Easy win

Easy win

It's like having your pants fall down during a presentation.

"That damn gypsy bitch wreathed me and I damn near lost the race".

It's like having someone trying to give you an award for you speech as you're still speaking

By shoving it in your mouth.

Clip ends before we see one kid murder another kid with a ski pole.


Are you fucking kidding me? What HAPPENS???

They can be used when you don't know the identity of the the person. If gender or name is unknown.

That is freaking hilarious. Especially the flailing around at the end.

I expected a second skier to come and finish first. It didn't happened and then I remembered it's /sub/unexpected so it's all good.

pants fall down

shoving it in your mouth

Let's not beat around the bush, Reddit.

did they lose?

this sounds like a line straight out of it's always sunny

See now that's funny.

Nothing happens, really. It's a daydream sequence from a children's TV series, so it's not real.

That explains the ... subpar ... technique.

Aaaaand that’s the day the wreathing policy changed.

What the fuck?

Hey I just dont have a razor...