive gambler shit.

C9 might have stew and autimatic but Sprout have God Denis and God Spiidi

Let's hope FaZe go full Moses 👀👀👀

Moses is looking like a fucking wizard right now.

Edit: LUL

Lol Moses

I must say no

I feel that liquid has driven moses mad

Would be god-tier prediction if true

I have Mouse going 3-0 and am feeling pretty confident right now.


Moses has some questionable picks

Lmao just watch and wait. This kind of matchup is vegas speciality.

I love even with his ridiculous picks moses still agrees with everyone on C9>Sprout

That must hurt

Denis was 0-0-11 at one point lol

What the fuck is with Yanko man he really hates NA lmao