Ecclestone: Williams should not hesitate to sign Kubica

Ecclestone: Williams should not hesitate to sign Kubica

Ferrari should hire him. Could you imagine Kubica and Kimi together, what a dream team

Dream Team


Because he's Bernie.... He made F1 into a global sport and he been around in F1 pretty much from when it started. He's owned teams, he's managed drivers and pretty much the sport for decades. His opinion is very relevant.

Wow, Ecclestone saying something that's not totally out of touch for once.

kubica is a good driver no doubt, but can he be a better #2 driver than vettel?

Well.. There have been talks about changing F1 to a 4WD format with a front KERS.. ;)

He also has this insight and intuition. I hated it but whenever he said something, usually controversial, it just become true... I hated it with passion.

That Polack can drive, I tell you!

Probably Ecclestone afterward.

How did he rape the sport? He made it into the giant global sport it is today. He made the bloody sport. There wouldn't be the same sport for people to be a fan of without him.

He was the only one to see what F1 could be.

If you think his opinion is irrelevant, you could also assume David Camerons opinion on what being the prime minster of Britain is like, is also irrelevant.

kimiquokka is a troll account that put Kimi over everything.

So now it is Kubica testing after di Resta on Hungaroring? All other sources were claiming that it will be Kubica first and di Resta the day after. It would be great if williams gave some feedback on the test outcome.

God damnit you got me. I was like, "WHO IS THIS GUY Kimi and Kubica? Is he mental?"

But then I checked the username. 10/10 quality as always.

In 2009&2010 He drove for Citröen Junior team, which was sponsored by Red Bull, while Ferrari were paying him not to race in F1. In 2011 He entered with his own team in a Citröen :) always said it would be Di Resta on Tuesday and Kubica on Wednesday

This would be a much more relevant question with Villeneuve.

Started with Sauber who were sponsored by RB at the time.

You are correct, but you complained about kimi to kimiquokka. RIP brother.

How and why would that work? Martini isn't spending money to promote a reserve driver to meet their stipulations. It has to be then race driver to meet the qualifications

Possibly. But as soon as he put the phone down he probably said something vaguely sexist/racist/homophobic/antisemitic/etc etc.

I mean, I know it's Bernie, but he's not wrong.

The publicity (and by extension, sponsorship opportunities) if a team signs him would be astonishing. And if he doesn't perform as well as everyone hopes? Well, he's basically driving a car with one arm, what do you want from the guy?

Never expected you to be a fan of god as well, you have good taste in your drivers

Three letters - CVC.

He was at helm for almost 40 years. Show me someone that in 40 years hasn't made one mistake. Yeah, CVC was shit decision, but people forget that Bernie done some good for F1 too. Stop being so one-dimensional when it comes to him.

He also was on the frontline of the Safety-reform of the 1970's, so the lives of many drivers today are in good hands because of the work he did in the past. The CVC is shit, but it's not the only thing he's done. To simply cast aside all of the great work he's done for the sport because of one of the mistakes he's made isn't really a reasonable argument.

He owned that for sure